Introduction To API & Integrations

Have you been hearing a lot about API but are not aware of what it exactly is? There is no need to worry as we are there to help you out!



    Introduction To API & Integrations

    Have you been hearing a lot about API but are not aware of what it exactly is? There is no need to worry as we are there to help you out!

     👉 API Integration

    Let's start with API 🙌

    API stands for Application Programming Interface. It enables two applications to talk to each other. 

    You can compare API with the menu card of a restaurant. It has a list of dishes the restaurant offers with a description of what each dish is. After you place an order, you get served with dishes. In this case, you are not aware of how the restaurant is preparing the dishes for you. And why would you even care about it? That is exactly what API does. It has several operations meant for developers with a description of what you can get done. You don't have to get into how it is done. 

    API integration is the connection between two applications through their APIs that enables systems to exchange data. What is amazing is that this happens without the need for humans to intervene, enabling seamless sharing of data. 

    There is a need for API integration in the current digital age as there are so many cloud-based software and apps around. They need a means of connection where data gets exchanged effortlessly. With API integration, the exchange can easily happen. 

    Here's an example of API integration, 

    When you finish buying stuff from your favorite e-commerce website, you get directed to the payment gateway. As you make the payment, you cannot see what is happening in the background, but your credit card gets verified, which involves data transfer. This is possible because there is the integration of the API of the payment gateway into the e-commerce website. It is just that you can't see it happening. 

     👉 Benefits of API Integration

    Now that you know what API integration is, you must have guessed its benefits, right? If you haven't, here you go, 🙌

    • Enables automation - The automatic transfer of data without a human involved helps save time tremendously. 
    • Helps businesses grow - With API integration, businesses need not start from square one to develop connected applications. 
    • Minimizes errors - As it is all automated, it is rather easy to transfer high volume and complex data with minimal errors. 

    We hope you got a clear idea of API integration, and now you can make the most of the integrations feature of SalesBlink. 

    Let's find out what it is all about!

    👉  SalesBlink and Integrations

    SalesBlink allows native integration with other CRM tools to your account to import contact data so that you don't have to update the prospect lists each time manually. Therefore, integration with your CRM can help you can save time considerably and get the focus back on selling. 

    You can integrate with most of the popular CRMs and synchronize prospect data across platforms. 

    Here is the link to the integrations page - click. You can find all the tools you can integrate your SalesBlink account with. Along with CRM, there are connector tools like Zapier and Pabbly on the list that help you integrate with thousands of other sales and marketing tools for your tasks. It would help make your work process seamless. 

    🔆Overall, you can boost the performance of SalesBlink by integrating it with other platforms.   

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    Last updated on August 31, 2022