DesignScript Marketing Agency - Cold Email Case Study

In digital marketing, agencies must constantly seek ways to enhance their outbound sales strategies and outperform their competition.

This case study reveals how DesignScript, a leading digital marketing agency, achieved remarkable success by integrating SalesBlink to revolutionize its outbound sales process. The study showcases the challenges DesignScript faced, the strategic solutions they employed, and the impressive results that followed, underscoring the critical role of technology in optimizing sales efforts and driving business growth.


CEO, DesignScript

Challenges Faced

DesignScript's primary challenge was enhancing its outbound sales strategy to expand its client base and revenue pipeline. Despite having a skilled sales team, the agency struggled with:

  • Low Engagement Rates: Traditional outreach methods led to low open and response rates in email sequences.
  • Inconsistent Follow-ups: Manual follow-ups needed more regular and personalization, leading to missed opportunities.
  • Resource-Intensive Processes: Manual handling of outbound sales was time-consuming and resource-intensive.
  • Bottlenecks in Email Copies: Crafting compelling, personalized emails for various sequences and ICPs was resource-intensive and slowed the outreach process by weeks.
  • Outreach Sequence Ineffectiveness: Without a structured and data-driven sales outreach sequence, follow-ups were often mistimed or irrelevant, leading to lost opportunities.

SalesBlink's Key Solutions Used

DesignScript turned to SalesBlink, a comprehensive sales automation tool, to overhaul its outbound sales approach. Key features included:

Automated Cold Email Sequences

Automated Cold Email Sequences with SalesBlink

Implementation: DesignScript utilized SalesBlink to automate sending 30,000 targeted emails to potential clients.
Benefits: This automation saved significant time and resources, allowing the team to focus on the other critical aspects of their business. It also ensured a consistent and timely outreach.

Drafting Cold Emails with BlinkGPT AI

Draft Cold Emails with BlinkGPT AI

Implementation: BlinkGPT generated unique and engaging content for each email, ensuring the messaging was relevant and personalized.
Benefits: This AI-driven approach allowed for creating high-quality cold emails at scale, enhancing the effectiveness of email sequences and fostering better engagement rates.

Optimized Sales Sequences

Optimize Sales Sequences with SalesBlink

Implementation: SalesBlink's AI capabilities were used to develop an effective sales sequence, timing follow-ups perfectly based on recipient engagement.
Benefits: This strategic sequencing ensured that potential clients were contacted at the most reasonable times, significantly increasing the chances of conversion.

Personalized Cold Emails

Personalized Cold Email Outreach

Implementation: DesignScript used BlinkGPT AI to tailor their offer for different ICPs they targetted..
Benefits: DesignScript achieved high open and conversion rates by personalizing its approach, demonstrating an understanding of client's unique challenges, and providing tailored offers.


The adoption of SalesBlink led to remarkable improvements in DesignScript's sales metrics:

  • Emails Sent: Over 30,000 tailored emails were delivered to carefully segmented & verified email list over three months.
  • Avg. Open Rate: The open rate for these emails soared to an impressive 83%, indicating high engagement.
  • Positive Replies: Approximately 1,073 positive replies were received, most of them leading to meetings both online and offline.
  • Revenue Pipeline: Total revenue pipeline generated was over $10M+.
  • Deals Closed: This strategy helped close more than 50 deals, a notable achievement for the marketing agency.


DesignScript made a strategic decision to use SalesBlink for its outbound sales process. This automation tool made communicating with clients easier, leading to better engagement and conversion rates. As a result, DesignScript closed more deals and improved its revenue pipeline. This success story illustrates how advanced sales automation tools can transform modern sales strategies and help businesses grow. It's a great example of how technology can optimize sales processes.