16 Ways To Improve Sales Email To Get Clients Attention

16 Ways To Improve Sales Email To Get Clients Attention

Buyers have too much on their plate already, and most often, they don’t have the time and mental space to put their ongoing tasks down and listen to your sales emails. Additionally, the customer attention span is shrinking with each passing day, making it immensely tough to hold the prospect’s attention. However, many salespeople rule the selling game and meet their targets despite all the hardships. That is because they know how to prospect for sales and send the perfect sales email.

Are you wondering how they draft an engaging sales email?

It is because they surpass the crowd to get the prospect’s attention quickly. If your existing tactics are not working, you can try some creative ways to grab the attention of prospects. 

Let’s find out how to write a sales email to get potential customer’s attention.  

Top Creative Ways to Grab Your Prospect’s attention in an Sales Email

Here is a list of creative tactics that you can adopt to grab the eyeballs of your prospect,

1. Congratulating them 

It feels great to get congratulated for your accomplishment. You can encash this sentiment by congratulating prospects for what they have achieved. It can be anything connected to them professionally, such as starting a new job, getting funds sanctioned for their business, acquiring or launching a new product. Sound genuine when you are reaching out to the prospect with a congratulatory message. 

Here’s a prospecting email template,

Improve sales email by congratulating client's

2.  Finding common ground

You have to put in the effort to find a common topic of interest if you want to build a relationship with the prospect. It can be anything you have in common. If the prospect has worked in the same industry as you or was in the same college you went to; you can use this as an icebreaker to start the conversation. When prospects find a commonality, they start trusting you and show interest in what you have to say. This tactic helps you grab the prospect’s attention quickly. That is why you should do your research online and find out what you have in common with your prospect. 

Here’s a template,

3.  Referring to their content

In case the prospect writes blogs and you have read any one of them, you can use that as an excuse to send an email to the prospects. It is a part of building a relationship with them. Like always, you should sound genuine enough here, and you will be able to take the conversation ahead.

Here’s a template,

4. Using a GIF in your sales email

Add a GIF in your sales email because a visual is more effective in conveying the message to prospects than text. You can use a GIF to give the recipient an idea of how your product functions. There would also be no need for the prospect to read lengthy instructions and details when you add a GIF. 

However, when you use a GIF for your sales email, make sure it is relevant to your business. Don’t simply throw in a GIF just because you want to grab the attention of a prospect. It must be about the context. 

Also, ensure that you invest time creating your GIFs instead of using existing ones available on popular websites. Using stale GIFs can harm your image, and you wouldn’t want that to happen. So, if you’re going to draw the recipient’s attention, you have to put your best foot forward in giving the recipient the best experience possible. 

5. Adding a P.S. in your sales email

The postscript of P.S. is something that salespeople don’t make the most of. The fact is that the message in the P.S. is most often the first part of the sales email that the recipient will want to read. At times, it may be the only part of the sales email that the reader will read. Therefore, you must focus on adding a message you want the recipient to read. 

Here are a few ideas of what can be a part of your P.S.

1. You can mention good news about your business that you want the readers to know.

For example – P.S. We accomplished a new milestone by boosting our revenue. Please read about it here {{link}}.

2.  You can try to focus on building a personal connection. 

For example – P.S. Both of us have a common connection. We both hail from {{hometown}}

3.  You can mention what you remember about the reader.

For example – P.S. You were saying that you like to watch football, do you know about {{player_name}} setting a new record?

The best part about P.S. is that you can add whatever you wish to. It can be something personal or related to your company. In a way, it will help you grab the attention of the reader. Make it the best part of the email, as the recipient will indeed read what is in there. It can help you build a relationship with the prospect and show your worth to them. 

6. Engaging with them on social media

Social media helps you engage with prospects like never before. Though there is no direct connection to writing emails to them, it goes a long way in building a bond with prospects. You can send a connection request on professional networking sites like LinkedIn. It will help create a rapport with your prospect, which will help you in the long run. They are more likely to pay attention to an email from you when they are already in touch with you on social media. Additionally, it is possible to keep prospects in the loop when interacting with them on social networking sites. 

7. Writing a catchy subject line

Following the crowd while crafting email subject lines is a recipe for failure. You must understand that people receive several emails a day, and if you use generic subject lines, your emails will get ignored like those of others. As most people open an email based on the subject line, try to make it as catchy as you can. 

You can use the prospect’s name or their company’s name to get maximum attention. Try to give a hint of a benefit to the recipient in the subject line. You can mention a figure as most prospects get attracted to numbers. It would be great to write the subject line in a fashion that makes the prospect curious. 

Here’s an example, “Do you belong to the 7%?” – This will make the prospect wonder what that 7% is, and they will open the email. 

What is most important is to ensure that your subject line is clear and written in simple English. Try to convey the message in lesser words as long subject lines tend to get cut off, especially on screens of mobile devices. As most people read their messages on their tabs and smartphones, you have to make sure that your subject line is mobile-friendly. Check out SalesBlink’s free cold email subject line generator to increase your open rates.

8. Mention relevant figures 

One way of outshining the crowd of emails in cluttered inboxes is by mentioning data and numbers in the subject line. Using numbers in the email body is also a beneficial practice as it enables you to represent information concisely without writing lengthy paragraphs to explain things. Overall, facts and figures get the prospect’s attention and fetch more remarkable results. 

You can even go ahead and find the goals of the prospect’s company from public sources. Use them for your benefit by mentioning them in your email to catch the prospect’s attention. 

For example, if you specify the prospect’s revenue goal for the quarter in your email copy, it will work well in intriguing the prospect. Prospects may be glad that you have done your research before reaching out to them and are serious about building a bond with them.

9. Providing options

When you reach a stage where you don’t have ideas that capture the attention of prospects, you can try giving options to prospects. It may help catch the eye of the prospects and fetch you some response. 

 Your email copy can contain sentences like these,

1.  Interested, let’s discuss.

2. Interested, but the timing is not correct.

3. Not interested in your product.

This way, the recipient is more likely to give a response to your email. 

10. Offering short personalized demo

One way of grabbing your prospect’s attention is by offering them a short personalized demo in the email. You have to convey how valuable the product or service is for the prospects in a short span. That is why you shouldn’t keep the demo video too lengthy. Personalize the demo and ensure its relevance. 

The prospect will surely take the time out to watch the demo if you make it attractive enough. Demos work well in providing proof of your claims. It enables a prospect to see what your solution is capable of doing. It is more convincing than lengthy blocks of text that sing praises of your solution and its features. In addition to working as proof, it will help build excitement about your solutions. 

11. Mention their name uniquely

When people see their name, a chemical reaction occurs in the brain, making them pay attention to what you are saying. Adding the prospect’s name in the email copy or an image is one of the most common personalization tactics that work well each time you use it. 

While it may be challenging to mention the prospect’s name in every email manually, you can seek the help of tools that enable you to personalize emails at scale. It is worth investing in automated cold outreach tools as they let you personalize emails with minimal effort and get great results. 

Apart from personalizing the subject line and the body, you level up a notch higher by personalizing images. It will make the prospect pay better attention to you. You have to use an automation tool that provides image personalization at scale to get a better outcome without having to work on each email manually. 

12. Adding elements of humour in your sales email

At times, being funny can help you strike a chord with the prospect. It is an excellent diversion from the serious-looking and boring business emails that prospects receive most often. With a fun element in your outreach, you can outshine the crowd and make your email more memorable. 

If the prospects like your sense of humor and reading your email boosts their mood, there are chances that they would be interested in knowing about your product or service. It can be as humor-filled lines in the email copy or a funny GIF that entertains the prospect. However, you have to be good at your job of selling the product or service because no matter which gimmick you use, if you have a flawed sales process, you won’t be closing any deals. 

13. Sending videos

When you choose to add videos to your email, you can expect a drastic jump in your click rates. There is no need to shoot a video with the best equipment; you can instead send a video you shot with your smartphone. The content of the video bears more importance than the way you record it. It can even be something as simple as screen recordings or a video addressing the prospect shot on a webcam. Getting the attention of prospects through email is not tough when you use easy and cheap ways to create your videos. They can work very well for you. Just make sure that you mention that there is a video in the email in the subject line.  

14. Giving your email signature a makeover

Using an email signature gives excellent results as it is the e-business card of your company. When you add a professional-looking email signature at the end of your email, it will make the reader take action. It gives the recipient more options to contact you apart from replying to the email you sent.

Ideally, your signature should have your name, job title, the link to your company, and phone number. You can try adding an image as well to add a more personal touch. The prospect would be happy to know that the sender is a human. 

Another way of getting a response from the prospect is by adding a CTA or call-to-action in the email signature. It is like rekindling the already existing interest the prospect has in your company. 

A CTA in your email signature can help get more traffic to your company’s website and social media profiles. It can help you promote your latest blog post or direct the recipient to take more specific actions like booking a meeting, taking a poll, registering for a webinar, and so on. While adding CTAs to email signatures is a good idea, you must not go overboard and add too many CTAs. Make professional email signatures using SalesBlink’s free email signature generator tool. 

15. Timing of your sales email

The timing of your email also has a vital role in deciding its fate. No matter how catchy it is, it would fall flat when you send it at the wrong time. That is why you have to align your email sending time with the prospects’ usual email opening time. Usually, the best days of the week reporting maximum emails opens are Tuesday, Thursday, and Wednesday. The best times are 10 am, 2 pm, 8 pm and 6 am. You can schedule your emails accordingly. 

16. Clubbing email with other channels of communication

As a salesperson, you must know that sending voicemail can help you reach out to prospects when you can’t get them on call. You also have to send the person a follow-up email to choose a preferred channel for further communication. It will increase the likelihood of them responding to you. While leaving a voice message, there are certain things that you have to bear in mind, and they include the following,

  • Ensure that your message is under 30 secs.
  • Mention your name.
  • Add your phone number in the message so that they can call you back. 

To sum up, these 16 improvements will not only help grab client’s attention for longer periods of time but will help build relationships with clients resulting in increased website traffic and sales. 


Mentioned above are some of the tips and tactics on how to get the attention of prospects to bring you closer to perfecting your sales email. Though there are several other creative ways to impress the recipient of your emails, the ones you read above will help you get started. It is always possible to add other tactics to your strategy on the go and see what works best for you. 

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