Find details of your prospects with their domain name

Just enter a domain name in the search bar and find email, phone numbers and more

Domain Search

What is Domain Search?

With the domain search feature, you can find the email, phone number, and social media links of prospects by entering a company's domain name. It is quite helpful in finding the contact details of the employees of a company you are targeting.

Find Email

Find anyone's email by their company domain

Find Phone Number

Find anyone's phone by their company domain

Find Social Media

Find anyone's social media by their company domain

Domain Names

What’s amazing about domain search?

You don’t have to know the name of your prospect

You might want to pitch the CEO or the marketing manager but if you don’t know their name, you get in a fix. However, we have got you covered! Just enter their domain name and we will present the entire data within a few seconds.

You can set up multi-channel campaigns

The domain search feature helps you with email address, phone number and social media links of your prospects which means more touch points with them.

How to use this feature effectively?

Make way for more talking

Find multiple touch points with your prospects and target them on various platforms.

Retarget your prospects

Once you have enough data of people you want to target, you can create their lookalike audience and re-target them with Facebook ads.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Domain Search?

You can find prospects' email, phone number, and social media links with the domain search feature by entering a company's domain name. It is quite helpful in getting details of target prospects.

How Do I Find An Email Address For A Domain?

Finding email addresses with SalesBlink is an easy process. First, login to your SalesBlink account and click on people, under prospecting. Now, go to domain search, enter the domain and search for it.

How Do I Find Out What Email Is Associated With A Website?

The domain search tool helps find email addresses associated with a domain. Go to the SalesBlink dashboard, and find the 'domain search' under prospecting. Enter the website domain & find emails of employees.

How Do I See All Emails Under A Domain?

You can find all emails under a domain with SalesBlink's domain search tool. First, log in to your account and click on people under prospecting. Now, go to domain search, enter the domain and search for emails.

How To Find Company Email Addresses?

Use SalesBlink's Domain search feature to find the email addresses of any company's employees. Click on 'domain search' under 'prospecting' on the dashboard and enter the company's domain to find employee email addresses

How To Find Email Addresses Of A Company's Employees?

It is easy to find any email addresses of company employees. Open SalesBlink's dashboard, go to 'People' and then 'domain search' under 'prospecting' and enter the company's domain to get all employees' emails.

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