Improve Deliverability with Email WarmUp

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As you are just starting with cold emailing✉️, you cannot send thousands of emails at once.

Before you can go ahead with full-fledged emailing ✉️, you have to earn a name for your domain and make the ISP acknowledge that you are genuine and not a spammer.👽 

You have to warm up 🔥 your domain, and that begins by sending only a few emails ✉️ initially. You can increase the volume with every passing week till you build a solid sender reputation.

Warming up 🔥 your email ✉️ is a process of getting the email account ready for upcoming email campaigns so that your emails make it to the inbox.

There is a gradual increase 📈 in email sending volume every passing day to build your reputation.

You can choose to warm up your email manually, but as it is a time-consuming process ⌚, it is better to use a tool for the process. With SalesBlink, you can sit back and relax as your email account will get warmed up in the background without your active involvement.


Email warmup

Here's how to go about it,

1️⃣ Go to 'Outreach' > 'Email Senders' and click on 'Add Sender'.

2️⃣ Enter the details asked for and enable warm up by checking the checkbox under 'Warm Up Settings'.  

Adding email sender

3️⃣ Click on 'Next' and you are done!

Enjoy Email warm up on autopilot! 😎 

⚡️With proper warm-up, your email deliverability will increase, and you will hit the inboxes of prospects each time.

Warm Up Settings

Next up, SalesBlink let's you view the email warm up report for your email address to help you know about the emails sent, replies sent, emails received, emails moved from spam to inbox. 

You can change your warm up settings such as the number of emails sent from your email address per day and warm up email templates and links. 🔗

The process of warming up the email templates and the links you are add to emails helps the email service provider understand that you are a genuine sender and not a spammer.👺

This ensure that your emails will land in the inboxes of recipients making recipients more likely to see them.👀

And that's exactly what you want, right? 😎

So, let's begin!

Here's how to change the warm up settings, 

1. Go to 'Outreach' > 'Email Senders' and click on the fire icon 🔥 next to your email address.

email warmup settings

2. It will open the email warm up report 📉 where you have to click on the settings icon.

email warmup settings

3. In the pop up, you can change the email sending frequency, select the email templates you want to warm up and select the links to warmup. 🔥

email warmup settings

Click on Save and you are done! Your warm up settings are saved. 

Hope you found this guide useful!😄



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