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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do You Need a Free Email Spam Checker?

All email service providers have spam filters in place to safeguard their users from spammy emails. As a sales professional, all the communication between you and prospects is through emails. Therefore, you cannot afford to end up in the spam folder. As the entire purpose of running a campaign is to reach out to prospects, getting filtered out by ESPs will ruin your efforts in setting up the campaign. Additionally, if your emails keep landing in the spam folder, it will affect your sender reputation and email deliverability. Moreover, your ESP will penalize you and even blacklist your IP domain. It can result in a dip in conversions and lower revenue in the long run. That's why you need a email spam checker that will tell how likely are you to trigger the spam filters and what you must do to avoid ending up in spam. Apart from boosting your domain's reputation and increasing email deliverability, using a spam checker can prevent your email from getting penalized as you are only sending emails that ESPs approve of.

Why Do Emails End up in the Spam Folder?

Your emails can end up in the spam folder due to the following reasons:

  • Your IP address was used to send spam previously, making the mail provider suspicious of you
  • Low email engagement rates because recipients delete your emails without reading them.
  • Too many spam complaints
  • Click-baity subject line
  • Use of trigger words in the email that alert spam filters
  • Not adding unsubscribe links
  • Missing sender address

What Is an Free Email Spam Checker?

An email spam checker is a tool that checks your email for issues that can make it land in the recipient's spam folder. They include technical issues (blacklisted domain) and content-related issues like the use of too many hyperlinks, spammy words, attachments and more. With a spam checker, you can check the spam score of your emails before running the campaign. When the email spam checker flags the issues with your email, you can work on resolving them and run successful campaigns.

How Can I Improve My Email Deliverability?

Email deliverability can be improved by using mailing protocols to verify the legitimacy of your account, as well as by warming up your emails before sending them. Keep an eye on your IP address and domain name. Reduce the number of people on your email list that aren't worth your time.The next step is to create eye-catching subheadings, relevant and personalised emails, and compelling offers.

How Does Free Email Spam Checker Work?

Spam Checker analyzes your email for spam trigger words.Email service providers consider spam words to be red flags.You can use the spam checker tool to identify words that should be avoided or rephrased in your email messages.It's important to keep in mind that just because your text includes a few spammy words, it doesn't automatically make your email spam.

Is Free Email Spam Checker Safe to Use?

Spam Checker looks for a vast number of words and phrases that look like spam.But anti-SPAM filters think about more than just the words in your email. The reputation of your email address and how often you send are two other important factors.

How Do You Test Email Deliverability?

SalesBlink provides an email deliverability score that considers all the essential deliverability factors. It will help you find out how warmed-up your account is.

Is Email Spam Checker Free?

Use of Spam Checker is completely free. Anyone who wants to double-check the content of their emails can do so using our tool.