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Imagine the frustration of spending resources on a campaign, only to have your tracking links blocked or mislabeled as spam. This not only messes up your analytics but also brings down sender reputation. 

This is where Custom Tracking Domains come in. These personalized, brand-aligned domains offer a powerful solution, enhancing the credibility of your tracking efforts, reducing spam risks, and boosting deliverability. If you are new to this, don’t worry as we have your back. In this post we’ll delve deeper into how they work and learn more about them. 

What Is A Custom Tracking Domain? 

A custom tracking domain stands as a special web address used to trace clicks and oversee how people engage with email campaigns. Unlike regular tracking links, it uses personalized web links, making them unique to the brand. These custom URLs don’t just keep an eye on clicks; they also help people recognize and trust your brand more. By using these tailored website addresses, your brand becomes more memorable and trustworthy in the eyes of those who receive your emails along with reducing the chances of them ending up in spam folders of recipients. This way, it improves email deliverability and sender reputation. 

What Are the Benefits of Setting Up Your Tracking Domain? 

What Are the Benefits of Setting Up Your Tracking Domain

The following are the benefits of setting up your tracking domain:

Custom Tracking Domains Help Avoid Landing as Spam 

Custom domains act as a protective shield, safeguarding your emails from getting stuck in spam filters. When you use a custom tracking domain, your messages are guided straight to the intended inboxes, avoiding the detour to the spam folder. This ensures that what you send reaches the people you want it to without any hurdles along the way. It’s like having a special pass that lets your emails bypass the areas where they might get stuck, making sure your audience receives exactly what you’ve sent without any hassle.

Custom Tracking Domains Boost Your Sender Reputation 

Utilizing custom tracking domains strengthens your relationship with internet service providers (ISPs). This friendly rapport ensures your reputation as a sender stays reliable. When ISPs recognize your consistent use of a custom tracking domain, they trust you more. This trust is like a seal of approval, guaranteeing that your emails reliably reach the people you want to connect with. By sticking to your custom domain, you’re essentially shaking hands with ISPs, assuring them that your emails are always genuine and deserve a spot in recipients’ inboxes.

How Does A Custom Tracking Domain Impact Deliverability? 

How does a custom tracking domain impact deliverability

Custom tracking domains play a crucial role in making sure your emails reach the right place—the primary inbox. They work like a good friend, boosting your email’s chances of getting there without ending up in the spam folder. 

But how?

Well, these domains are like your email’s passport—they carry your sender reputation across the digital world.

Imagine your sender reputation as your good name in a town. When you use a custom tracking domain, it’s like having a trustworthy badge. This badge tells the internet service providers (ISPs) that you’re a reliable sender, someone whose emails deserve to be in the main inbox. It’s like having a VIP pass that helps your emails skip the long line and directly enter the inbox party!

Plus, these domains help dodge the spam radar. You see, spam filters are like guards at the inbox gate—they check every email that comes in. But with a custom tracking domain, your emails wear an outfit that the guards recognize as safe and authentic. So, they wave your emails through without any second thoughts!

Overall, these domains are your email superheroes. They positively affect your sender’s reputation, making sure your emails don’t get labeled as spam. Instead, they guide your emails straight to where they belong—the primary inbox—ensuring your messages catch the eyes of your recipients without any detours or obstacles along the way.

SalesBlink lets you set up your custom tracking domain. Here’s how you can do it,

1. Go to SalesBlink’s dashboard and click ‘Outreach’ >’Settings’

2. Next to ‘Custom Domains’, click ‘Add’.

custom tracking domain 1

3. A pop-up will appear. Select the 2nd option from the drop-down – ‘Email Tracking Custom Domain’.

custom Tracking domain 2

4. Enter the custom domain and click ‘Create’.

5. Add the details that appear in the DNS record of the domain.

6. To update CNAME with most popular DNS services perform the following:

a) Update CNAME in Cloudflare.

b) Update CNAME in GoDaddy.

c) Update CNAME in NameCheap.

d) Update CNAME in Hostinger.

7. Once you do that, click ‘Verify Record’.

custom tracking domain 3

And you have just set up the tracking domain. 

You can’t see the domain in action right away as it takes DNS records 24 hours to get updated. 

Take Charge Of Your Sequence With A Custom Tracking Domain  

Harness the power of a custom tracking domain through SalesBlink to elevate your campaigns and reach your prospects effectively. Boost the impact of your email campaigns using a custom tracking domain. Make your emails more trustworthy and ensure they reach the right place every time. With SalesBlink, it’s easy to create your special tracking domain and stand out from the rest. Make sure your messages get where they need to, and with SalesBlink, setting it up is a piece of cake. Perk up your cold emailing game by giving your emails that extra edge, making sure they’re seen and trusted.

You can thank us later!


What is the purpose of a custom tracking domain?

Custom tracking domains boost brand recognition, reduce spam risks, and improve email deliverability by using personalized URLs.

 Is a custom tracking domain necessary?

It significantly benefits email campaigns by enhancing credibility and deliverability, making it highly recommended.

How do I use custom domain tracking in emails?

To use custom domain tracking in emails, set up a domain specific to your brand, configure it in your email platform, and use it for tracking links in your emails to enhance deliverability and tracking accuracy.