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Check Email Deliverability Reports

Detailed Deliverability Reports

Get detailed deliverability reports with actionable tips to improve your email deliverability.

Check for spam keywords in emails

Spam Keywords Detection

As you write emails yourself or use
BlinkGPT AI Email Writer to draft emails, SalesBlink detects any spam keywords in the email subject line or body.

Email WarmUp moves emails from Spam to Inbox

Email WarmUp

Your email address reputation can be fixed and improved with Email Warmup, which works by automatically sending emails from your email address that receive genuine replies.

What is Email WarmUp
Check DNS Errors for Cold Email Outreach


SalesBlink periodically checks for errors in your Domain Name Server records to ensure your reputation is maintained.

SalesBlink is a high performer in sales SalesBlink provides best ROI for sales

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Email Deliverability?

Email deliverability is the ability to hit the prospect's email inbox. A lot goes into improving your emails deliverability, such as DMARC, DKIM, SPF setup and more.

How To Increase Email Deliverability?

You need to start by setting records for DKIM, SPF and DMARC with your DNS manager. And then when you send emails, you need to ensure your email address is warmed up, email body does not contain any spam keywords and much more. SalesBlink helps you along the way to make things easier.

How To Ensure Email Deliverability?

To ensure email deliverability you need to personalize your emails, verify lead emails, enable email warm-up, set up SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records, add random delays between, use a custom domain, set email signature, perform A/B testing. Luckily SalesBlink helps you with all this and more.

What Is Considered Good Email Deliverability?

You can consider an email deliverability rate of 90% to be good. If it is lower than this, you have to find the issue and resolve it using SalesBlink.

How ESPs Affect Email Deliverability?

ESPs require you to build a reputation for your domain. Your deliverability will be low unless your ESP acknowledges that you are genuine and will not spam. If you violate the guidelines, they can blacklist you as well.

What Do Email Deliverability Testing Tools Do?

Email deliverability testing tools check whether contents of email contain spam keywords, the SPF, DMARC & DKIM records are set, the domain is not on a blacklist and more. SalesBlink finds the problems and suggest fixes.

Do Subject Lines Affect Deliverability?

When you use misleading subject lines, it can tarnish your reputation because the recipient may get frustrated & flag you as spam, drastically affecting your email deliverability. Therefore, be careful with subject lines.

Do Images Affect Email Deliverability?

Emails with too many images and very little text can alert spam filters. Therefore, to avoid issues with email deliverability, it is better to follow the 60/40 text to image ratio for all your emails.

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