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What is CRM?

CRM is customer relationship management. With a CRM system, you can manage your company's relationship with its existing and potential customers.

Communication History

Access all your communication history at one place

Manage Prospects

Manage prospect data in one place

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What is amazing about the Salesblink CRM?

Save time

The Salesblink CRM sales your time by helping you manage your entire sales cycle at one place.

Improve customer engagement

You can manage prospect data at one place, check the status and act as per the requirements. This helps you in closing more deals because of effective tracking and management.

How to use this feature effectively?

Check history

You can check communication history to determine the status of each lead. This helps you in determining fallouts of your outreach funnel and improve it as per your CRM’s indication.

Track your progress

CRM lets you do a comparative analysis every quarter to determine your progress. This is the benefit of having all your sales data at one place.

Growth Analytics

Explore More Features

Domain Search

Domain search to find email addresses of employees almost instantly by entering the domain name of a company’s website

Cold Email Outreach

Build cold email outreach campaigns in a couple of minutes. Personalize emails for best results and track clicks, opens and replies.

LinkedIn Outreach

Connect with prospects on LinkedIn and send custom messages to maximize the chances of a response.

Sales Pipeline

Build a sales pipeline, manage prospects and nurture leads from one place. Predict revenue with pipeline probability and locate prospects grown cold.

Meeting Scheduler

Schedule meetings easily with SalesBlink’s meeting scheduler synced with your Google calendar. Share your meeting link to allow prospects to pick a date and time to connect with you.


Use SalesBlink’s in-built CRM to manage prospects and their communication history effectively from a single location and direct your business to success.

Email Warmup

Skip the spam filters and improve email deliverability with SalesBlink’s Email Warm-up feature. No more need for manual warm-up to land in the prospect’s inbox.

Cloud Call

Upgrade to the new-age cloud calling and get ready to make your cold call outreach more effective with personalized call scripts, call-recording and power dialer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is CRM?

CRM refers to customer relationship management. With a CRM system, you can manage your company's relationship with existing and potential customers. It can go a long way in fuelling your business.

How Can CRM Help Me Make More Sales?

With the help of CRM, you can manage customer contacts, opportunities, & history from one location. It helps prioritize tasks and engage more with prospects. You also get reports periodically that help achieve targets.

Can A CRM Solution Help Me Find More Leads?

A CRM solution helps you get a better idea of what draws prospects to your business and how they are engaging with you. This enables you to tweak your approach and get qualified leads.

How Can CRM Help Me Keep My Customers Happy?

A CRM has a lot of information about customers and prospects, such as their conversation history & activities. It is wise to use the data to stay in touch with them. This will keep customers happy and satisfied.

Is CRM Worth It If I've Got A Smaller Customer Base?

Yes, regardless of its size, every business can enjoy using CRM. Even when you have a small customer base, it is tough to keep track of every interaction, and that is where CRM helps..

How Will CRM Save Me Time?

You can add new leads to your CRM easily and categorize them. This way, you can focus on deals that fetch you better results while it would be easy to find leads that require more nurturing. Doing so will help save time.

What Is The Purpose Of CRM Software?

CRM software aims at nurturing relationships with clients. The purpose is to keep clients and prospects happy so that they are loyal to your solution and thereby fetch you more business.

What Are The Business Benefits Of Investing In CRM?

Using a CRM, there is better communication with prospects, improved customer service, better performance of sales & marketing teams, detailed analytical data, better customer relationships, & a boost in business revenue.

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