First impressions matter a lot when you meet people, and the same applies to email interactions. Your first email, i.e. the welcome email, has a lasting impression on the new subscriber or customer as it is on behalf of your brand.

Therefore, it is essential to put in your maximum effort to make it the best. A welcome email helps establish a relationship with a customer/subscriber, and you wouldn’t want to leave any stone unturned in making the foundation strong. 

According to Research, welcome emails have an open rate of 91.43% and a click-through rate of 26.9%. Read the blog for the best welcome email templates for subscribers.

What Is A Welcome Email?

A welcome email is an email that you send to new subscribers, users and customers. They enable you to provide highlights of the company. You can keep the customer informed throughout their journey with you in a personalized way. 

Importance Of Welcome Emails

Several reasons make welcome emails essential for your business. Find them below,

1. They make prospects aware of your brand.

As the first communication with prospects, a welcome email makes them aware of your brand. It is more like an introduction to your business and the product or service you offer. Therefore, welcome emails have a crucial role to play in making the introduction unforgettable. Learn how to write the best Introduction Email Subject Line.

2. They make prospects feel important.

When you send a personalized email to prospects, you display the fact that the recipients matter to you and want to begin a special business relationship with them. Most people love it when they get undivided attention. As per the Statistics, the open rate of welcome emails is 82%, whereas that of standard email is 24%.

3. They guide prospects.

More than getting your attention, prospects would want to find a solution for the problems they are currently facing. Guiding them about using your product or service in your welcome email can give more chances of turning the prospect into a paying customer. 

4. They convey the value of your offering.

You can use the welcome email to communicate the value of your product or service right from the start. It can be the best opportunity to tell prospects how your offering can be helpful to them. 

5. They give a chance to say thank you.

The truth is that it is not easy to get subscribers to your newsletter. Therefore, you have to express your gratitude to those who joined. It is a chance to tell the subscribers what they mean to you and how happy you are to engage with them.

Best Welcome Email Templates And Real Examples

Take a look at some of the best welcome email examples and templates,

1. Welcome email sent with a personal touch

You can often expect a positive reply from a prospect/customer when your email looks as though it is exclusively crafted for them. Receiving an email from a real person from your company, especially from a higher authority like the CEO, would make the prospects feel important instead of a generic automated email. It can make you get their attention, and they may become your company’s loyal customers in the future. 

Here’s what a new subscriber email template looks like-

Dear {{prospect’s_name}},

I’m {{Your_Name}}, the CEO of {{company’s_name}}, and I am so thankful to you for choosing our service. Our company aims at resolving {{prospect’s_painpoint}}.

To begin, please take a look at our guide to understand our service better – {{link}}. In case you have any questions, please get in touch with me. I will be happy to help you. 




Here’s a real welcome email example,

Best welcome email templates

Takeaways – In the above example, the CEO is sending the email and welcoming the new subscriber. It would have a significant impact on the recipient. 

Further, the sender mentions what the subscriber can expect from the emails they receive periodically. In a way, the subscriber gets a personal message from the company’s top executive and a clear picture of what they are about to get into their inbox.

2. Welcome email focused on the product

This email introduces your product or service to the prospect. Try to craft it in a way that the prospect understands how to use your product/service. It would be helpful to add a video tutorial or a complete guide link to the email to enable the prospect to find out what your product or service can do. 

Here’s a sample template –

Hi {{Prospect_name}},

Welcome to {{Company’s_name}}. It is a great pleasure to have you on board. 

Our mission is to {{mission_statement}}, and with {{product_name}}, you can resolve {{prospect’s_pain point}}. 

You can find out more about {{product_name}} in our video guide {{link}} and learn what it has to offer to help your business grow. 



Here’s a welcome email example,

Welcome email focused on the product

Takeaways – In the example, the aim is to help the new user set up the account. They have linked the tutorial to help the user understand the product/service better. 

On similar lines, when you have a new user, you must try to offer them help in your welcome email.

3. Welcome email after sign-up

You will be sending this welcome email to thank the prospect for signing up to receive content from your company, such as newsletters, tips, and tricks. In this kind of new subscriber email template, feel free to introduce your product. While it is an excellent opportunity to talk about your product or service, you must avoid being too salesy in the email. Doing so can annoy your prospect, and they may withdraw themselves from you. 

Here’s the newsletter welcome email template,

Hi {{Prospect’s_name}},

Thank you so much for signing up {{Newsletter

It is a delight to have you on board. 

You will receive our newsletter twice a month about {{name_product /service}} updates, latest deals, and offers. 

You can also visit our blog to get more information about {{interest_topic}} – {{link}}.

Feel free to reach out to us at {{email
_address}} if you need any assistance.


{{Your name}}

So, that was a ‘thank you for subscribing’ email template.

Here’s a real example,

Welcome email after sign-up

Takeaways – In the example above, the sender is thanking the prospective customer for signing up. As you can see, it is quite easy to opt-out of this email. If subscribers find your newsletter too overwhelming, they can easily unsubscribe with one click. 

The sender has taken the opportunity to direct the recipient to the resource page to help the subscriber know more about their product or service. 

4. Welcome email offering a discount code

To engage the new subscribers to your newsletter, you can offer them a discount code in your welcome email. This tactic is quite common and works well in converting them into customers. Try giving them a handsome 10% or 20% discount so that they get tempted to make a purchase. 

Here’s one of the best welcome email templates for subscribers –

Hi {{Prospect_name}},

Welcome to {{Company_name}}!

Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter. You will receive all the latest updates regarding {{product/service_name}} and exclusive deals every week. 

As a token of our gratitude, we offer a special discount of 10% on your first purchase. Use the {{code}} when you checkout to get the discount.

If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact our support team at {{email_address}} 24×7, and they will be glad to be of help to you.



Here’s a real example,

Best welcome email templates

Takeaways – Along with welcoming the subscriber, there is a special discount in the above email. Such exclusive offers can increase conversion rates. There is no doubt that everyone loves discounts, which drive them to make purchases. 

5. Welcome email having personalized welcome video

There is no limit on creativity in welcoming new subscribers. While a simple email copy can also work, you can consider going the extra mile and impress your prospects.

Take advantage of personalization by include a video in your email that provides video prospecting information into your product or service. These kinds of emails boost engagement and deliver outrageous results. 

Here’s one of the best welcome email templates –

Hi {{Prospect’s_name}},

Welcome to {{Company_name}}!

As you are now a subscriber, I would like to welcome you aboard personally. 

To get started with a bang, here is a video to help you find all that you want to know about {{name_product/service}} {{link}}. There are some amazing tips exclusively for you!

If you need to know anything else, please contact our support team at {{email_address}}. 



Here’s an example,

Welcome Email Example

Takeaways – Here, the sender has given a brief about their service and plugged in a video that gives a walk-through. It has just one video placed strategically, and the recipient is less likely to miss it.

6. Welcome email with a company promise

You can make use of emotional triggers to convert subscribers to customers. One of the most common emotional triggers includes offering an exclusive discount, as we have already seen above. There is another way to evoke an emotional response, and that is by making a promise. 

Here’s one of the best welcome message template where we use both emotional triggers. 

Hi {{Prospect’s_name}},

Welcome to {{company_name}}!

We are delighted to have you with us, and as a token of our gratitude, here’s a gift for you – Enter the {{code}} when you checkout to avail 20% discount on your first purchase. 

Our promise

At {{company’s_name}}, we aim at {{company’s_vision}} {{Unique Selling Proposition}}.

Thank you for coming on board! 



Here’s an example,

Example with company promise

Takeaways – In the above email, apart from welcoming the subscriber, there is a focus on the company’s promise. It is helpful in trust-building, and the subscriber is more likely to convert.

7. Welcome email with a story

To keep prospects engaged, you can leverage the power of storytelling. Narrating stories is a unique way to share information, and it yields results. It is compelling in every manner and helps build an emotional bond with the subscribers. It is more like making your brand sound more human. Learn how you can improve sales numbers with the help of handy sales engagement tips.

Here’s a sample template,

Hi {{prospect_name}},

Welcome to {{company_name}}! I am {{name}}, the Founder and CEO. Before getting started, I would like to share the story of {{company_name}} with you. 

{{Share_story}} of your company – how you started and what pain points you wanted to address

We hope with {{product/service}}, you can resolve the issues you face. 

It is exciting to have you as a part of the {{product/service}} family!



Here’s an example,

Story Email Example

Takeaways – The above example tells how the company came into being. It is great to read the gripping backstory of a business, and the recipient can engage with such emails better.

8. Welcome email for subscribing for a free trial 

You send this welcome email to a prospect who has subscribed for a free trial of your solution. After sending this email, you must send emails to make the prospect subscribe to your plan and turn into a paying customer. 

Here’s a sample thank you for subscribing email template –

Hi {{Prospect_name}},

Thank you for signing up for a free trial of {{product/service_name}} that starts today. Welcome aboard! 

During the trial, you will receive emails that provide you with tips on using {{product/service}} Please check your inbox.

In case of any questions, feel free to contact our support team at {{email_address}} 24×7, and they will be glad to be of help.



Here’s an example,

Example subscribing for a free trial 

Takeaways – Apart from thanking the user, there is a CTA to get them going in the email above. If you encourage the user on a free trial to try your product, you can take a step closer to closing the deal. 

9. Welcome email after the creation of the account

Just like how you send a welcome email to prospects post subscription, this welcome email is meant for new users who have created an account with you. It is a common sight in most SaaS Sales

Here’s a sample template –

Hi {{Prospect’s_name}},

Thank you so much for creating an account with us. The mission of -{{Prospect’s_company}} is to resolve {{Customer_painpoint}}. 

To learn more about our tools and their features, visit our website {{link}}

Feel free to contact our support team at {{email_address}} in case there are any questions. They will be glad to help you out. 



Here’s an example, 

Welcome email templates

Takeaways – Apart from the welcome message and account related details, the email links to a webinar. There are links to guides and video tutorials so that the new user doesn’t face any issues while using the tool. 

10. Welcome email after purchase

After the prospect purchases your product or service, he becomes a customer. You would want to thank the user and welcome them on board. While you already did that when they subscribed to your newsletter and created an account with you, it is now time to roll the red carpet for them as they turned into a paid customer. Apart from thanking the customer, you can guide them on how to use your solution. 

 Here’s one of the best welcome email templates –

Dear {{Customer’s_name}},

Thank you for purchasing {{product/service}}. We hope that you will be able to resolve your issues using our product or service.

To begin with, gain knowledge about {{product/service}} with the help of {{FAQs}} and find out how to set up and use {{product/service}} the right way.

In case of any questions, reach out to our support team at {{email _address}}. They will be glad to help you out. 



Here’s an example,

After purchase Email Example

Takeaways – Along with welcoming the new users, there is help for installation. It is best to make it easy for the first time user, who may need assistance.

Tips To Master The Art Of Writing Welcome Emails

After having an idea of best welcome email templates that are a good fit for different situations, you must also look at some general tips that will help you craft striking welcome emails.

1. Make use of the right style

With welcome emails, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. It depends on your business. In a way, it would be ideal for it to sound like the voice of your company and not a mere promotional email. Most companies avoid a formal tone, but if you get in touch with prospects from large enterprises, you can begin with formality and adjust according to their style. However, it is always better to keep greetings toned down and friendly. A simple ‘welcome abroad’ can be better than a heavy ‘Our esteemed client’. 

2. Choose the format

One significant confusion for most marketers or salespeople is whether to use text-based images or image-based. Choosing between the two is slightly challenging because both have their pros and cons. Using text alone will not be sufficient when you want to make a lasting impression on the minds of recipients. On the other hand, when your email has images alone, its chances of reaching the prospect are remote as it will land in the promotions folder instead of the inbox. 

It is better to choose a perfect mix of the two. The ideal text to image ratio is 80:20, which is 80% text and 20% images.  

There is also the A/B testing approach that provides good results.

3. Use personalization

As mentioned above, you can give your welcome emails a friendly touch with personalization. One of the easiest ways of personalizing involves mentioning the name of the prospect in the greeting. It makes the reader take more interest in what you have to say. You can go a level up and use dynamic content in your email to provide content exclusively tailor-made for prospects. 

Image personalization is the in-thing and grabs the attention of prospects in an instant. 

When you use automated cold outreach platforms like SalesBlink, you can personalize emails at scale. While creating templates for automated sales outreach, you can add dynamic variables in the text. Upon sending the email, the tool picks the corresponding value from the field in the contacts file uploaded earlier and displays it in the email. 

The image personalization feature lets you upload an image of your choice and add a dynamic variable to it. It can be the name of the prospect’s company or the prospect’s name. You can save the template and run your campaign to see maximum results. 

Seeing their name embedded in an image will attract prospects as the brain processes visual content faster than text. The best part is that with SalesBlink, you can personalize images in bulk instead of working on each email manually. This way, you get maximum benefits out of the minimal effort. 

4. Highlight what’s in it for the prospect

While creating content, try to put yourself in the prospect’s shoes and ask yourself what you like to read. That way, you would know what kind of content your email copy should have. A bland email won’t make the prospect respond positively. It would be best if you tried to highlight what’s in store for the prospect, such as how your product or service can address the challenges faced by the prospect. It may work well for the B2B audience, as well as the usage of channel incentive programs, but if you are in B2C, you have to give incentives to turn the subscribers into loyal customers. They could be special discounts and exclusive first-time offers. 

5. Make use of CTAs

It is necessary to use the right kind of call-to-action to take your prospect ahead in the sales cycle. The CTA should sound relevant and create a sense of urgency. When you use words and phrases that make your CTA look urgent, you can make recipients eager to click. Make sure that your CTAs are easy to spot, or else they may go unnoticed. Keep the color scheme such that it matches with the rest of the email and looks visually appealing. 

6. Use a sender address of higher authority

The open and click-through rate of welcome emails is more when sent from a higher authority, such as the company’s CEO. It will help prompt the prospect to take action, such as take up the free trial of the product or service. You can use this tactic each time you send a welcome email.

Get Started With The Welcome Emails Templates

A welcome email is the first step of interaction with the prospect, and it paves the way for future conversations. You can build a great rapport with the prospect or customer by using the different tactics mentioned above, such as personalizing the emails, adding CTAs, and being buyer-centric. Overall, welcoming the prospect the right way can help you close more deals and fetch you the desired results. 

You can thank us when you get results with our best welcome email templates.


1. What is a welcome email?

A welcome email is an email that you send to new subscribers, users and customers. They enable you to provide highlights of the company. You can keep the customer informed throughout their journey with you

2. Why are welcome email templates important?

A welcome email is the first step of interaction with the prospect, and it paves the way for future conversations. Overall, welcoming the prospect the right way can help you close more deals

3. What should the format of a welcome email be?

When your email has images alone, its chances of reaching the prospect are remote as it will land in the promotions folder. It is better to choose a perfect mix of the two. The ideal text to image ratio is 80:20.