Perform email personalization for better outreach

Create tailor-made emails and connect better with prospects using email personalization

What is Email Personalization?

Email personalization makes emails look tailored with personal elements. Usually, there is the use of the prospect's name or their company's name to get their attention. This way, it is easier to engage prospects with your email.

Text Personalization
Text personalization

Use macros to personalize email text

Image Check
Image personalization

Create exclusive-looking emails with personalized images

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What’s amazing about the email personalization feature?

Improves Engagement

When you send tailor-made emails to recipients, there are more chances of a reply. Personalizing emails builds a connection and results in conversions.

Boosts Productivity

Personalizing emails at scale helps in speed up outreach and improves the team's productivity.

How to use the feature effectively?

Use with other outreach channels

To make personalized emails more effective, choose multi-channel outreach. After sending the email, follow up with a call or a connection request on LinkedIn to get a better outcome.

Hyper-personalize before sending

Apart from using macros, you can hyper-personalize emails by editing them during the preview. This way, you can make a lasting impression on the prospect and get booked.

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Email Deliverability

Skip the spam folder and improve deliverability by adding delays between emails, custom domain tracking, automated email warm-up, and email verification.

Email Tracking

With SalesBlink’s email tracking feature, get ready to track email opens, clicks and replies and make informed decisions based on the results.

Domain Search

Domain search to find email addresses of employees almost instantly by entering the domain name of a company’s website

Company Finder

Company Finder to find target companies from all over the world and get their accurate data instantly using filters to carry out outreach and maximize opportunities

Email Personalization

Personalize email and call scripts effectively using mail merge to maximize responses and fill pipelines.

Mail Merge

Get prospects to engage better with your emails with text and image personalization. Mail Merge involves using macros and SPINTAX for personalizing emails at scale.

Email Warmup

Skip the spam filters and improve email deliverability with SalesBlink’s Email Warm-up feature. No more need for manual warm-up to land in the prospect’s inbox.

Email Search

Enter your prospect’s first name, last name and domain name to find their verified email address under 10 seconds using Email Search to build relationships and close more deals

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Email Personalization?

Email personalization refers to using personal information to make emails look tailor-made and targeted. Most often, salespeople use the prospect's name, the name of their company, to make the email stand out.

Is Email Personalization Effective?

Personalized emails are tailor-made and are more likely to be opened & clicked on. It has proven that personalization builds stronger relationships with customers, helps you outshine the crowd & adds a human touch.

How Much Time Does It Take To Personalize Emails?

It varies according to the level of personalization. If the emails are semi-personalized, it will take around 2-5 minutes. If you are hyper-personalizing the emails, it might take somewhere around 10 mins.

How Much Does It Cost To Set Up Personalized Emails?

Anyone can set up and send personalized emails at no extra cost, with our email outreach plan starting at $29. It is worth making this investment as you can get a handsome ROI.

What Kinds Of Emails Should You Personalize?

It is a good idea to personalize sales emails because the prospect will think that you have taken pains to know about them & are more likely to engage with your email. Mostly, try to personalize all kinds of cold emails..

Why Should You Personalize Your Cold Emails?

Personalized emails help prospects feel important and drive them to show an interest in you when they see your efforts. You can seem more human-like and genuine when you leave the generic email templates behind.

How To Personalize Cold Emails Using Salesblink?

SalesBink lets you personalize your cold emails at scale that saves time. You can create templates for cold emails with macros. You only need to upload the data for that macro while uploading your prospect list.

Can I Personalize The Subject Line In Cold Emails?

Yes, you can personalize your cold email subject line. SalesBlink allows you to use Macros which are variables you can insert in the subject line. It gives a more tailored feel.

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