What Is An Email Verification Tool And How Does It Help?

What Is An Email Verification Tool And How Does It Help?

Email marketing is an indispensable part of every business. There are no points for guessing that for any business to exist, sales should be there, and to sell your product, you have to market it right. Whether you are sending emails to leads who have signed up to receive your emails or too cold prospects who don’t know you, one thing that you have to ensure is a good level of email deliverability. You can ruin your sender’s reputation by sending emails to invalid email accounts repeatedly. Therefore, it should be your priority as an email marketer to maintain a clean email list. It is also essential to verify email addresses in the list periodically as they can get invalid at any time. To verify email addresses, it is evident that you would require an email verification tool. Let’s take a look at what an email verification tool is and how it can help you. Also, find out what features you should look for in an email verifier. 

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What Is An Email Verification Tool?

As the name suggests, an email verification tool finds out whether an email address is valid and in use. The tool can usually identify spam traps and malicious email addresses. It is important to steer clear of such email addresses to prevent your sender’s reputation from getting damaged. The email service provider will block your account if you are sending emails to such traps too often. 

There are other reasons for an email address becomes invalid and they include the following:

1. The change of job or position of the email user resulting in an inactive email address

2. Shutting down of a company makes the domain non-existent

3. Typos or syntax errors in the email address

4. Email service provider closing down the business

Are you now convinced that you need an email verifier that cleans your email lists from time to time? It is your responsibility to maintain your sender reputation, and that is why you have to put in the effort to keep a clean email list.

Benefits Of Email Verification Tool

An email verification tool can help you in many ways, and they are the following:

1. Keeps the email list updated and helps save money

There are various reasons why email addresses become invalid over time, and we discussed those above. So, your database may have emails that are not valid anymore. If you send emails to those addresses, the bounce rate will be high, and that can negatively impact your sender reputation. Regular email verification with the help of a tool can remove the invalid addresses from the list. It frees up storage space and shrinks your database in size, which helps save money because storing data comes with a price. Now, you will store only active and genuine email addresses. It will ensure that you are sending emails to the right individuals. 

2. Increases conversions and fetches better ROI

Sending emails to 50 quality leads is better than emailing 100 leads with unverified email addresses. It is always quality over quantity. You might get better results when all the email addresses in your list are genuine. You’ll see better engagement and a higher conversion rate. All this means a better ROI..

3. Prevents the trouble of fixing bounces

When you send emails to an unverified email list, bounces come in after a short while. Using an email service provider will help track bounces and note their count. When the bounced emails cross the threshold set by the email service provider, you will get a warning. If you continue this practice of using unverified email lists, the service provider can blacklist you. You can avoid this scenario by using an email verifier right before beginning the campaign. When there are no invalid email addresses, there would not be any bounce backs.

4. Protects sender reputation

If you are sending emails to unverified addresses, the chances are that they may bounce back, or the user may mark you as spam. In both cases, your sender reputation can get affected. When you use a tool for email verification, you know that you are sending emails to valid addresses and the recipients are more likely to open your email and engage with it. It helps in giving a boost to your sender reputation. 

5. Helps get more accurate statistics

You can check the performance of your email campaign by looking at the metrics like open rate, bounce rate, response rate, conversion rates, and so on. However, when you send emails to invalid addresses, it gets challenging to assess the statistics. Using an email verifier, you can better gauge the campaign’s performance better as the tool removes all the invalid addresses from the list. It will help you make future marketing decisions better. 

Factors To Consider While Choosing An Email Verification Tool

It is clear that a tool for email verification helps you in several ways, and it is more of a necessity than a choice. If you want to search for a suitable email verifier, it is essential to keep the following important factors in mind. 

1. Pricing 

Though you would want nothing but the best for your business, it comes with a cost, and you can only afford what is within your budget. A high-cost product doesn’t always mean the best, and it applies to email verifiers as well. You should compare the features of different tools and see which one gives you the best value for money. It is also better to be aware of the latest developments.

2. User reviews

Always read the reviews of the tool you are about to purchase, as it will help you get an idea of the tool’s performance. The experience of other users matters if you get to know that a tool is not good enough before investing in it, you can prevent your money from getting wasted. So, instead of falling for the product features, it will be better to read the reviews. 

3. Ease of use

An email verifier has to be easy to use. If the interface is complicated or difficult to use, it is better to switch to something simpler. Nobody would want unnecessary complications in life when there are better options available.  

4. Customer support

As a user, it is natural to want efficient customer support when you choose a tool. When you are having trouble with the tool, you would like to get it resolved as soon as possible. So, it is better to choose a tool that has robust customer support. 

Features Of A Perfect Email Verification Tool

There are certain features that an email verifier should have, and they are the following:

1. Accuracy level

A good performing tool for email verification is the one that gives you a higher accuracy level. Some tools offer over 98% accuracy, whereas some don’t prefer to reveal their accuracy level. You have to check for the level of accuracy of tools and carry out a comparison before making a decision. 

2. Types of verification done

The type of verification you need depends on the nature of your business. You get to choose from bulk, real-time and quick verification. If you want to generate leads, you would require regular verification in bulk. Opposed to that, if you are looking for sign-ups for your newsletters, you would want to verify every subscriber so that there are no fraudulent entries. You have to keep your requirements in mind while choosing an email verifier. 

3. The integrations supported

For email outreach automation, there are many tools, and most businesses use them. Therefore, your tool for email verification has to be easy to integrate with your existing tools. It will ensure that your work goes on smoothly because everything is in sync with each other. Having an odd-man-out-like email verifier will only complicate things for you, which is not what you are planning to do, right? So, check what all integration the tool supports before investing in it. 

4. Time taken to provide results

You would want to invest in a tool that does its job fast, and this is one feature on which you should never compromise. It matters the most when you are checking emails in bulk. You can’t spend one day only on email verification as you have other tasks to complete. Therefore, choose a tool that has a lower turnaround time. 

5. Compatibility and software requirements

Check whether the tool you choose can work on different devices. It is good for you if it is compatible with more than one device as it becomes easy to use. Also, check whether the tool needs any other software to function to know what else you need apart from the email verifier. 

Using SalesBlink’s Email Verification Tool

Now that you have seen all the features your email verifier should have, you will feel that SalesBlink is a perfect match. 

SalesBlink is a sales outreach automation suite that offers 99% accuracy which is great in the upkeep of your sender reputation, as the higher the accuracy, the lesser the bounce rate. Moreover, the tool verifies email addresses in real-time. Also, you wouldn’t require any other software or tool to use this email verifier so feel free to use Salesblink’s email verifier tool.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to use the tool,

1. Click on ‘Email Verification’ on the menu under tools.

Salesblink "email Verification" tool

2. Enter the email address you want to verify

Salesblink email verification tool - Enter Email Address

3. The tool will tell you whether the email address you entered is valid or not.

Email verification tool - Invalid email id

The tool also lets you verify email in bulk, you can drag and drop a CSV file in the bulk email verifier. It lets you verify 1000 emails in one go.

Bulk verify option in SalesBlink

There is an address by address analysis of each email address in the list. The following are the deliverability statuses,

1. Deliverable

An email we check with several validation methods to find out that it can receive emails from a sender. We mark this into the “valid” category.

2. Catch-All

A catch-all email server collects all the messages addressed to the domain name’s right or wrong email addresses. So it’s very difficult to tell if that email exists or not. We mark this into the “risky” category.

3. Undeliverable

An email we check with several validation methods to find out that it can not receive emails from a sender. We mark this into the “invalid” category.

You can refer to the following video for a comprehensive tutorial on using SalesBlink’s Email Verification tool.

So, with SalesBlink’s email verifier, you can find out which emails in the list are valid and which are not. It will help you remove the invalid ones from the list and keep it clean. As already mentioned above, verifying your emails is crucial for your sender reputation. 

Final thoughts

Using an email verifier can help you out in so many ways. It helps save money, gets better ROI, improves your sender reputation, and keeps your list clean to get accurate statistics of the campaign’s performance. Moreover, as a salesperson or email marketer, it is mandatory to have an email verification tool, or else you can land in trouble. 

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