Extract Emails from Social Media

Create curated email lists of target customers filtered by Company Size, Industry, Geography, Designation.
Extract emails from Social Media Search results or Sales and create list of leads.


100Mn+ Company B2B Database

Access our database of 100Mn+ companies around the globe for their websites, address, emails, phone numbers and social media accounts.



Find Leads by Website/Company

Just enter a company name/website to extract leads Get Employee Name, Employee Job Title, Email Address, Phone, Social Media profiles from just the Website/Company Name.


Cold Email Cadences (Sequences)

Create Automated Email Sequences with Gmail, GSuite, Outlook, Office 365, Zoho Mail, AWS SES, SendGrid or any other SMTP/IMAP Provider.
Track clicks, opens replies and bounces.
Schedule Automated Email Followups.
Always land in Inbox.



Track interactions in CRM

Track recipient interactions with your email, website by tracking opens, clicks, visits and conversions.

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