Automated Cold Outreach – Best practices and tools

Automated Cold Outreach – Best practices and tools

Cold emailing is an effective way to acquire leads for any business and make more sales. Even if you spend a fortune on other marketing approaches, cold emailing will still be the best for lead generation.  Let’s find what cold email outreach is and how you should consider using automated cold outreach tools for sales. Also, find out the best practices you should follow while doing cold outreach.

What is Cold Emailing?

Cold emailing is the practice of sending cold emails. A cold email is an email you send to a person who has no prior connection with you or your business. They might have not even heard of your company. For instance, if you send an email to a person you haven’t met or interacted with before through an email address you found online, it is a cold email.   

Though there is no fixed structure of a cold email, here is what all should be a part of your cold email,

Subject line: Keep a short yet attractive subject line.

Opening line: Make sure the opening is relevant to the prospect and has information about you and your business. 

Body: In the body, you have to mention the purpose of sending the email and ask about the prospect’s pain points. 

Closing: In the closing section, you have to add a CTA or call to action. It is a must-have in every cold email. It will tell prospects what you want them to do. 

Signature: Adding a professional-looking email signature will help them gather more information about you and your company. 

What are the Benefits of Sending Cold Emails?

Even in this age, cold emailing is thriving because of the following reasons,

1. Emails are not too intrusive

Emails are beyond doubt one of the least intrusive channels of reaching out to prospects. It doesn’t disturb prospects the way cold calling would. The recipient can see your email and choose to respond to it at their convenience. Also, you don’t have to come face-to-face with anyone, and it will help you face rejection. 

2. You can personalize them 

You can personalize your cold email and get more responses from prospects. With automated cold outreach tools, it is possible to do so at scale so that you don’t have to put in the extra effort. With the right software, you can take it to another level, from personalizing text to embedding personalized images and videos in emails. 

3. Get higher ROI

The ROI you get with sending cold emails is relatively high. Using automated cold outreach software, you can send more emails and reach out to more people. It would mean more chances of closing deals which ultimately gives better ROI. 

All of the above make cold email the best for lead generation. 

Cold Emailing Best Practices

You send cold emails with the aim of getting a response from the recipient. Here are a few practices that will help you get better outcomes,

1. Email the right individual

Avoid sending emails to general email addresses like [email protected] as a team manages them, and your email will go unnoticed. Instead, choose to reach out to a person.  Invest some time in finding out which person from a company would be better to contact. If possible, find the email address of the decision-maker and reach out to them. It will increase the chance of getting a response to your email.

2. Never send the same email to everyone

Many salespeople send the same email to all the prospects. This practice will never fetch you results. To understand why to try placing yourself in the recipient’s position and see how difficult it is to spot an email in an already cluttered inbox. Upon opening it, if it is another generic and boring email, you would probably ignore it. Your prospects would also do the same when you send a generic email to them. 

That is why you should put in some effort to make your email stand out from the rest. Consider making it attractive and of value to the prospect.

3. Personalize the cold emails

Use personalization to make emails more relatable to the recipient. A personalized email fetches more responses as it makes the recipient feel special. 

As per a study, personalized emails have 14% higher click-through rates and 10% higher conversion rates. 

31% of customers have increased chances of making a purchase when they get personalized content

Here’s a little about how to personalize your cold emails,

1. Use the prospect’s name in the email  

It is a relatively common way of personalizing emails. Adding the prospect’s name in the greeting and the email body can make them pay attention to you. This is because upon spotting their name, there is a quick reaction in the brain that makes them listen to you. However, don’t go beyond using more than a couple of times.

2. Personalize based on buyer personas

Create the content of your emails after grouping prospects based on their job profile, organization size, and the challenges they face. 

For instance, the CEO of large enterprises may have similar kinds of pain points. If you present your product or service as a solution for them, it would seem to be relevant enough.

3. Give a compliment

You can choose to build a good bond with the prospect by giving a compliment to the prospect in your email, Compliment them for winning an award or for achieving a new milestone. They will be more interested in knowing what you have to offer. 

4. Mention the interests of the prospect

Try finding out the interests of the prospect on social media and include them in your email. Doing so will help you capture the attention of prospects and build a connection with them. It can be anything like their favorite sport, town, or movie. 

5. Personalize using an image or short video

Communicate better by using visual images as they help in grabbing the attention of prospects. Adding a video about your company lends it a more personal touch, and the prospect is more likely to connect with your email. 

6. Highlight a mutual connection

By mentioning a mutual connection, you can bridge the gap between the prospect and you. It helps make the prospect relate better with you, and you won’t be a stranger to them anymore. You both could be from the same city, school, or university. There can also be chances of you both knowing the same person. It is more of a psychological effect, and you must leverage its benefits.

4. Write impressive subject lines

The subject line of your email matters a lot in deciding whether the recipient will open the email or trash it. So, try your best to make it captivating. Try to mention the name of the prospect and their company in the subject line to grab attention. Make it intriguing and tap the curiosity of the prospect. Even using the FOMO tactic is excellent to create a sense of urgency. You can get creative and see what works the best for you.

5. Add a CTA

You must add a CTA at the end of the email so that the recipient knows what to do next. The content of the email copy should be such that it drives the recipient towards the CTA. It can be a request for a call, a personal meeting, or a demo. Also, ensure that you use only one CTA in an email to avoid confusing the prospect. 

6. Add an email signature

You should sign off with your email signature as it is your e-business card. Having one will make you look more professional. It is a way to let recipients know more about you and your company. Therefore, add a link to your website and your logo in your signature. 

7. Be persistent with follow-ups

Send follow-up emails and do not quit too soon. Most often, the answer will not be a yes the first time. You have to follow up to get the prospect interested in you. This way, you can close more deals

Tips to automate cold email Outreach

In the recent past, you must have observed that there has been an upsurge in the number of tools for automated cold outreach. There is a considerable difference between these sales engagement tools and the conventional email marketing software designed to send thousands of emails to people in marketing lists. Tools that automate cold outreach aim at sending fewer highly personalized emails. After the initial emails, you can automate follow-up emails as well with these tools. 

Using a reliable automated cold outreach tool, you can increase the productivity of a sales team. Therefore, you have to choose the right cold emailing tool. It has to meet your business needs and produce results. 

Here are a few tips that will be helpful to you while preparing to automate cold email outreach. 

1. Keep the batch of automated emails small

While cold email automation tools can handle sending emails to thousands of people in one go, you mustn’t do so. Your email will not stay relevant to the entire mailing list and sound too generic to the recipients.  Lack of personalization would make the recipient uninterested in going ahead with your offer.  That is why you choose to send targeted emails to a smaller group of prospects even when using a tool. That will help you get the best results.

2. Get your follow-up email automated

The fact that most people don’t follow up is a blessing in disguise for you. You can follow up persistently. With automated sales outreach software like SalesBlink, it is possible to automate follow-ups so that you don’t have to keep track of when to send which follow-up email manually. You can automate their sending based on triggers. It is possible to send fully automated follow-ups as long as you personalize the initial email. It would save a lot of time and decrease your workload. This is precisely where the email automation tool will be of help to you. 

3. Send fewer emails so that you have the time to reiterate them 

As already discussed, you may be eager to send all the emails at once with automated cold email tools. However, when you send fewer emails, you have the chance to iterate various aspects of the email. You can choose to perform A/B testing on a small group to find out how it is performing. You can try a different approach with the next batch as you haven’t emailed them previously. It will give you better results than simply sending emails to thousands of prospects. 

What to look for in automated cold email outreach tools?

There are hundreds of cold email tools out there, and it can get challenging to choose one for you. Here are a few features that your outreach automation tool should ideally have, 

1. Personalization features

As you have already seen, personalization is an essential part of cold emailing. It is one feature that you should look for in your tool. While almost all tools offer personalization to some extent, you have to choose the one that suits the nature of your business. Some tools allow text personalization alone, while others provide image personalization. 

2. Email tracking feature

Every cold email outreach tool has to offer email tracking and analytics. It should give you an overview of open rates, clicks, and response rates. It will help find out the effectiveness of campaigns so that you can make changes accordingly in future campaigns. Make sure your tool has this feature.

3. Automation of outreach campaigns

An ideal tool can automate the process of creating and sending emails. It will be easier when your follow-up emails are automated so that you don’t have to track them manually. 

The 5 Best Automated Cold Outreach Software

Here’s a list of the best cold email software available, 

1. SalesBlink

SalesBlink is a sales outreach automation tool that takes you from prospecting to outreach to closing at a lightning-fast speed. Using this platform, you can find targeted prospects, launch custom campaigns, personalize your emails and manage the sales pipeline all in one place. Using SalesBlink, it is also possible to see your outreach results. With multi-channel outreach, you can see your response rates increase. 

The platform lets you find prospects’ business phone numbers and emails from its massive database in the prospecting stage. Plus, email verification is done by the SMTP email-verifier so that you don’t send emails to invalid email addresses. This prevents email bounces, helping you maintain your sender reputation. 

In the outreach stage, you can launch sequences using any three channels – email, LinkedIn, and phone. It is possible to automate email sequences. Furthermore, you can track opens, clicks, and replies to find out how your campaign is performing. 

In the closing stage, you can manage prospects and customers with the in-built CRM. Also, scheduling meetings is an easy task with SalesBlink’s meeting scheduler. You won’t have to go back and forth sending emails to finalize the meeting date and time with the prospect. 

Pricing –

The Growth plan is available at $49 per month per user. The yearly plan is available at a 15% discount that costs $490 per year per user. Both plans have all the features included with unlimited prospecting and outreach. There is a free 14-day trial. 

2. Woodpecker

Woodpecker is a well-known platform for automated cold outreach. It enables you to automate email sequences,  personalize emails and follow-ups, and schedule campaigns. The follow-up sequences are customizable, and you can send 7 follow-up emails. It is possible to pick a time to send them and keep a gap between each email. 

There is open-rate tracking and analytics as well. There is an automatic reply detection feature that is quite useful for salespeople. Talking about integration, you can integrate it with Gmail and Outlook. Woodpecker also has a smart sending feature whereby it won’t send an email to addresses that look questionable. It would save you from getting too many bounces and save your sending address from getting blacklisted by email service providers. 

Pricing –

Their plan starts at $39 a month per slot. There is a free trial as well. 

3. Lemlist

This automated cold outreach tool allows you to create cold email campaigns using a custom email template. The tool enables you to create personalized emails. The personalization feature is the unique selling point as it lets you add the prospect’s name in photos and embed personalized videos in emails.

When you purchase their email outreach plan, you can also enjoy its auto email warm-up features that help you automatically warm up your email domain and improve deliverability. 

Additionally, the tool also helps in creating advanced reports of campaigns. You can perform an A/B test to find out what is working and what is not. You can integrate this tool with Zapier and other CRM software. 

Pricing –

The email outreach plan is available at $59 per user per month. 

The sales engagement plan is available at $99 per user per month. 

4. is a handy cold emailing tool for generating leads and email automation. You can find leads and reach out to them using this tool via email. It lets you create personalized drip campaigns, customize email templates, track email replies, bounces, and clicks. Additionally,  you can integrate this tool with other platforms. Also, as it is a Chrome extension, you can search for prospect details from sites. 

Pricing –

The base plan starts at $19 a month per user. For email finder and verifier, you have to pay $39 per month. An additional $69 per month is needed to put your email account on autopilot. Help from experts costs another $99 per month. 

5. Close

Close is an automated cold outreach software. It allows you to email prospects and tracks the whole communication with them in one place. It lets you preload templates that the tool automatically fills in with information. You can personalize email templates and automate email sequences as well. 

Pricing – 

The starter plan costs $29 per month per user. The basic plan costs $69 per month per user. Their professional plan costs $99 per month per user, and the business plan is available at $149 per user per month. 


You can win the heart of your target audience through email. While many felt that it might not survive long, the truth is that it is currently the best channel for marketing. Reaching out to prospects is possible without intruding into their personal space. The use of tools that automate cold email campaigns makes the whole outreach process easier. 

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