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Write Sales Emails with BlinkGPT

Write & Improve Emails With BlinkGPT

SalesBlink lets you use prompts to write cold emails instantly, using BlinkGPT. You can also improve emails written by you.
SalesBlink's BlinkGPT AI always generates high quality emails that get you more replies.

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Create Sales Outreach Sequences with BlinkGPT

BlinkGPT AI Powered Sequences

Launch a sales sequence with follow-ups in seconds with the power of BlinkGPT AI. It will write email templates for you and figure out the best time for follow-ups.

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Personalize Emails

Personalize Text and Image at Scale

Use variables to personalize each outgoing email for unique prospects, you can add one liners, custom CTAs, recipient information and much more.

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A/B Test Cold Emails

Improve Results with A/B Test and Reports

SalesBlink helps you track all essential metrics like opens, replies, clicks and more.
You can also A/B Test email templates in any email sequence that helps you find the winning email template.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Cold Email Outreach?

Cold email outreach is the practice of sending professional emails to individuals with whom you have not previously established a connection. These recipients may be unfamiliar with your organization or the services you offer.

What is a cold email outreach tool?

A cold email outreach tool helps you in personalizing, sending, scheduling, automating and monitoring the complete lifecycle of sales outreach.

How to automate follow-ups?

SalesBlink places follow-ups from your email account on autopilot by creating cold email outreach sequences with condition-based follow-ups.

Which email providers can I use for cold email outreach?

You can connect any email provider of your choice like Gmail, Outlook, Zoho and others.

When Should I Send A Cold Email?

Tuesday seems to be the best day to send cold emails, while the best time to send an email is 3 pm and 9-11 am. However, it may vary depending upon the industry and target audience.

Is It Legal To Send Cold Emails?

Yes, cold emails are entirely legal. As long as you comply with the guidelines of regulations like CAN-SPAM, CASL, and GDPR, you can send cold emails without worry.

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