The Growth Square, Personal Branding Agency - Cold Email Case Study

This case study boldly demonstrates the successful collaboration between SalesBlink and The Growth Square, highlighting the game-changing impact of SalesBlink's cutting-edge cold email and AI-driven tools on The Growth Square's outbound sales strategy.

The case study delves into the challenges faced by the two companies, outlines the innovative solutions implemented, and showcases the impressive results achieved through their partnership.

"SalesBlink transformed our approach to client outreach. Their Al, BlinkGPT have saved us time and significantly increased our engagement rates."

Challenges Faced

  • Inefficient Outreach: The Growth Square struggled with time-consuming and ineffective manual processes for cold email outreach, leading to low engagement rates.
  • Email Personalization Bottlenecks: Drafting personalized and compelling copies for email sequences took time and effort, especially when they had to A/B test them manually.
  • Low Reply Rates: The existing approach led to a lackluster reply rate, impacting the agency's speed of closing new deals.
  • Tracking and Analytics: A robust system is needed to optimize ROI with cold email outreach by analyzing engagement metrics to adjust strategies accordingly.
  • Emails landing in Spam: With many of their emails landing in spam, significantly hampering the outreach efforts.

SalesBlink's Key Solutions Used

The Growth Square integrated SalesBlink’s suite, including the AI-powered BlinkGPT, into their workflow. Key implementations were:

Follow-Ups on Autopilot

Automated Email FollowUp

Utilizing SalesBlink’s automated email outreach tools, The Growth Square was able to send personalized, targeted emails at scale.

BlinkGPT AI-powered Sequences

BlinkGPT AI Sales Sequences

BlinkGPT drastically reduced the time spent on sequences by generating customized and effective email sequences. Allowing the team at The Growth Square to further A/B test more types of cold emails and finalize on what works best for them.

Reports & Dashboards

Reports & Dashboards

SalesBlink’s advanced tracking tools provide real-time analytics, enabling The Growth Square to make data-driven decisions. These metrics included email open rates, reply rates, link click rates and more.

Landing email's in Inbox with Email WarmUp

Email Warmup

Email Warmup helped increase the email deliverability score and ensure all emails reach the inboxes, instead of the spam folder.


The implementation of SalesBlink’s solutions brought about these results for The Growth Square:

  • Emails Sent: 1,00,000 targeted emails were sent over the span of a year, each crafted with precision and personalization through SalesBlink's tools and BlinkGPT's AI capabilities.
  • Positive Replies: The revamped strategy led to 10,213 replies, indicating high engagement and interest from the targeted audience.
  • Revenue Pipeline: These strategies contributed to a revenue pipeline exceeding $12M.
  • Deals Closed: This strategy helped close deals in double digits, a notable achievement for the personal branding agency.


The combination of automated outreach, sales sequences created with BlinkGPT AI, and detailed analytics provided by SalesBlink led to substantial improvements in open rates, reply rates, and overall revenue for The Growth Square.
This partnership exemplifies the power of leveraging cold outreach automation tools to increase revenue from sales outreach.