Introduction To Email Outreach

Do you know what is the best way to reach out to people without being too intrusive? It is an email.



    Introduction To Email Outreach

    Do you know what is the best way to reach out to people without being too intrusive? It is an email. You already know that there is no better way to carry out business-related communication than by sending emails. So, let's take a closer look at what cold email outreach actually is. 

     👉 Cold Email Outreach - What It Means

    Cold email outreach refers to reaching out to a person via email with whom you have no previous connection. 

    Email Outreach can be a powerful tool to build new relationships and in turn generate more sales for your business. That means it is definitely going to be your go-to channel to reach out to prospects and win them over, right?

     👉 How SalesBlink Steps In?

    Effective Email Outreach needs follow-ups, personalization, and more. Doing it at scale can be a challenge.

    That's where SalesBlink's Email Outreach features to shine, they allow you to scale automated outreach that's personalized for each prospect and once they reply, the sales game is on.

     👉 How Does Automated Cold Outreach Work?

    Eager to know how we can help you automate cold email outreach? Here's how SalesBlink does it, 

    1️⃣  Prospecting 

    Using domain search you can get the email addresses, phone numbers, and social media links of individuals by entering the website domain of the company. 

    You can also use the email search feature to find the email address of anyone by entering the first name, last name, and domain of their company website. There is a vast database of more than a billion emails at your disposal. 

    SalesBlink also lets you look for companies and filter your search by industry, country, and team size. 

    The cherry on the cake is the email verifier that verifies all the email addresses on your list for you so that you don't end up emailing invalid addresses and ruin your domain's sender reputation. 

    2️⃣  Create Personalized Email Templates

    Personalizing your email can make the prospect think that you are genuinely interested and have put in the effort to know about them. However, you can't personalize each email when you have to send them to hundreds of people. That is when you need SalesBlink. It personalizes emails for you at scale. You can create email templates and use macros to add a personal touch to emails.

    There is an image personalization feature as well that will go a long way in impressing the prospect and helping you book meetings.  

    3️⃣  Upload Prospects and Create a Campaign

    You can create a CSV file of prospects and upload it when you create a campaign. There is a campaign builder where you can add email, call, and LinkedIn message/connection request blocks with conditions, delays, and triggers.

    Wondering why a mix of outreach channels is added here? That is because we feel that a multi-channel outreach is much better than choosing to stay with just one channel. 

    4️⃣  Review and Approve Personalized Emails

    With SalesBlink, you are free to schedule emails as per your preference. You can approve the emails before scheduling them so that you are in total control of what you are sending. There is the option to edit the email body and remove or add more attachments as you like. 
    🔆We hope we have successfully explained how email outreach in SalesBlink works!

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    Last updated on August 31, 2022