Finding Leads

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There's no prize πŸ† for guessing that generating high quality leads is the first step to close sales effectively. At SalesBlink, we make that easier for you.Β 

There are two ways you can go about finding leads with SalesBlink.

  1. Start by looking πŸ”Ž for Companies.Β 
  2. Dive right into finding email addresses βœ‰οΈ of prospects using filters.

Finding Companies

If you are just starting out, and don't know much about the specific companies or job roles that you wish to target, start by finding πŸ” companies.

1. Click on Leads & then 'Companies'.

Finding leads


2. You can select the target industry 🎯 along with its no. of employees πŸ‘©β€πŸ’Ό and location.

3. Hit Search and find companies 🏒 according to your target criteria.

Finding leads


4. You can now select up to 10 companies using the checkboxes , and then hit "Search People".

Finding leads


Voila! Now you have details of the people working in companies with your target criteria 🎯.

If it looks overwhelming, don't worry, as you can further refine the leads by filtering them.

That's not all, learn more about it in the next section.

Finding People

Now lets find people, a.k.a. employees using SalesBlink,

1. Click on 'Leads' & then 'People'.

2. You can enter the company domain and filter further based on job title and location!

When you click on the name, you can view the individual's job title with details of their company.

3. Now, unlock πŸ”“ the leads by clicking on "View Email" or "View Phone." Only after you do this you can select multiple leads.Β 

You can now either download the contacts as a CSV file or add the contacts to a list.Β 

Here's how your list will look like when choose 'Add to List' and select 'New list'. (You can always add the contacts to an existing list as well).Β 

Here's something worth a mention: We verify βœ… each email when you unlock it and give you a confidence scoreπŸ’―!

Now, what's next? πŸ€”

Start reaching out to them and push them down the sales funnel.

Here's a video guide for you.

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