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Automate your Outbound Sales Process 3 steps, under 9 minutes.

Here's how Outbound Sales works.


Find B2B Leads

Find Email Address of professionals around the globe from our database of 250Mn+ Contacts.


Send Emails with Follow-Ups

Launch sales sequences with follow-ups that land in Inbox on autopilot with BlinkGPT AI in seconds.


Get Booked

Share Meeting Scheduler with prospects to get booked without much back and forth.

Email Search

Find B2B Email Leads

Our lead database houses 250Mn+ leads from over 20Mn+ Companies, updated every month to provide you with the latest email addresses.

BlinkGPT Sales Outreach Sequences

BlinkGPT AI Powered Emails with Follow-Ups

Any emails sent from your account that may land in spam folder, are automatically moved to inbox folder with a priority tag.

Email WarmUp

Always, Land in Inbox

SalesBlink gradually increases the number of emails being sent from your account to maximize the cold email outreach that you can do.

Meeting Scheduler

Get Booked with
Meeting Scheduler

Set your email templates & website domains to be used in warmup. When you receive replies on your templates with links to your website domain, chances of the same template landing at the top of a prospect's inbox is increased by 10x.

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