Best Practices Of Sales Territory Management

Deal Fairly with Territory Conflict

Assign territories based on deal size, zipcode, or industry to ensure fairness and optimize performance.

Reimburse Travel Expenses

Compensate sales reps for their travel costs to encourage them to meet prospects without financial concerns.

Create a Rotating Schedule

Establish a balanced follow-up schedule to avoid over-contacting or neglecting prospects.

Focus on Current Prospects and Find New Leads

Balance efforts between high-value deals and acquiring new customers to sustain business growth.

Pay Heed to Seasonal Customer Needs

Identify and act on seasonal demands to ensure timely and relevant customer interactions.

Maintain Updated  Notes

Keep thorough documentation of customer interactions accessible to all sales reps for streamlined communication.

Optimize Territory Division

Allocate territories considering reps' strengths with specific deal sizes or industries for better results.

Regularly Review Territory Assignments

Periodically reassess territory assignments to adapt to changes in market conditions and team performance.

Support Continuous Learning

Provide ongoing training and development for sales reps to handle their territories more effectively.

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