Create Sales Sequence from Scratch

Hi there! 👋

Eager to create a sequence? Well, we'll show you how to do it. ✨

So, let's begin. 

1️⃣ Go to the dashboard and click on 'Outreach' followed by 'Sequences'.

2️⃣ Click on 'Create New Sequence'.🌟

Create sequence

3️⃣ Name the sequence and select 'Create from Scratch' from the two options that appear and click on 'Save'.💾

4️⃣ When you save the sequence, the visual sequence builder opens. 

A pop-up will appear asking you to connect to a list. 


Here's how you can create a list if you haven't already,

1️⃣ Click on "Contact is added to a List" and in the pop-up that opens, click on "Create New List".

Creating a list

2️⃣ Upload⬆️ your CSV file and click on 'Next'.

Create list

This is what you will see now. 


Creating a list

3️⃣ Start mapping the fields with SalesBlink property. Feel free to choose 'skip field' when required. Mapping is used for macros in your emails.

Creating a list

4️⃣ If you have mapped the "Email" field, you can choose to verify ✅ emails in your list.

Creating list

5️⃣ Now, name the list and click on 'Next'. 

Creating list

And Voila! You just created a new list! 😎

Build The Sequence

Now, let's get back to building the sequence.

1️⃣ Click on the '+' sign and select either 'Email Outreach' or 'Task'.

 Creating sequence

When choosing email outreach ✉️, you must select the template you created previously or create a new one.🌟 

Creating template

Creating A New Template

Here's how to create a new template,

1️⃣ Upon clicking "Create New Template", the email editor will open. 

You can craft your email ✉️using it.

Template generator

As you can see, you have a spam checker to provide you the overall score. 

2️⃣ Save the template. 

3️⃣ You can 'Insert' the template you just created in the Email Outreach Block.

4️⃣ Click on 'Save & Launch', the sequence settings will open where you can schedule the sequence by setting the date, time and time zone. 

Sequence settings

Select the email sender you want to send the outreach emails from or add a new email sender.✉️ 

To review your emails before sending them to prospects, check the 'Check Emails Before Sending ' checkbox. 

Also, you can choose the type of email addresses in your list you want to send emails to. You can send either to all kinds of emails or only to the verified ones.

When you select verified email ✅, you have the option to choose to send to the following:

- Valid email

- Risky email

- Invalid email 

However, it is quite likely that you would want to send emails to valid email addresses for better sender reputation and email deliverability.🚀

Also, feel free to track email opens, click and replies by checking the respective boxes. This way you will know how your sales outreach sequence is performing. 

5️⃣ Finally, click on review to view the summary and hit schedule. 

You can review the emails before scheduling them as you can see below. Once you are done, you can click on 'Approve and Schedule' . 

Review emails

And that's it! You just launched your first outreach sequence from scratch. 🚀


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