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BlinkGPT helps salespeople draft personalized emails and launch sales sequences in seconds.

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G2 Award for High Performer
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Create cold email sequences with BlinkGPT

Launch Sales Sequences

With just your product/service offering, BlinkGPT AI can draft the perfect sales sequence that gets you more replies and bookings.

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Personalize Sales Emails with BlinkGPT

Personalize Every Email

With just basic info about your leads, BlinkGPT AI can draft personalized emails for each one of them. Maximize your chances of getting a reply, demo & sale.

BlinkGPT is Trained on 10,000,000+ Emails that got a REPLY

Trained On Best Performing Cold Emails

We've trained BlinkGPT on millions of high performing emails, these are the ones with most opens and positive replies.

SalesBlink is a high performer in sales SalesBlink provides best ROI for sales

Scale outreach in minutes,
not hours

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is BlinkGPT AI?

BlinkGPT AI is a fine-tuned version of top LLMs trained with data of millions of emails that have received positive replies, opens, and link clicks, leading to sales. With this knowledge, BlinkGPT is able to draft perfect cold emails, sales sequences and personalize emails.

How is BlinkGPT different from ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a great multi-purpose LLM technology. On the other hand BlinkGPT is fine-tuned on millions of cold emails and sales sequences that received a positive reply and converted sales, hence making BlinkGPT AI the ideal choice for salespeople.

How to Use BlinkGPT?

BlinkGPT is integrated with every part of SalesBlink, Sign Up for a free trial & try BlinkGPT.

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