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Email Verification

Email Verification checks for invalid emails in your leads list to ensure that your cold emails do not bounce.

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Verify Emails in Bulk.

Here's how Email Verification works.


Upload your email list

Upload CSV containing email addresses that you need to verify.


SalesBlink Verifies Emails

We perform DNS check, MX records check, Inbox check and much more to verify the email address.


Download Verified Emails

Download the CSV of verified emails, or launch a new sequence with the verified emails.

Multiple checks done for verifying email address

DNS & SMTP Server Validation

DNS records of the domains are checked before validating by sending SMTP requests to email providers for ensuring high accuracy.

Detect Spam trap and honeypots

Honeypot/SpamTrap Detection

Spamtraps are email addresses created to lure spam, these email addresses accept the incoming email but ruin your email reputation.
SalesBlink detects them and warns you not to send emails to these addresses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Email Verification?

Email verification is a the process that identifies possible spam traps and other email address discrepancies before they're flagged by Email Service Providers and cause permanent damage to your email's and domain's reputation.

How many emails can I verify at once?

You can verify upto 5000 emails at once with SalesBlink.

How Is An Email Address Verified?

After checking for the basic syntax, domain of the email address is validated and then an SMTP request is sent to the email provider to check if the email is valid. SalesBlink goes beyond this to check for spam traps, full-inbox identification and much more.

Why Is It Important To Verify Emails?

When you send cold emails to a list without verifying the emails, some of the emails might bounce that will harm your reputation. Due to this its more likely that your future emails will go to spam.

What happens if I send an email to invalid email address?

When you send an email to a fake or invalid email address, it bounces back and the recipient never sees your email. Moreover, this flags your email address and domain, harming the reputation.

Can A "valid" Email Address Bounce?

Valid email addresses may bounce due to Firewall or Filter Denial. If the email is blocked, a spam filter will read the content as spam. Moreover, Corporate spam filters may treat identical bulk emails as spam. But this is very rare.

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