Create Sales Sequence with ChatGPT

Hi there!👋

Want to build an outreach sequence? SalesBlink enables you to create one using ChatGPT under 90 seconds.

Here's how to go about it,

1️⃣ Go to the dashboard. Click on 'Outreach' > 'Sequences'. 

Outreach sequences

2️⃣ Click on 'Create New Sequence'.

3️⃣ Name the sequence and out of the two options that appear, select the first one - ‘Create with ChatGPT’.

Create new sequence with ChatGPT

4️⃣ In the page that opens, you can create the first email template of the sequence using ChatGPT. Name the template and enter the ChatGPT prompt. 

Here are a few examples of the kind of prompts you can enter,

👉 I want to sell digital marketing services

👉 I sell lead generation services to SaaS companies

👉 Write a cold email to sell my CRM SaaS

👉 My startup provides health insurance to businesses

👉 I provide digital marketing services to enterprises

👉 I sell a software tool for customer success teams to small businesses

Create new sequence with ChatGPT


The email body will get generated with the subject line. 

We have trained ChatGPT🤖 in such a way that it generates a high-performing 🚀 email copy with subject line from a single line prompt. 

Create new sequence with ChatGPT


To personalize the email ✉️, you can add the variables such as {{first_name}}, {{company_name}} to the body from the list you choose.

5️⃣ If needed, feel free to update the email content according to what you plan to sell. You can improve the email according to your edits by clicking on ‘Improve with ChatGPT’ 🤖. 

6️⃣ After checking thoroughly, you can click on ‘Create sequence with ChatGPT’. 🤖

SalesBlink will write the follow up emails ✉️ on autopilot for you and create a sequence with a delay between the initial and the follow up emails.✉️

Generate outreach sequence with ChatGPT

You can make changes to the sequence if required and check the email templates.  

When you click on 'Save & Launch', the sequence settings will open where you can schedule the sequence by setting the date, time and time zone. 

Sequence settings

Select the email sender you want to send the outreach emails from or add a new email sender. 

To review your initial and follow up emails before sending them to prospects, check the 'Check Emails Before Sending ' checkbox. 

Also, you can choose the type of email addresses in your list you want to send emails to. You can send either to all the emails or only to the verified ones.

When you select verified email ✅, you have the option to choose to send to the following types:

- Valid email

- Risky email

- Invalid email  

However, it is quite likely that you would want to send emails to valid email addresses for better sender reputation and email deliverability.✉️

Additionally, feel free to track email opens, clicks and replies by checking the respective boxes. It would help you measure the performance of your outreach sequence. 

7️⃣ Finally, Click on review to view the summary and hit schedule. 

You can review the emails before scheduling them as you can see below. Once you are done, you can click on 'Approve and Schedule' . 

Review email before scheduling

And that's it! You just launched your first outreach sequence! ✨

Isn't it exciting to let SalesBlink build the sequence for you with ChatGPT 🤖? It saves both time⏳ and effort which you can use for nurturing leads.

Hope you found this guide useful!🌟


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