Personalize Emails with Mail Merge

Personalize emails at scale in lesser time and build stronger bonds with prospects.

What is Mail Merge?

With mail merge, you can merge prospect data such as name, phone number, email address, etc from your list to an email template. It enables you to send it to several prospects at a time. This helps personalize emails at scale, where each message looks tailor-made for each prospect. Also, it helps save manual entry to a large extent, thereby improving the sales teams' productivity.

Personalize text with Macros
Personalize text with Macros

Add personalized text in the email template where relevant using macros.

Make the most of SPINTAX
Make the most of SPINTAX

Add macros with fallbacks when there is no data for the field.

Personalize images
Personalize Images

Embed macros in images and map them with the data fields of the campaign.

Mail merge first feature

What’s amazing about mail merge?

Save time on 1-on-1 outreach

Personalize emails at scale without working on customizing your message for every prospect.

Get more replies

Increase your credibility by adding a human touch and tailoring your message for each recipient to get more replies.

Automate email outreach

Automate the entire email campaign with follow-ups with minimal effort.

Improve deliverability

Personalized emails improve your credibility and look genuine to the email service provider. They help improve deliverability.

How to use this feature effectively?

Insert macros from your campaign's data fields

Create a campaign and load macros mapped to the fields of the prospect list and place them in your email template to personalize it.

Make use of fallbacks to avoid errors

Use fallbacks and stop worrying about errors in emails due to missing data in fields. They help prevent wrong inputs to your email.

Mail merge second feature

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Mail Merge?

Mail merge lets you merge prospect data such as name, contact details, address, and much more from your list to an email template and enables you to send it to many people in one go.

What Is The Use Of A Mail Merge Tool?

Using mail merge, you can personalize emails at scale. You won't even have to work on emails manually, and they will get an exclusively-written look. This is possible with the help of macros (placeholders).

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