Cold Email Subject Line

Generate Email Subject Lines with high open rates in no time.

Write Email Subject Lines That Make People Open Your Emails

Use this Free Email subject line generator in either of the two ways:

Generate ideas for email subject lines

It is difficult to come up with catchy email headlines every time. So, use the generated email titles as an inspiration to write email titles with high open rates.

Use the subject lines directly in your emails

SalesBlink’s cold email subject line generator gives you 5 subject lines with their respective open rates. You can use them directly in your cold emails without making any changes.

Induce Interest

Keep the subject line short and interesting

Get Personal

Know the person who is going to open your email, make it seem you have stalked them online in a non-creepy way

A/B Test

Test different Subject lines, see what works best for your audience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Generate Subject Lines For Free?

Yes, you can use SalesBlink's free subject line generator to get 5 subject line ideas. It can help you think in a different direction and get a higher open rate.

Why Should I Use A Free Subject Line Generator?

At times you can run out of ideas and not know what your email subject line should be. You can use SalesBlink's subject line generator for creative inputs. Subject lines affect your open rates as they are important.

How To Come Up With Good Subject Lines?

Keep your subject lines short, try creating a sense of urgency, and use numbers where possible. Using a subject line generator will help you get inputs when crafting subject lines.

How To A/b Test Subject Lines?

Create two different variations of subject lines and send them to two groups of a fraction of prospects - group A and group B. Pick the subject line that performs better and send it to your entire prospect list.

Why Are Email Subject Lines Important?

As subject lines are the first element of your email that catches the eye of recipients and decides your email's open rates, you have to pay special attention to them.

What Is The Purpose Of A Subject Line?

The primary purpose of a subject line is to grab the attention of prospects so that they have the urge to open the email. Unless your subject line is not catchy enough, you can't expect a high open rate.

What Are The Best Email Subject Lines For 2021?

The best email subject lines include - '13 cold emailing tools you must use', 'Can I help you with __?', 'Looking forward to meeting you at __.', 'You missed the chance', 'You'll love this blog!

How Do You Write A Catchy Email Subject Line?

The most catchy email subject lines are short, build curiosity, have elements of personalization, and are creative. Make sure you A/B test them for better results.

How Long Is A Subject Line?

Subject lines will fetch you good results when you keep them short and crisp. Ideally, 41 characters is a good limit, and it would be helpful if you stick by it.

Do You Capitalize Every Word In An Email Subject Line?

No, it is not a good idea to use upper-case for your email subject lines. It won't leave a good impression on the prospect, and they may not even open it. Always use sentence-case for your subject lines.

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