GDPR - Can I send cold emails?

Yes, you can! While cold emails ✉️ are unsolicited emails, you can send them to professionals 👨‍💼 if relevant to them. 🙌

Though a marketing email has no legal definition, it has to be an email promoting your goods or services.

However, are you wondering how you can protect yourself from regulations like GDPR❓

➡️ Here are a few tips for you to stay GDPR compliant:

- Make sure you are sending emails ✉️ to targeted prospects, and the content is appropriate to the recipient.
- Show genuine interest in your email body and make use of personalization.
- Ensure that it is easy to unsubscribe from your emails ✉️.
- Clean your email list regularly so that you have only valid addresses.
- Be prepared with informative replies to answer questions and complaints from GDPR.

👉 GDPR aims at protecting individuals, NOT businesses!

💡FYI, the GDPR is a regulation that gives every country of the EU to decide whether they should forbid 'unsolicited commercial communications.'

SalesBlink is GDPR Compliant.

Yes, you read that right! Get more details in our legal section.

If you have any questions, reach our Data Protection Officer at [email protected] 🙌

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