Find anyone's email under 10 seconds with email search

Just add your prospect's first name, last name and domain name to find their verified email address.

Email Search

What is an Email Search?

This feature enables you to find the email address of leads using their first name, last name, and company domain. You are free to search a single email or in bulk as there is no cap on the number of searches. You get verified email addresses from a database of 250Mn+ emails.

Verified Emails

All emails verified in real time

250Mn+ Emails

Find emails from a database of billions

Bulk Search

All emails verified in real time


What’s amazing about email search?

Get verified emails

Secure your amazing pitch from not reaching in your prospect’s inbox. We help you with 99% verified emails so that your pitch reaches its desired destination.

Single or bulk search

There is no capping on the number of emails so can find. Find a single email address or upload a CSV to find addresses in bulk.

How to use this feature effectively?

No need to use multiple tools

You don’t need to invest in an email finding and email verification tool separately. Just switch to Salesblink and find everything in the form of a downloadable CSV.

Unlimited searches with your membership

Find anybody’s email address (even Elon Musk’s) with SalesBlink. So make a long prospect list because we have got you covered.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Find Email Addresses With The Email Finder?

Head to SalesBlink's dashboard & find 'email search' under 'prospecting' to search for email addresses. Enter your first name, last name & domain to get the result. You can find bulk emails too with SalesBlink.

Can I Find The Email Addresses Of A List Of People?

" Yes, first go to SalesBlink’s dashboard & find “email search” option under “prospecting”. In the bulk find option, upload the prospects' CSV file with first name, last name and domain to get the email addresses."

Are The Email Addresses Guesses Or Found Somewhere?

The email addresses are found from public sources via scrapping and then undergo verification using SMTP. Therefore, SalesBlink's email finder tool is reliable at giving you fairly accurate outputs.

How Is The Email Finder Different From Other Email Search Tools?

Email finder attempts to find an email address in real-time by checking the MX records and SMTP server of a combination of 100+ patterns that a company most likely uses.

How Can I Find Someone With Their Email?

You just need to know someone's first name, last name, and domain to find their email addresses. Login to SalesBlink, find "email search" tool under "prospecting" and enter the details. That's it!

What Is The Accuracy Of Salesblink's Email Finder?

SalesBlink’s Email Verification system is 99% accurate, which means you can reach out to cold prospects without worrying about your deliverability. We make it easy to verify email addresses on our platform.

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