Meeting Scheduler - All Settings

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Now reduce the back and forth of scheduling meetings📆with SalesBlink's Meeting Scheduler. 

Let's look at the settings of the meeting scheduler so that it works just the way you want it to!😎

To open the settings of your meeting scheduler, go to Meet > Settings.

Meeting scheduler settings 

As you can see, it is always possible to edit your meeting scheduler link and create a custom meeting domain.

General Settings

Meeting Scheduler

In the general settings, you can customize the scheduler's description and the event color as desired by picking a color of your choice from the palette.

Under 'Time zone', as you can see, you have the option to set the default time zone of your calendar📆. Alternatively, you can enable the auto-detection of your time zone.

Under 'Location', you can select Google Meet or choose your custom meeting location.

Meeting scheduler 

Here, under advance slot settings, you can change the buffer time between meetings, the date range, the daily limit of meetings, and the time slot of each meeting.

To enter the list of your holidays, you can simply select a date and click on 'Add'.

As you can see further, there is the option to enable the option to let prospects schedule instant meetings with you. Additionally, you can let invitees choose a slot duration for the meeting 📆 as well.

Setting Working Hours

Meeting scheduler settings
Under working hours ⌛, you can select the working days of the week by selecting the checkboxes and setting your working hours for each day of the week. This will ensure that nobody schedules a meeting beyond your working hours. After all, work-life balance is essential!😀

Google Calendar

Meeting scheduler settings
Under this setting, it is possible to check the conflict among the calendars linked to your Google calendar. Click on 'Update' to choose the calendars you want to check.

Email Notification

Meeting Scheduler settings
You can create an email template here in the editor to notify invitees through email whenever they schedule a meeting with you. It will look more professional!👩‍💼

Confirmation Page

Meeting scheduler settings

Under the confirmation page section, it is possible to redirect invitees to a web page you wish by entering the desired page's URL.

Email Reminder

Meeting Scheduler

Under email reminder, you can see the option to enable reminders. For example, the invitee will get a reminder via email✉️ when a meeting is about to start.

You only have to enable the option, and the email editor will appear. Then, you can create the email reminder template that every invitee will receive.

Booking Form

Meeting scheduler settings


Under the booking form, you can enable the customization option and customize the questions in the form that invitees have to fill in while scheduling the meeting.


Upon enabling the option, you can see a customizable form. Here, you can add a field for phone number📞, recaptcha code, and create more custom fields as required. 


Click on 'Add question' and enter the question you want to ask. Next, select the answer format from the list of options and specify if the question is required or optional. 


You can click on the delete icon 🗑 if you want to delete a question you added. This way, you can create your own form. 


With this, we come to the end of the meeting scheduler settings. 

We hope you now know how to make the scheduler work for you!✨


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