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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I generate subject lines for free?

Yes, you can use SalesBlink's free subject line generator to get 5 free subject line ideas. These subject lines are battle-tested for high open rates.

Why should I use a free subject line generator?

At times you might run out of subject line ideas. You can use SalesBlink's subject line generator to generate high performing subject lines. Subject lines are important as they affect your open rates.

How to come up with good subject lines?

Keep your subject lines short, try creating a sense of urgency, and use numbers where possible. Using a free subject line generator will help you get inputs when crafting subject lines for higher open rates.

How to A/B test subject lines?

Create two different variations of subject lines and send them to two segments of prospects - group A and group B. Pick the subject line that has a higher open rate and send it to your entire prospect list.

Why are email subject lines important?

As subject lines are the first element of your email that catches the eye of recipients and decides your email's open rates, you have to pay special attention to them.

What is the purpose of a subject line?

The primary purpose of a subject line is to grab the recipient's attention so that they open the email to read it. Unless your subject line is not catchy enough, you can't expect a high open rate.

How to write a catchy email subject line?

The most catchy email subject lines are short, build curiosity, have elements of personalization, and are creative. Make sure you A/B test them for better results.

How long should a subject line be?

Subject lines will fetch you great open rates when you keep them short and crisp. Ideally, 41 characters is a good limit.

Do you capitalize every word in a email subject line?

No, it is not a good idea to use upper-case for your email subject lines. It won't leave a good impression on the prospect, and they may not even open it. Always use sentence-case for your subject lines.

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