Quick Start Email Outreach

Hi there!👋

Reaching out to prospects using email ✉️ is highly effective, and when you have a robust tool like SalesBlink to help you out, you can see great results.  

Here's a quick look at email outreach with SalesBlink.✨

Once you have prospects' email addresses ✉️, you can start creating your outreach sequence.

Here's how you can do that,

1️⃣ Go to the dashboard and click on 'Outreach' followed by 'Sequences'.

2️⃣ Click on 'Create New Sequence'.

Email Outreach


3️⃣ Choose one of the two options that appear and name the sequence. Click on save.💾

Email Outreach

4️⃣ When you select 'Create from Scratch' and save the sequence, the visual sequence builder opens. 

A pop-up will appear asking you to connect to a list. 

Email Outreach

Once you add the list, you can start working on the sequence builder.

5️⃣ Click on the '+' sign and select either 'Email Outreach' or 'Task'.

Email Outreach

When choosing email outreach ✉️, you must select the template you created previously or create a new one.🌟 

You can further add conditions, actions or another email outreach & task node.

Upon choosing the Task as a node, you must select the Task from the list of pre-existing ones and click on 'Insert'.

Email Outreach

Once you complete creating your sequence, you can save and publish it.

6️⃣ Next, you can schedule the sequence by picking a date from the calendar and selecting the email sender and the time zone.

Email Outreach
You can review it once before you schedule it.⏳ 

For the detailed steps read the complete guide.

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