Are you launching a new product? That’s great news! It can be a massive event for any business and that is probably why you are here, right? We know that you wouldn’t want to leave any stone unturned in a product launch as there is a lot that goes into the development of a new product in terms of effort, time and money. 

Along with building excitement and hype, the aim of every launch is also to increase brand awareness. And there is no doubt that a product launch can be successful only when you convey your message in the most convincing manner to prospects. As per popular opinion, the best channel for that is email. 

It is a common practice to send product launch emails when you come up with a new product. However, it can be quite a challenge to come up with the ones that resonate well with the prospects. You can either reinvent the wheel or make use of most of the tips that we have here for you. So, are you ready?

Let’s look at what a product launch email is, along with the different types of emails and the tips to follow while crafting them. 

What Is A Product Launch Email?

You would have guessed by now that you send a product launch email to inform prospects about an upcoming product launch. The primary purpose of sending these emails is to create excitement amongst prospects about new products or events.  

Generally, you have a product launch announcement for the promotion of the following,

1. New product releases

2. Updates of new features

3. New policies 

4. New security measures

5. Events and webinars coming up

Importance Of Sending Product Launch Emails 

Do you know what is the main reason for the failure of a majority of new product launches? It is a fact that businesses focus more on developing new products and services but tend to take a back seat while marketing them. Hence, to win, you need well-planned product launch emails. 

Talking about the benefits of sending launch emails, it is impressive to note that marketing emails make 50% of consumers purchase once a month.

Also, as there are 4 billion email users worldwide, it is a good idea to announce the launch of your product through email. Moreover, it is beneficial to announce new products, features, and events through email as the investment in this channel is quite low.

Let’s look at a few more advantages of running a product launch email campaign, 

1. It helps build anticipation before the product launch and makes the customer want to try out the new product or its enhanced features. 

2. It gives a broad exposure to your product or service that helps attract more customers.

3. It boosts the value of products or services and gives a boost to the business. 

Stages Of Product Launch Email Campaign 

There are 3 steps involved in introducing a new product email,

1. Create suspense

Try sending a teaser email to make recipients curious about the upcoming launch. Send this email at least 10 – 15 days before the launch of the product. You can add a short product description and mention the release date. To be on the safer side, choose a timeline like “Arriving in June 2022” and try not to reveal too much about your product at this stage as it intrigues the reader. 

Most of our users have seen a 40% higher CTR by using videos and well-crafted infographics in their teasers. You can also replicate the success by doing the same.

2. Announce the release date

Ideally, try to send the announcement email 3-7 days before the product launch. You can reveal the product’s benefits at this stage and let the recipients know what pain points your product can alleviate. Plus, tell them how it can help make their life easier. 

Make sure you provide relevant information to the target audience. Additionally, to attract the audience, you can give them a special early bird discount or let them pre-order your product. After all, there must be something to answer the prospect’s ‘What’s in it for me’ question!

3. Launch it

The third part of the sequence is the product launch notification, and you must try to send it on the day of the launch. You can inform the recipients about the product features and then give a demo of its working and a step-by-step user guide. In this final email, consider adding a powerful CTA. The best CTA is the one that makes it easy for the recipient to purchase the product or get on a trial. Basically, try getting the prospect curious. You will automatically be able to see a positive outcome!  

Types Of Product Launch Emails

Now that you know what a product launch email is let’s dig in deeper to explore the different types of such emails, 

1. New product launch email

It is quite natural to have a lot of excitement around a new product launch within an organization. The planning and hard work all turn into visible excitement. However, the actual feat starts when you reveal about your launch to the world outside of your organization. Until people outside the company get to know about your offering, you can’t expect your sales to pick up, isn’t it? That’s when you need to send a product release email. It is a great way to reach out to your contacts and inform them about the new launch. Do remember that the wider your reach is, the better it is for your business. It is quite obvious that the chances of making sales are higher when more people know about it. 

2.  New product feature announcement email

An email to announce the release of new features of a product is for existing customers. These emails do a lot more than informing the customer about the latest feature update; they make customers trust your business more because they see you growing. You can use feature announcement emails to reveal the new features to your current customer base and grab the attention of prospects. It will increase the chances of conversions. 

3. Beta announcement emails

Beta tests are common in SaaS sales. With Beta announcement emails, your SaaS product can get beta testers and that would help the business analyze whether the new features they are planning to roll will have any takers or not. Most often, the beta announcement emails have a link to a page where interested individuals can register. With a well-written beta announcement email, you will get more applicants for the beta test. So, you wouldn’t want to miss that chance to put your best foot forward, right?

4. Pre-order announcement email 

The aim of sending a pre-order announcement email is to invite prospects to pre-order your product ready for launch. You can use the FOMO tactic here and offer a time-limited deal. It is human psychology to try not to miss out on something of value and when there is limited time, the prospect would take swift actions and rush to pre-order your product. 

5. Event announcement email

When you have an event coming up, what is the first thing that crosses your mind? The attendees perhaps! And how will you have attendees when you don’t tell anyone about the event? In the business world, it is common to announce the details of an upcoming event through email. 

The aim is to make prospects know about an event and all its details such as venue, date, time, etc, along with making them want to attend the event. The end goal is alignment as well – to get the maximum attendees to your event, and for that, you have to create a feeling of excitement in your invitation. Only then you can expect your event to be a big hit. That requires you to craft your email in such a way that the recipient gets drawn to it.

6. Others 

Besides announcing something directly related to the product ⁠— whether it is the product itself or an event where the product will be launched ⁠— you can use email for other announcements concerning your business. For example, launched an affiliate marketing program? Send an announcement email to let your customers know.

8 Tips To Write A Winner Product Launch Email

Here are some product launch email tips for you,  

8 tips to write a winner product launch email - Infographic

1. Keep the email subject line catchy

Inboxes of recipients usually have scores of other emails, and you have to compete with them and grab the reader’s attention. Keep the email subject line of your email short, sweet, and clear. It must convey that you have something new to offer. You can express your excitement by using emojis in the subject line. Also, make use of the preheader text and give an idea of what the email is about. 

2. Begin with a short greeting

Most often, you win half of the battle when you get the greeting part of your email right. If you make the prospect feel good about themselves, you are a step closer to achieving what you want. Once you get the attention of the recipient, the main purpose of sending an email gets fulfilled. They would then sit up and listen to what you have to say in the remaining part of the email. 

3. Write a to-the-point email copy

If your email copy is too long, you are going to seriously annoy the recipient. They would not even give it a second look. Try to remember that everyone’s time is precious; and prospects can’t read your lengthy discourse. If you stay to the point and provide as much information as you can while keeping the copy compact, you are doing a favor to yourself and the recipient.

Here’s what all you should include for your product launch email: what the newly-launched product is, its importance, the target audience, how beneficial it is, how it works, and how to purchase it. 

4. Add attractive images

Images are capable of conveying a message faster than text. When you add images, the recipient can connect with you better and get a clear idea of the product’s features. Remember to use high-quality personalized images of the product keeping the size of the file as low as possible. It would be even better to use animated GIFs. Using images would enhance the visual appeal of your email and make the recipient actively engage with it.

5. Use your brand design 

This is one of the most important product launch email tips. As branding is quite important, try designing your emails in such a way that the recipient would understand that they are from your brand. Use your brand’s visual identity. And that would be the company’s logo, font, and choice of colors. 

Create such a design that recipients don’t even have to look at the sender’s name to identify who it is from. It should be in sync with the design of your website, social channels, and marketing material. A lot of our users have used this tactic and have seen a sea change in the way prospects engage with their emails. 

6. Add links to useful resources

If you have useful resources such as a blog post, video tutorial or demos with you, it is best to share them with the prospect. Simply add the links to your email. The recipient will then be able to read them if they have an interest. 

7. Add a CTA

The call to action or CTA is an essential part of your product launch email campaign. When you add a CTA button to your email and place it strategically, it catches the reader’s eye and makes them take action. 

You may feel that by adding multiple CTAs to your email, you can get the reader to respond to at least one, but it is not so. Too many CTAs in the email will distract the reader. Even worse, they may not take any action at all! Hence, choose to keep only one CTA in your email that takes the reader a step towards knowing your product and purchasing it. 

8. Personalize your email 

Personalization of emails is a tried-and-tested tactic to get the reader’s attention. Have you ever wondered why it is so? Time to get into your prospect’s shoes! Just imagine that you log into your email account and skim through all the email subject lines mentally filtering out the ones that you don’t need. Now, tell me how you feel when you suddenly see your name in one of the subject lines? Do you feel like opening the email and reading it? Right?  That proves that the open rate of your email can be higher when you choose to personalize the subject line. 

You can start with something as basic as adding the recipient’s name in the email subject line. It won’t require too much effort but will fetch you excellent results. It lends warmth to your email and makes the recipient feel special. You are more likely to get a response when you send a personalized email instead of a generic-sounding email from a robot. 

With that we come to an end of our product launch email tips.

Best Timing To Send New Product Launch Emails

Do you like receiving cold emails in the middle of the night? Obviously no! In a similar manner, your recipients may not like getting emails from you at odd hours. 

Your timing of sending the emails matters a lot. You will be able to get positive responses when you send them at the right time. While the ‘perfect time’ to send emails in bulk is very subjective, you may obtain a general notion of when it would be a good idea to send an email to your target audience.  

We are there to help you with and here are a few tips,

Try sending your emails on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday because the email open rates are low on Monday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

As far as the time is concerned, it would help if you considered the audience’s demographics. Usually, 7 am is the best time for those who read their email first thing in the morning.

The other best times are 10 am 12 pm and 5 pm. You can also email at 9 pm for those who check their emails before retiring to bed. It would be better to send emails at night if you target youngsters because they are more active then. 

To get better results, build your buyer persona and see what time is the most suitable for the individuals you are targeting. 

Get Ready To Make Your Campaign A Hit With Our Product Launch Email Tips

Your emails can be a massive success if you use our product launch email tips. Most SalesBlink users have managed to get 45% higher CTR by fine-tuning their approach towards crafting launch emails. We also have some ready-to-use product launch email templates.

You can thank us later.


1. What is a product launch email?

You would have guessed by now that you send a product launch email to inform prospects about an upcoming product launch. The primary purpose of sending these emails is to excite prospects.

2. What are pre-order announcement email?

The aim of sending a pre-order announcement email is to invite prospects to pre-order your product ready for launch. You can use the FOMO tactic here and offer a time-limited deal.

3. What are beta announcement emails?

Beta tests are common in SaaS sales. With Beta announcement emails, your SaaS product can get beta-tested, which would help the business analyze whether the new features will have many takers.