Top 7 Tools to Schedule Meetings Easily

Top 7 Tools to Schedule Meetings Easily

As a salesperson, you eventually reach a stage where the prospect shows interest in your product or service. In that case, you would want to discuss the features of your solution in detail. You can schedule meetings with them through a meeting scheduler.

A request for a meeting is the most common call to action in cold emails and follow-up emails. While you may be raring to interact with the prospect, there can be problems while scheduling a meeting when you do them manually. The inability to fix it up efficiently can result in the prospect going cold and disinterested in your offering. You can’t afford to lose prospects like this. 

Scheduling meetings manually doesn’t work as it is tough to streamline things and decide on a date by sending several emails back and forth. It is therefore important to have an automated tool that would take care of scheduling meetings for you. 

So, let’s first look at the benefits of using a meeting scheduling tool.

Benefits of using a meeting scheduler

No human error –

Scheduling meetings manually is possible. Still, there is always a chance for human errors such as scheduling it on the wrong date and time, forgetting to enter the meeting details in your calendar, and overlapping meetings. When you are dealing with multiple prospects simultaneously, there is a higher possibility of committing such errors. With a trusted meeting scheduler tool, human errors get out of the way. 

Helps save time –

Sitting down to schedule meetings yourself can be a waste of time. Apart from entering the details of the meeting in your calendar, there are other time-consuming activities like responding to emails to confirm the meeting. When this process gets automated, the scheduling is faster and more accurate.

Smooth functioning of operations –

By choosing to automate the process of scheduling meetings, things get streamlined. Instead of worrying about your meetings, you can focus on tasks that require your undivided attention. Using the right tool to take care of your meetings can help you connect with your prospects and customers without affecting other activities. 

Better prospect experience –

The tech-savvy younger generation doesn’t like the conventional way of scheduling meetings. An automated tool would let your prospects schedule a meeting in a couple of minutes without any hassle-. Giving your prospects a straightforward and cooperative experience will work in your favour as there will be more chances of a referral. 

Availability even after office hours –

Being available even after office hours is difficult. However, when you use a scheduling tool, prospects can fix up meetings anytime they want to without thinking about the business hours. In a way, it enables giving prospects the freedom to book meetings  24/7. 

Characteristics of a Reliable Meeting Scheduler

Now that you know the advantages of using a meeting scheduler, you might want a tool to suit your needs. So, here are a few characteristics that you should look for before choosing a meeting scheduler. 

1. Ease of use – The purpose of a meeting scheduler is to help you save time. The daunting and time-consuming task of sending emails back and forth to fix an appointment is made easy by a meeting scheduler. However, if the tool is difficult to use and requires you to invest time in it, there is no point in using it. Using your meeting scheduler should be both convenient and time-saving.

2. Ability to integrate with other tools/platforms – You might want to integrate your meeting scheduler with the Google Calendar, video conferencing software and other advanced tools and platforms. Things will work more smoothly when you can integrate the meeting scheduler with the tools you are already using.

3. Security and privacy – A meeting scheduler would want you to permit it to access your calendar, contacts and other data. When you are allowing it to use your data, you would also want it to be trustworthy. It must have a privacy policy stating how it uses all the data you provide. You cannot compromise on the privacy and security of your data. 

4. Value for money – While a meeting scheduler tool comes in handy, it has to provide value for money. The cost of the tool should correlate with the time and effort it saves. Choose a meeting scheduler having all the features you want an ideal tool of this category to have. But make sure it has competitive pricing and provides good value for money. 

5. Ability to run on multiple OS and devices – The tool should run on all operating systems such as Android, Mac, Windows, iOS. Also, there shouldn’t be a problem while using the tool on different devices such as smartphones and tablets.

How do online meeting schedulers work?

Online meeting schedulers help a prospect or client schedule a meeting on their own by looking at the available time slots on your calendar. You have to connect your calendar with the meeting scheduler and mention when you are available for meetings. The scheduler will then allow prospects or clients to look at the available time slots. The slots that are already taken won’t be there for booking.  A client or prospect can schedule a meeting with you when convenient to them using a scheduler. All this can be done without the need of you calling or emailing you.

Top 7 Meeting Scheduling tools

Here are the top 7 meeting schedulers that you can consider using. 

SalesBlink’s Meeting Scheduler

SalesBlink’s meeting scheduler is a part of the cold outreach automation platform. While you use Salesblink for automating lead generation, prospecting, creating cold email campaigns, and closing, there is a tool to schedule meetings with prospects and clients. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use SalesBlink’s meeting scheduler.

1. Click on ‘Meetings’ under ‘Closing’.

Screenshot of SalesBlink showing the 'Meetings' option.

 2. You will see the following prompt,

Screenshot showing shareable calender link prompt.

This shareable calendar link works in collaboration with your calendar. It will be helpful in scheduling meetings with prospects as they would know when you are available. 

1. Click on ‘Continue with Google’ and allow to access your Google Account. 

2. You will get directed to a calendar settings page where you have to mention your details and working hours. Click on the Save button after you finish. 

Then, upon clicking ‘Meetings’, you can see a calendar where all your scheduled meetings will appear. 

SalesBlink calendar showing all the scheduled meetings.

You have a shareable calendar link that will make scheduling meetings a hassle-free task once shared with your prospects. You can add your calendar link to your emails. 

screenshot showing a the calendar link

Steps to create a meeting event

Here is how to create a meeting event manually using the calendar link. 

1. Copy and paste the calendar link to the search bar of your browser. 

2. The following will appear,

Screenshot of screen showing option to select a date for the meeting.

3. Select the time zone.

option to select time zone in the meeting scheduler.

4. Select a date for your meeting.

schedule meetings effectively

5. Select the meeting time.

option to select a time for the meeting through meeting scheduler.

6. After you mention the details, you can finally schedule the meeting.

Once you are done, you will receive a confirmation on your linked email address.

schedule meetings effectively

You can also refer to the following comprehensive video tutorial on how to use SakesBlink’s meeting scheduler.

By choosing a proper meeting scheduler such as the one from SalesBlink, you can make your life easier. Scheduling meetings can become quick and more organized with SalesBlink’s meeting scheduler. All you have to do is share your calendar link with the prospects in the email you send. They can simply click on it and look at the dates you are available for a meeting. The prospects can then pick a date and time convenient for them and schedule the meeting. Doing so helps reduce the confusion and piles of emails you would otherwise need to send and receive to finalize a date and time. 

Your meetings will appear in the tool’s calendar so that you don’t miss out on the dates. It allows you to plan your day based on the number of engagements you have.  

You also have the complete freedom to customize your availability as per your schedule. You are free to open or close slots so that your day at work runs smoothly without having to miss a meeting in between. 

Given that the prospects are free to choose their dates based on their time zone, they can fix online meetings without worrying about the time zone difference across countries. 

2. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity scheduling is an appointment scheduling app that helps you customize the process to schedule meetings. You can allow customers and prospects to reschedule or cancel the appointments they have fixed. There is an option to change the interval between the start times of appointments, and bookings can be made far in advance. The app has a “Make me look busy” option to hide your availability. You can make a booking page live when you are ready. Share it using a direct link or embed it into your website. 

Moreover, the app is easy to use and can help you run your business smoothly as it integrates with other business tools. 

3. Calendly meeting scheduler

With Calendly, you can show your availability to others and allow them to schedule meetings with you. It is a simple tool that works for anyone who receives a lot of meeting requests. You have to connect it with your calendar, i.e. Google calendar or Microsoft Office 365, or Outlook calendar. You can create options for the different types of meetings you offer, send a link that lets others see when you are available, and finalize the date and time of the meeting. An event gets created in the invitee’s calendar as well. 

With Calendly, you have many integration options. You can integrate it with Hubspot, Zoom, Zapier, Salesforce, and many more tools with Calendly’s paid plan. Integration further simplifies tasks for you. 

4. meeting scheduler is a meeting scheduler app that works differently. It acts as a personal AI assistant when you use email to create meetings. It asks for access to your calendar, Skype ID, contact number, and more.  To schedule a meeting by email, you have to CC a unique email address that communicates to an AI bot. You get two bots, Amy and Andrew, as your personal assistants.

You can instruct the bots in the email body, and the bot will follow it. For example, when you write,  “Amy, set up a 10-minute phone call with Jill. I will call her”, it would get noted in the calendar with all the details. The bots do what you instruct them. Also, note that you can integrate with other apps and tools. 

5. Chili Piper

Chili Piper is automated scheduling software that helps to schedule meetings easily. It helps marketing and sales teams schedule appointments with prospects and clients with a click. Moreover, you can integrate Chili Piper with other business apps like Google Calendar, Outlook, Salesforce, and Zoom. The Chili Piper extension helps reps to book meetings from other apps and transfer leads in an instant. 

6. ScheduleOnce by OnceHub

ScheduleOnce is a handy tool for sales teams. It helps schedule meetings and focuses on making a quick connection between the prospects and the sales teams. You can also embed the tool into your website and email campaigns. A prospect can schedule a meeting and distribute the information to the concerned team members. The events appear in the calendars of all the participants to keep everyone on the same page. 

The Final word

To sum up, the use of automated tools to schedule meetings and fix appointments makes the whole process very seamless. It reduces the chances of errors, saves time, and provides a better experience to prospects/clients. It enables scheduling meetings even after business hours. While all that you have to ensure is to choose a tool that meets your needs. 

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