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Plan, Manage, Execute & Track Sales Outreach Sequences across multiple channels.

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Create Sales Sequences with ChatGPT

Create Sequences with ChatGPT

Just tell SalesBlink what you plan to sell, and SalesBlink+ChatGPT will create a sales outreach sequence for you. Modify if required before launching the sequence.

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Create Tasks for any sales channel

Add MultiChannel Tasks

Reach out on LinkedIn, WhatsApp, SMS or iMessage. SalesBlink helps you by creating tasks for you to perform when automation fails.
Note: Tasks need to be completed Manually.

Personalize Emails with Mail Merge

Send Hyper Personalized Cold Emails

SalesBlink lets you personalize cold emails beyond {{first_name}}, add intro lines, custom CTAs and more. Level Up with Image Personalization & add prospect info in images.

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Check Step Wise reports for sales sequences

Step Wise Reports

Access step-wise reports with all metrics for your sales outreach sequence and take a call on what to improve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is multi-channel Sales Sequences?

Sales Outreach sequences that use multiple channels to reach the prospects are known as MultiChannel Sales Sequences. The channels may include LinkedIn, Twitter, Calls, Email and more..

Why use multi-channel Sales Sequences?

Targeting the prospects from multiple channels increase the likelihood of getting booked by 10x.

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