Plug in cold call outreach for faster outcome

Talk to your prospects, reclaim the art of connecting, and close more deals

Call Sequences

Create call sequences based on outcome

Track Outcomes

Track outcomes from Cold Call Outreach

Sync with other Outreach

Create multi-channel campaigns with email, call and LinkedIn

What’s amazing about the cold call outreach feature?

You get access to phone numbers

You can set multi-channel outreach campaigns and leverage cold calling as one of the channels to connect with your prospects personally.

Everything at one place

You can find the phone number of your prospects, set a meeting and manage your CRM all via SalesBlink making it easier for you to close more deals.

How to use this feature effectively?

Curate a list

Curate a list of your high-priority prospects and set multi-channel outreach programs to close deals effectively.

Create sequences

Create call sequences based on the outcomes that you set. This way, you will not miss making calls that are important.

From Prospecting to Outreach to Closing
at lightning fast speed