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SalesBlink lets you personalize images, email subject line and body with custom intros, CTA and much more.

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Personalize Text in Email with Mail Merge

Use Variables in Subject Line & Email Body

Build trust with custom intro lines, pitch, prospect information, call to action and much more.

Mail Merge for Images

Use Variables in Images

Stand out with personalized images by adding your prospects' names, logos, website screenshots and much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Email Personalization?

Email personalization helps you increase reply rate by automatically adding specific information of the prospect in the subject line, body and images.

What Is BlinkGPT AI Email Writer?

BlinkGPT AI Email Writer is a feature of SalesBlink that helps sales teams write high performing email copies in seconds instead of hours.

Why should I personalize Emails?

Your Prospects might be bombarded with a lot of cold emails, to stand out, it's important to personalize each email for the specific prospect. Email Personalization helps you increase the reply rates.

What is Image Personalization?

You can personalize images with custom logos or text that's related to your prospect, this helps your email stand out and increases reply rates.

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