Connecting Gmail / GSuite / Google Workspace

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SalesBlink allows you to send emails ✉️ through an email service provider of your choice. 

Doesn’t that seem like a big tension out of your way?😊

Here are the step-by-step instructions to send emails with Gmail / GSuite / Google Workspace mail:

1️⃣ Go to 'Outreach'> 'Email Senders'. 

2️⃣ Click on 'Add Sender'.


3️⃣ In the pop-up, you can choose 'SMTP/IMAP'.

Connect Email Sender

4️⃣ In the email service field, select Gmail.

5️⃣ Turn on 2-Step Verification if you haven't already. 

Here's how to do it,

a. Open your Google Account in your browser.

Two-step verification

b. Click on 'Security'. 

Generate app password


c. Scroll down below to 'How to sign in to Google?' and click on 'Two-step verification'. 

d. If it is not on, turn it on. You will have to enter your phone number and verify the same to turn on the two-step verification. 

6️⃣ Generate the App Password. 

Here are the steps to generate the App Password:

a. Open your Google Account in your browser.

b. Click on 'Security'.

Two-step verification

c. Scroll down below to 'How to sign in to Google?' and click on 'Two-step verification'. 

 Generate app password

You need to sign in to your account.


d. Scroll down to the end of the page and click on 'App passwords'

Generate app password


e. Now click on Select App and choose the App you want to use. Click on Select Device and choose the device you are using.

Next, click on Generate.

Generate app password

f. You will get the App password which is a 16-character code. 

Generate app password

g. Click on 'Done'. And That's it. 

7️⃣ Enter your name, sender username, email address and the app password you just generated in the host and port of SMTP & IMAP, respectively.

Take a look at it below,

9️⃣ Click on 'Next' and wait for the confirmation. 

Once the process is successful, you can find the email sender on the page you are viewing. 

Senders list

You have options to edit and delete the sender as well. 

-> You can also add more email senders that belong to different ESPs. 

Now, the emails you send will be sent from the Gmail / GSuite / Google Workspace mail account that you connected to.

Troubleshooting - If the above method doesn't work

👉  If you’ve set up 2-Step Verification but can’t find the option to add an app password, it might be because:

👉  If you have generated an app password but are still getting an error.

Please ensure that you have completed all the above steps from the same Google Account. It is important because Google will often redirect you to your primary user when you try to change settings.

And you are done! 

We hope you found this guide helpful. 

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