157 Best Cold Email Subject Lines To Increase Email Open Rate

157 Best Cold Email Subject Lines To Increase Email Open Rate

Did you know that people receive around 50-200 emails per day on average? However, the average open rate is low. You might think that it depends on the email body. But if no one opens your email, how will anyone read the body content? That is why cold email subject lines emerge as the most important element for a successful campaign.

In this blog post, we have 157 cold email subject lines for you to steal. Our clients have seen a good jump in open rates by using these subject lines. So, let’s dive right in straight into them without much ado.

157 Cold Email Subject Lines

A good email subject line is something the prospect will not easily overlook while scrolling down their inbox. You may do this by starting with a personal connection or trying something new or different.

You can also use SalesBlink’s free subject line generator if you are out of ideas.

Here are a few subject line templates you can use to fetch better results,

1) When You Have A Mutual Connection/Recommendation

This approach makes your cold email subject line a little warmer. The recipient will most likely open it, assuming that the information may be relevant to them.

1. Hi, {{Receiver_name}}! We met at a conference in Delhi

2. Anita Wagh told me that I could write to you

3. Mutual connection with {{name}}

4. Liked attending {{recent_event}}

5. Saw your comment on {{Blog_name}} 

6. A friend of {{name_of_mutual_contact}}

7. Hi {{Prospect’s_name}}. We met at {{conference_or_event}}

8. BTW, {{name_ of_ mutual contact}} asked me to contact you

2) Personalized Subject Lines

Try to drive their attention with a layer of personalization- name, and location. 

Here are such cold email subject line examples:

9. We set the stage for {{Company_Name}} to be the talk of {{Location}}

10. {{Prospect’s_name}}, <pain_point>

11. {{Prospect’s_name}}, thanks from <Your_business_name>

12. Hi {{Prospect’s_name}}! Do you know about <product_or_service>?

13. <Prospect’s name>, do you want to increase revenue?

14. I made a custom report for you, {{Prospect’s_name}}

15. Special savings for {{Prospect’s_name}}

16. Have a look {{Prospect’s_name}}

17. What to do with $100, {{Prospect’s_name}}?

3) Create A Sense Of Urgency 

Try to create a catchy subject line for cold email that creates a pressure of urgency and a sense of missing out on something. It certainly works!

18. The offer is valid until noon

19. Your competitors effectively use these 11 hidden industry tips (but you don’t)

20. There’s just one week left – Watch me on TV! 

21. Last few seats available

22. 2 days left for {{the event}}, free for a call?

23. Another week to go for {{target}}

4) Curiosity Subject Lines

Humans are curious, and when we get incomplete details about something, we have an urge to know more. You can tap the potential of this nature in email subject lines. Primarily, the aim is to arouse the curiosity of prospects.

24. Don’t open this!

25. Last chance to see what this email is about

26. Disgusting business ideas

27. Unwrap your surprise

28. Monkey habits to get rich

29. We invite you

30. It has arrived

31. Is it your lucky day?

32. What have you been waiting for?

5) Short Subject Lines

At times a few words can make a better impact than a whole sentence. They look more casual too. Here are a few examples:

33. Request to connect

34. Hey!

35. Moving ahead?

36. My mistake!

37. Your Priorities

38. Ready?

6) Sloth Subject Lines

One central human tendency is to avoid doing work. People usually don’t want to walk on a challenging route. That is why we all like it when there is a shortcut. If you apply this to cold email subject lines, you can get the results you desire.

39. Ideas to grow your email list 10 times faster

40. Email templates ready to steal

41. 5 Hacks to triple revenue

42. Checklist to create opt-in form quickly

43. Ready-to-use blog post ideas

7) Meeting Request

Here are a few subject lines that work well when you want to schedule a meeting with the prospect. Make it as relevant as possible, and do your research beforehand. 

44. Hi {{prospect’s name}} Do you have 5 minutes?

45. Want to show you something next week

46. Have time on Wednesday?

47. Meeting request – You and me!

48. Can we meet, {{prospect’s_name}}?

49. Would you like to connect? Let’s meet at {{cafe_name}}

8) Follow-Up Emails

If you fail to break the ice the first time, the second time is the charm! Of course, we’re referring to follow-up emails, that is, subject lines that get opens. It also might be challenging to write a proper follow-up email at times. But don’t get alarmed! We are at your rescue with some creative sales email subject lines.

50. Hi, this is {{Your_Name/Company Name}} again! Just in case you didn’t receive my previous mails

51.Thanks for your time, {{Recipient_Name}}!

52. Let me know if I am too persistent.

53. Let’s make a plan

54. Still thinking it over. This might be of help

55. Just looking out for you

56. You left your things at our place

57. “It’s been a long time since we spoke.”

58. “Hey, have you forgotten?”

59. “Hello!” Just checking in to see how things are going!”

60. “It’s time for a short touch base?” or “It’s time for us to chat again?”

61. “Our next moves.” 

62. “Start with X options”

63. “I wanted to offer some fresh stuff recently released.”

64. “I’d like to schedule an exclusive demo of our {{product/service}} for you.”

65. “Do you have any queries regarding us or our services?” 

66. “5 Things You Should Know Before Purchasing Our Product.”

Do check out our blog on follow-up email templates.

9) Open-Ended Question Email

It’s a solid way to spark conversation and start building a relationship with the prospect.

67. What’s next for {{Company_Name}}?

68. Tech question for {{prospect_name}}

69. Do you make these mistakes?

70. Did you know {{company_name}} was doing this?

71. Do you face this challenge?

10) Retargeting Emails

You can send such emails when the prospect fails to complete an action or doesn’t seem to move ahead in the sales funnel.

72. Hey, did you forget something? Here’s 10% off.

73. The price dropped for an item in your cart

74. <{{prospect’s_name}}, your account is on hold!

75. Here’s my personal email

76. Did you know about some of these new features?

11) Pain Point Questions

The most effective way to ask the right question is by asking the appropriate question at the right time. Try to ask politely. If the question refers to the user, the prospect will start the communication.

77. Hi,{{Recipient_Name}}! Are you tired of hiring people who quit in a month?

78. {{Recipient_Name}}, will you let me ask you a question about…?

79. A 5-step plan for your hectic week

80. Stop wasting money on {{product_or_service}}

81. Save space with {{product_or_service}}

82. {{Prospect_name}}, solve your {{issue}} with {{product_or_service}}

12) Secret Word

We want to share some secret words that bring fantastic results. According to research, emails that contain videos have better click-through rates. Add the word “video” in your subject line only if it has any video link. 

83. A demo video demonstrating how our sales-boosting product works

84. We are almost sure you want to have a quick look at this video tutorial

85. This video with seven email marketing hacks will help you improve your results.

86. Find out how to skyrocket sales with {{Product}} in a quick video

13) Humorous Subject Lines

Everyone cherishes humor. After all, humor is a considerable attention grabber. But remember that humor can be dangerous if perceived in the wrong way.

Try to create funny subject lines that capture your audience’s interest. However, do choose your jokes carefully!

87. Did you see that funny display last night?

88. Your Netflix password?

89. I got the good stuff. Hit me up anytime.

90. Hello from the other side…

91. Are you ok?

92. Where is the love?

93. We like you using us

94. Great, another email!

95. No, not shutting shop yet!

14) Value Addition/Benefit Proposition

Writing cold email subject lines with benefits that your product/service can offer is the best way to grab that attention.

Convey a clear advantage to the prospect and see an increase in open rates. Unless and until an email benefits prospects, they would not click it open. 

Usually, these subject lines are an effective strategy when you get the timing right.

96. The perfect opening to a case interview

97. {{Recipient_name}}, inch towards success in Banking exam

98. Brand new HR strategy

99. No more long meetings

100. Get 20+ hours of extra selling time

101. Earn record-breaking revenue with {{product_or_service}}

102. No need for signatures anymore

103. A quick idea to improve {{topic}}

104. Save {{amount_or_percentage}} on {{product_or_service}}

105. Pick up sales fast with {{product_or_service}}

15) Congratulatory Subject Lines

Congratulating the prospect for a recent accomplishment can be an easy way to start the conversation. Such emails have a higher open rate. 

106. Congrats on the new collaboration

107. Congratulations on your book deal

108. Congrats – just saw you featured on {{website}}

109. Your presentation was terrific at {{event}}

110. Way to go! Noticed your new {{product_name}}

111. Congrats on your new launch

16) Attention-seeking subject lines

Your email subject line should capture the reader’s attention, whether through surprise, personalization, or humor. Following are some attention-getting subject lines that get more opens,

112. “I could be wrong, but…

113. “I can help you”

17) Researched subject lines

It’s no longer possible to send out one hundred sales emails by clicking a button. Researching your target on sites like LinkedIn or Facebook to learn more about them might help you achieve greater open rates, pique their interest, and establish a rapport.

114. “So, you’re a surfer as well?”

115. “Have you tried restaurant in XYZ town? How did you feel about it?”

18) Subject lines that always work

Here are the finest cold email sales subject lines if you’re unsure where to start.

116. “Here’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance for you and your team.”

117. “Are you using the right channels to reach out to prospects?”

118. “5 reasons why you should choose us above others”

119. “Have you tried our {{service/product}}?”

120. “I’d want to schedule a meeting on {{Date}}

121. “Do you have 15 minutes this week?”

122. “Hello {{Prospect Name}}, I came across you with [referral name]”

123. “We have {{referral name}} in common,” 

124. “ We are sending this email because”

125. “I understand you’re busy, so I’ll keep this brief.”

126. “Are you looking to expand your business?” Here are some suggestions.”

19) Reminder Email Subject Lines

After a day or two, you should send a reminder email to check in with your prospects for the follow-up emails to be genuinely successful.

The most pressing topic is how you encourage your prospects to open your reminder emails.

127. “The clock is ticking.”

128. “This is your final chance to take advantage of a limited-time deal.”

129. “Don’t miss out on this chance!” 

130. “Just a friendly reminder”

131. “Just a heads up!” 

20) Promotional

Promotional emails are the most effective weapon of a salesperson. A well-crafted promotional email campaign may be quite cost-effective to reach out to new and existing customers.

It’s also essential to personalize your emails based on the receiver’s interests. For instance, you might want them to be enthusiastic about opening and reading it immediately!

Use these promotional cold email subject lines to market your product or service successfully.

132. “Start your free trial today.” 

133. “Upgrade to the full version for a limited time only!”

134. “Don’t miss out on the latest release!” 

135. “It’s not too late to grab this offer before it expires,” 

136. “{{Product name}} is now available at a special price [price] for you alone.”

137. “{{Product name}}is now available at a 50% discount.”

138. “We’d like to introduce our newest product to you.”

139. “I’ve got a unique deal only for you,” 

140. “I can give you a discount if you make this buy.”

141. “Can’t find what you’re looking for on our website? Here are some suggestions!”

142. “Hurry! Make the most of this deal today.”

Catchy Email Subject Line Examples

143. “Jane suggested I contact you.”

This is ideal for prospects who come about as a result of networking. It provides a valuable connection and may give you a topic for discussion right away.

144. “Bob asked me to contact you.”

This is a similar version that lingers, possibly piquing your prospect’s interest.

145. “Hello, Laura I have a question for you.”

Call out this person’s name and see the effect. Personalization can definitely take you places if you use it the right way.

146. “Could you find what you were looking for?”

This email subject line is a little situational, but it catches people’s attention. If you’ve met this individual before or assume they’ve visited your website in the past, use it.

147. “We got together at the workshop.”

If you met your prospect at a networking event, this is a good option. If you come across many prospects this way, you may use it repeatedly— make sure to include something personal.

148. “Do you think I’ll meet you at the event?”

You may use a slight reverse psychology if you have prospects who you think could attend a future networking event—or one organized by your firm.

149. “Congratulations, fellow Oxford alumnus!”

You may not have many opportunities to utilize this one, but it establishes an immediate personal connection. Keep an eye out for people having a similar educational background.

150. “I’ll get right to the point.”

This is one of the email subject lines that are quite effective. It promises the recipient a short and anti-salesy email on the other side of the subject line. It can certainly appeal to someone tired of commercial emails.

151. “Correct me if I’m wrong…”

If you use the internet, you know how people like to correct one another. This is a fantastic bait for any prospect who focusses on details.

152. “I have the ability to make your life 10X simpler.”

This is a good option if you have some intriguing or eye-opening facts to present. For example, if you know your product increases productivity by 15% on average, mention that here. At the very least, it’s generally interesting enough to get an open.

153. “Let’s be honest about this.”

This subject line looks appealing, but it depends on how you do justice to it. The body of your message should convey some rarely-heard industry facts or address a critical pain issue that your prospects experience.

154. “Your research paper was fantastic!”

You can find anything current that your prospects have worked on if you do some research. What’s more is that if you mention it in the subject line, they’ll be excited to read your email and hear your compliments.

155. “You did a great job with HR research!”

This email subject line is just a variation of the last one.

156. “I’ve heard you’re an expert in Finance.”

Let’s see whether flattery will help you with this opportunity! This indicates that they have a good reputation and are aware of the sort of conversation you want to have with the prospect.

157. “Do you have the ability to hide a secret?”

Who can say no to a good mystery? Arousing curiosity is another gimmick that appears to be effective. Make sure you have solid body material to back it up; for example, you may have a unique promotion or offer exclusively for this prospect.

Get ready to improve your open rates with the best cold email subject lines!

Cold email subject lines are a tough nut to crack. But with these ideas, you can certainly reach your goal.

The correct subject line will help you drive traffic and boost your open rates. With a significant increase in the number of cold emails, you need to establish a way to stand out. These are some tactics that have worked well for most marketers.

Thus, pay attention to these tactics above and test what can bring you excellent results.

Do email us your thoughts to [email protected]. We’ll be more than happy to hear from you.


What is email subject line?

Email subject line is the first single line of text that you see when the email reaches your inbox. The subject line must convey the gist of the email body succinctly.

Why is email subject line important?

Email subject line is the first thing that strikes the eye when a recipient sees their inbox. Catchy subject lines tend to attract prospects to open the emails & can also convert them into paying customers.

How do I make my email subject line stand out?

To make your sales email subject lines clickable, keep them short, clear, and engaging. Keep in mind to personalize it, mention offers, and avoid using click baits.

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