11 Cold Email Introduction Templates Guaranteed to Improve Sales

Published on February 11, 2021 by Sushant Shekhar


A cold email introduction needs to introduce the company and keep the reader engaged without making it seem like the company itself is the center of attention.

The introduction should make the reader want to move on to the next line. It should clearly state what the company does and how its services can help the reader.

The trick to getting a cold email read is to keep it simple and personalized for the reader.

Cold Email Introduction Templates

Template #1

Hello (reader’s name),

Did you know that even though sales increase in the last two quarters of the year, executives have trouble understanding their return on investment on commission spent?

Our company saves you the trouble of calculating commission for your representatives. If you would be willing to give us 10 minutes of your time tomorrow, we can show you how our software works.

Why choose this template?

The cold email introduction clearly explains how the company can alleviate a significant problem that the prospect faces.

Template #2

Hello (reader’s name),

Meeting daily targets can be a challenge. It can be especially challenging for busy executives, such as yourself. Our software helps executives save almost 5 hours a week.

Why choose this template?

This introduction template may seem similar to the one above.

But, the difference is that the product does not offer a complete solution in this example. It provides a service that is useful in navigating a particular problem.

Template #3

Hello (reader’s name),

All businesses, whether SMEs, NGOs, or Fortune 100 companies, have one thing in common. And that is that they can save time and money by using our software, ABC.

Here are some examples so that you should check out.

(Insert links to provide proof)

Start your 30-day free trial today and see how ABC can help!

Why choose this template?

This cold email first introduces the main idea. It then explains how their product can help, with proof.

Another tip from this email that can be used is to provide a lead magnet, which is the 30-day free trial. By offering something for free, the customer is more likely to try your product.

Template #4

Hello (reader’s name),

Do you want to save your company 16 hours of work a week? Companies like ours are doing just that for others by helping them with better sales productivity. Our clients have reported that by using our software, ABC, there has been an increase in rep productivity by 15%.

Why choose this template?

This strategy grabs the reader’s attention in the first line and gets their interest by providing examples of their work. This email evokes the reader’s desire to not miss out on this product.

Template #5

Hello (reader’s name),

I use ABC to pitch my ideas to some of the most influential media houses. Last week, ABC helped me land feature stories in 2 very influential magazines.

It lets me know when emails containing my story pitches are left unopened. Now, I don’t waste my time waiting for a reply. You can use ABC too, and make your life as a writer easier!

Why choose this template?

This cold email introduction connects to the reader on an emotional level. The content is a story that has a star (the writer) whose work is made easier. The story of the writer’s experience is a pitch to the reader to become interested in the product.

Template #6

Hello (reader’s name),

I see you have an impressive track record as the Head of Sales at XYZ. I am reaching out to you to achieve better sales productivity with our product, ABC.

We often hear from our customers that their data is inaccurate. That’s why they use ABC to sync their email and calendar activities automatically.

Why choose this template?

This email introduction starts with a compliment so that the reader feels rewarded.

It then explains the cause and effect of their product’s effectiveness. This builds trust with the prospect.

Template #7

Hello (reader’s name),

Since you are the company’s Head of Sales, you already know how annoying it is to waste your time on unresponsive leads.

This time can be better utilized on more promising leads, building relations, and closing deals.

Our company alleviates this problem by providing sales reps with email tracking and automated outreach campaigns.

Why choose this template?

The email template starts with making the reader aware of the issue. It then explains how it affects the reader. It piques the interest of the reader by showing how the product can solve the problem.

Template #8

Hello (reader’s name),

My name is (sender’s name), and I am in charge of the Business Operations at ABC. My company provides services in email tracking. From your online profile, it appears to me that you are the person, or you can point me to the right person to discuss sales productivity.

I would like to speak to someone from (reader’s company name) who is in charge of sales. If it is you, are you free for a 10-minute call tomorrow? If it isn’t you, could you give me the appropriate person’s information?

Why choose this template?

This email template is used when the sender is unsure whether the reader is the right person to decide on their product. Emails like these must fully explain their intention in contacting the reader.

Template #9

Hello (reader’s name),

My name is (sender’s name), and I work for ABC. My team and I have made a software tool that saves busy executives such as yourself 11 hours a week. Are you free for 10 minutes tomorrow for a demo of our software?

Why choose this template?

This email is short and to the point and uses a less-is-more approach.

Template #10

Hello (reader’s name),

A look at your website tells me that you are using XYZ for (insert service). I am working on a similar product, ABC. Except that our product (insert key differentiator between XYZ and sender’s product). I would like to have a quick 10-minute call to better your company’s efficiency.

Why choose this template?

The cold email template mentions the competitor’s product, XYZ, and lets the reader know how their product is better than it.

Template #11

Hello (reader’s name),

I noticed that you were interested in (content topic) when you visited our website.

Let me recommend additional resources of a similar kind that might interest you (Insert relevant resources).

Our company also offers (mention services offers) that you might like.

Why choose this template?

This email isn’t strictly used on cold leads. But, it will help further interaction with clients by recommending something of interest to them.

Conclusion: Cold Email Introduction

Besides the introduction, a call to action, and the subject line of a cold email are also essential aspects. These cold email introductions are only templates or guides. The sender must research their prospects and see which template is the best.

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