Product Launch Emails (With Templates)

Product Launch Emails (With Templates)

Launching a product is a massive event for any business, and it involves planning so that it yields good results. Along with building excitement and hype, the aim is also to increase brand awareness. A product launch can be successful when you communicate correctly with the prospects. And the most commonly used communication channel is email. You would have to send product launch emails when you come up with a new product. If you require some help with your campaign, you are at the right place.

Let’s look at what a product launch email is, along with the different types of emails and the best practices to follow while crafting them. 

What is a product launch email?

As the name suggests, you send a product launch email to inform prospects about your upcoming product launch. The primary purpose of sending these emails is to create excitement amongst prospects about new products or events.  

Product launch announcement is for the promotion of the following,

1. New product releases

2. Updates of new features

3. New policies 

4. New security measures

5. Events and webinars coming up

What makes product launch email important?

While businesses focus on developing and manufacturing new products, they tend to take a back seat while marketing. It is the main reason for the failure of a majority of new product launches. Hence, well-planned product launch emails are essential. It is impressive to note that marketing emails make 50% of consumers purchase once a month. 

Therefore, it is beneficial to announce new products, features, and events through email. Let’s look at a few more advantages of running a product launch email campaign, 

1. It helps build anticipation before the product launch and makes the customer want to try out the new product or its enhanced features. 

2. It gives a broad exposure to your product or service that helps attract more customers.

3. It boosts the value of products or services and gives a boost to the business. 

Different stages of a product launch email campaign

There are 3 steps involved in introducing a new product through email,

1. Create suspense

Send a teaser email to make recipients curious about the upcoming launch. Send this email at least 10 – 15 days before the launch of the product. You can add a short product description and mention the release date. To be on the safer side, choose a timeline like “Arriving in June 2022”. Remember not to reveal too much about your product at this stage as it intrigues the reader. 

2. Announce the release date

Send the announcement email 3-7 days before the product launch. You can reveal the product’s benefits at this point. Let the recipients know what pain points your product can alleviate. Provide information that the target audience would find relevant. To attract the audience, you can give them a special early bird discount or let them pre-order your product. 

3. Launch it

The third part of the sequence is the product launch notification, and you must try to send it on the day of the launch. You can inform the recipients about the product features and then give a demo of its working and a step-by-step user guide. In this final email, consider adding a powerful CTA. The best CTA is the one that makes it easy for the recipient to purchase the product. 

Types of product launch emails

1. New product launch email

There is a lot of excitement around a new product launch in an organization, but people outside the company need to know about it to succeed. The product release email is a great way to reach out to your contacts and inform them about the new launch. The wider your reach is, the better it is for your product launch. When more people know about it, the chances of making sales are higher.

2.  New product feature announcement email

An email to announce the release of new features of a product is for existing customers. Apart from informing the customer about the latest feature update, these emails make customers trust your business more because they see you growing. You can use feature announcement emails to grab the attention of prospects, and the chances are high that they may purchase after knowing about the new product features. 

3. Beta announcement emails

Beta tests are common in SaaS sales. With Beta announcement emails, your SaaS can get beta testers. Most often, the beta announcement emails have a link to a page where interested individuals can register. With a well-written beta announcement email, you will get more applicants for the beta test who want to know about your software.

1. Pre-order announcement email 

The aim of sending a pre-order announcement email is to invite prospects to pre-order your product ready for launch. You can use the FOMO tactic by keeping the pre-order campaign time-limited. The prospects would therefore rush to pre-order your product.

2. Event announcement email

You can announce the date of an upcoming event through email. The aim is to make prospects know about an event and all its details such as venue, date, time, etc, along with making them want to attend the event. The end goal is to get the maximum attendees to your event, and for that, you have to create a sense of excitement. Only then can you expect more attendees to the event.

Tips on writing a product launch email

Here are some best practices for writing a product launch email.  

1. Keep the email subject line catchy

Inboxes of recipients usually have scores of other emails, and you have to compete with them and grab the reader’s attention. Keep the subject line of your email short, sweet, and clear. It must convey that you have something new to offer. You can express your excitement by using emojis in the subject line. Also, make use of the preheader text and give an idea of what the email is about. 

2. Write a to-the-point email copy

Your email copy shouldn’t be too long. Try to provide as much information as you can while keeping the copy compact. Here’s what all you should include: what the newly-launched product is, its importance, the target audience, how beneficial it is, how it works, how to purchase it. 

3. Add attractive images

Images convey a message faster than text. When you add images, the recipient can get a better idea of the product. Remember to use high-quality personalized images of the product keeping the size of the file as low as possible. It would be even better to use animated GIFs. 

Using images would enhance your email and make the user engage better with it.

4. Use your brand design 

Your emails should have such a design that the recipient would understand that they are from your company. Use your company’s logo, font, and brand that are your brand’s visual identity. It should be such that recipients don’t even have to look at the sender’s name to identify who it is from. It should be in sync with the design of your website, social channels, and marketing material. 

5. Add a CTA

The call to action or CTA is an essential part of your product launch email campaign. When you add a CTA button, it catches the reader’s eye and makes them take action. By adding multiple CTAs, you may feel that you can get the reader to respond to at least one, but it is not so. Too many CTAs in the email will distract the reader, and they may not take any action. Hence, choose to keep only one CTA in your email that takes the reader a step ahead towards knowing your product and purchasing it. 

6. Personalize your email 

The open rate of your email can be higher when you choose to personalize the subject line. You can start with something as basic as adding the recipient’s name in the email subject line. It won’t require too much effort but will fetch you excellent results. It lends warmth to your email and makes the recipient feel special. You are more likely to get a response when you send a personalized email instead of a generic email from a robot. 

When should you send new product launch emails?

Your timing of sending the emails matters a lot. You will be able to get positive responses when you send them at the right time. Here are a few tips,

Try sending your emails on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday because the email open rates are low on Monday, Saturday, and Sunday. As far as the time is concerned, it would help if you considered the audience’s demographics. Usually, 7 am is the best time for those who read their email first thing in the morning. The other best times are 10 am 12 pm and 5 pm. You can also email at 9 pm for those who check their emails before retiring to bed. It would be better to send emails at night if you target youngsters because the youth are more active then.

Top product launch announcement emails

The email marketing strategy depends on your product type and your relationship with customers. Here are a few product launch announcement email samples that you can use as inspiration.

1. Product launch announcement email by Apple

Take a look at Apple’s new product email below. All of their product launch emails are worth referring to as they are always well-designed and straightforward. 

Product launch announcement apple

In the above email, there are images of the newly launched products that make them visually appealing. There are links to help readers know more about each of the products. Apple’s product launch emails can work as great new product launch examples

2. New feature announcement by Grammarly 

Grammarly is a grammar checking tool that comes up with new features. Here is their new feature announcement email. 

New feature announcement by Grammarly

The email body has only a few sentences, making it easy for the recipient to grasp the message. The design is simple, with a clear CTA button that will help the reader learn more about the new feature. 

3. Beta announcement email by Dropbox

Even a simple-looking email can work most often, and the one below is an example of that. It is a beta announcement email from Dropbox and has very little design.

Beta announcement email by dropbox

The main focus is on the CTA button so that the reader feels like clicking on it. There is also a link to the guide for those interested in knowing in detail about the Dropbox paper. There is also the use of personalization to connect with the reader at a more personal level. It would make more readers come forward and use the beta version of the software. 

4. Pre-order announcement email by reMarkable

In the pre-order announcement email, there is a simple design focusing on the CTA button that enables users to pre-order the product. There is a mention of a time-limited offer to create a sense of urgency. You can use this product launch template for your emails.

Pre-order announcement email by reMarkable


5. Event announcement by Google 

The event announcement email below is complete with details, such as the date, time, and venue. There is a special discount and a clear CTA to make the recipient register for the event. 

Event announcement by Google

You can get a clear idea from the product launch announcement email templates above and design your emails accordingly. 

10 Product Launch Email Templates

Here is a list of 10 product launch templates you can use to get started.

1. Software Product Launch Template 

Hi {{prospect’s_name}},

It is exciting to announce the launch of {{product}}.

*Describe the features of the product or service in a single line*

Our team has been working quite hard for the last few months on developing {{product}}and by using it you will be able to enjoy the best possible user experience. 

Do you want to know what {{product}} is about?

*Mention the features and purpose of the product or service*


Do give {{product}} a try!




2. Template for the announcement of new feature 

Hi {{prospect’s_name}},

We are glad to announce that the latest updated version of {{product}} is available! 

In the updated version our team has made sure that you get a better user experience than the previous one.

Are you ready to test the latest version?

Get started by clicking on the button below 


Best Regards,



3. Template to launch physical product

Hi {{prospect’s_name}},

Our new {{product}} is out now. What makes it stand apart from other similar products is 


Feel free to order {{product}} from our store or from {{platform}}.

Avail our early bird offer and get {{discount}}.


Best Regards,



5. Template for ‘Coming soon’ email 

Hi {{prospect’s_name}},

We are launching our latest {{product}} very soon and the countdown has already begun. 

We are eager to introduce the most amazing {{feature}} ever in the history of {{industry}}.

Get ready to experience the best on {{Launch_date}}.

Are you ready to be the first one to get {{product}}?


P.S. – Early bird offer – The first 50 people to make a purchase will get 20% off. 

Best Regards,



5. Template for pre-launch reminder email

Hi {{prospect’s_name}},

Are you ready to be the first person to experience the power of {{product}}? It arrives tomorrow! 

As you are one of the early birds who signed up for our newsletter, we are glad to give you a flat 20% off!

Get ready to buy {{product}} tomorrow. 


Best Regards,



6. Template for product teaser email

Hi {{prospect’s_name}},

Here’s something exciting for you! 

There is a new {{product}} in the market and it is just for you!

It is going to change the way you look at {{benefit}} forever!

Keep watching this space to find out the launch date. 

Best Regards,



7. Template of email offering special discount on product /service 

Hi {{prospect’s_name}},

Our latest {{product}} is finally here and has become the hottest topic of discussion in town. 

Get ready to enjoy the new way of {{feature}} with a flat 10% off on {{product}}.


Best Regards,



8. Template of product launch email (more conversational)

Hi {{prospect’s_name}}

What is the biggest challenge you are currently facing? 

Allow me to make a guess – Is it {{challenge}}?

Don’t worry at all! You can change your life with our {{product}} and it is rather easy to make a purchase. Just click on the link below to place your order and see how easy your daily tasks become.


Let me know how you find our <product or service>!

Best Regards,



9. Post-launch product sold out reminder

Hi {{prospect’s_name}},

The sale of our {{product}} is closing soon as we are running out of stock of our first batch.

Once we fulfill the existing orders, we will be closing our sales. 

If you want to buy our {{product}} there is only a limited time to order. 

Just click on the button below to buy the product right now.


 Best Regards,



10. Post launch stock closing email

Hi {{prospect’s_name}}

You just lost the opportunity to purchase {{Product}} as we have run out of stock.

It has all been sold out but there is no need to worry as we are going to bring our next batch soon. 

Click on the button below and we will notify you when the next batch arrives. 


Best Regards,




There is no better way of informing prospects and customers about new launches and updates than sending emails. It is the most effective yet economical way of announcing your product. How you do it makes a lot of difference to the success of your product. Use the above-mentioned tips and announcement email sample ideas and craft your product launch emails. 

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