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What is a Company Finder?

Filter your search by country, team size, and industry and get the emails of employees. At the end of the search, you will have only the most promising leads with you that are more likely to close.

Find Emails

Find target companies and get their employee emails

Filter by Country

Find companies in any country

Filter By Industry

Find companies of any industry

Filter by Team Size

Find companies by their team size

Best place

What’s amazing about B2B company finder?

Filter out companies

You can filter companies on the basis of country, team size and industry. So, what you get at the end of your search is a curated data sheet of your ideal prospects.

Pitch across the Globe

SalesBlink gives you the power to find companies that did not exist on your pitching map.

How to use this feature effectively?

Be specific

When you are scouting for your ideal prospect, don’t put in any information. Make viable choices by choosing the correct filters.

Leverage the next leg

Don’t just find companies but also go ahead and find email address of the employees working with those company so that you can setup a classic outreach pipeline.

People Search

Explore More Features

Domain Search

Domain search to find email addresses of employees almost instantly by entering the domain name of a company’s website

Cold Email Outreach

Build cold email outreach campaigns in a couple of minutes. Personalize emails for best results and track clicks, opens and replies.

Meeting Scheduler

Schedule meetings easily with SalesBlink’s meeting scheduler synced with your Google calendar. Share your meeting link to allow prospects to pick a date and time to connect with you.

Mail Merge

Get prospects to engage better with your emails with text and image personalization. Mail Merge involves using macros and SPINTAX for personalizing emails at scale.

Visual Campaign Builder

Use SalesBlink’s visual campaign builder to build your multi-channel campaign within a few minutes using simple drag-and-drop action.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Company Finder?

Using SalesBlink's company finder, you can get employees' emails and filter your search by country, team size, and industry. You will have only the most promising leads at the end of the search.

How Do I Find Information About A Company?

To get information about a company using SalesBlink, go to 'Companies' under prospecting on your dashboard. Enter the filters (country, industry, and team size) and hit the search button to get information.

How Many Companies Are There In Salesblink's Database?

SalesBlink's prospect database is vast, and it houses data of more than 1Bn companies. You can find what you are looking for with our Company Finder and get started with outreach.

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