Verify emails in a click

Verify a single email address or bulk data and clean your email list under seconds.

Email reachability

Check if your email would reach the inbox

Email deliverability

Check if an email sent to address is deliverable

Catch-all address

Lower confidence score for catch-all emails

Full inbox

Never let an email bounce due to full inbox

SMTP validation

Check if email server can be contacted

Syntax validation

Validate syntax to reduce sending errors

DNS records validation

DNS check to ensure email server

Disposable email check

Find out if an email address is disposable

What’s amazing about the email verification feature?

Clean data in a click

You can verify one or multiple emails in a click. No manual uploading and no hassle of increasing cost as per the size of your data. Just upload data and download a cleaner version under seconds.

No need to use different tools

Verify data in one click and then use the same data to send emails via SalesBlink. All at one place.

How to use this feature effectively?

Do quarterly cleanups

Cleanup your email data every quarter with unlimited data verification feature by SalesBlink. This way, you save money and energy on writing personalised emails.

Maintain your domain’s reputation

Control your bounce rate by verifying emails and sending pitches to those addresses that are valid. This will protect your domain’s reputation and prevent your emails from landing in the spam folder.

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