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Domain Search

You don’t have to know the name of your prospect

You might want to pitch the CEO or the marketing manager but if you don’t know their name, you get in a fix. However, we have got you covered! Just enter their domain name and we will present the entire data within a few seconds

You can set up multi-channel campaigns

The domain search feature helps you with email address, phone number and social media links of your prospects which means more touch points with them.

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Email Search

Get verified emails

Secure your amazing pitch from not reaching in your prospect’s inbox. We help you with 99% verified emails so that your pitch reaches its desired destination.

Single or bulk search

There is no capping on the number of emails so can find. Find a single email address or upload a CSV to find addresses in bulk.

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B2B Company Finder

Filter out companies

You can filter companies on the basis of country, team size and industry. So what you get at the end of your search is a curated data sheet of your ideal prospects.

Pitch across the Globe

SalesBlink gives you the power to find companies that did not exist on your pitching map.

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Email Verification

Clean data in a click

You can verify one or multiple emails in a click. No manual uploading and no hassle of increasing cost as per the size of your data. Just upload data and download a cleaner version under seconds.

No need to use different tools

Verify data in one click and then use the same data to send emails via SalesBlink. All at one place.

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Cold Email Outreach

You can build your sales pipeline

Design your sales pipeline as a mind map and play with additional features to make your emails look personalised and click worthy!

Track everything

Don’t just work on crisp outreach campaigns but also identify what is working and what is not with multi-level tracking system.

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Cloud Call

You get access to phone numbers

You can set multi-channel outreach campaigns and leverage cold calling as one of the channels to connect with your prospects personally.

Everything at one place

You can find the phone number of your prospects, set a meeting and manage your CRM all via SalesBlink making it easier for you to close more deals.

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LinkedIn Outreach

Meet your prospects, professionally

LinkedIn is one of the biggest networking platforms. When you use the LinkedIn outreach tool to talk to your prospects on LinkedIn, it leaves a better first impression.

Track everything

You can track the status of your requests and messages in a click. This way, you can visualise your sales pipelines and A/B test your outreach funnel.

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Sales Pipeline

Easy visualisation

Manage all the leads and their statuses at one place. This will help you in structuring your sales process and evaluating it at every step.

Predict revenue

This feature will help you in predicting revenue depending on how many leads are flowing from top of the funnel to the bottom of the funnel.

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Meeting Scheduler

Sync your Google calendar

The meeting scheduler syncs with your Google calendar and gives you a holistic view of how your day/week/month looks like.

Unique Shareable link

You get a unique link that you can send to your prospects and they can book meetings easily. This simply means less chaos and more communication.

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Save times

The Salesblink CRM sales your time by helping you manage your entire sales cycle at one place.

Improve customer engagement

You can manage prospect data at one place, check the status and act as per the requirements. This helps you in closing more deals because of effective tracking and management.

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