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SalesBlink helps you book more meetings with features that matter the most like BlinkGPT AI powered hyper-personalized email sales sequences with follow-ups on AutoPilot.

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SalesBlink Features
Find Verified B2B Email Addresses

Launch Personalized BlinkGPT Sequences

BlinkGPT AI helps you draft personalized emails and follow-ups for you to launch your cold email outreach sequence.

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Use Multiple Filters to find B2B Leads

Cold Email Outreach
On Autopilot

Automate sales emails outreach with follow-ups & get booked with meetings. Connect Gmail, Outlook or any email provider to launch a sequence.

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SalesBlink leads database has over 250 million b2b leads

Meeting Scheduler
To Get Booked

Meeting Scheduler helps your prospects book meetings at their convenience, whatever the time zone and creates a calendar invite for you both.

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Use Multiple Filters to find B2B Leads

Manage Leads with Unified Inbox

Connect all your email inbox to manage leads from a centralized location. Reply to them, book meetings and close leads effectively.

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Use Multiple Filters to find B2B Leads

100% Deliverability
with Email WarmUp

Email WarmUp helps improve chances of your email to land in your prospect's inbox by fixing DNS issues and increasing your domain and email reputation on Autopilot.

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Use Multiple Filters to find B2B Leads

No More Bounces
with Email Verification

Email Verification checks for invalid emails in your leads list to ensure that your cold emails always land in inbox.

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Mail Merge

with Mail Merge

Send Emails with Personalized Variables in Images, Email Body & Subject Lines at Scale. Supports Liquid Syntax like {{first_name}}.

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Track Email Opens, Clicks and Replies

Track Opens, Clicks & Replies

Track all the metrics you need for improving email outreach. Use them to schedule action-based follow-ups on Autopilot.

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SalesBlink Integrations

Integrate Any App or CRM

Integrate with your favorite Apps and CRMs with Two-Way Sync to add contacts in sales sequences and track activity.

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