At the moment, there are more apps and tools to help businesses than there’ve ever been. There’s something for businesses of all sizes, big or small. There’s a tool that optimizes, automates, or at least assists us in almost every task of our work. It should come as no surprise, especially if you are in the SaaS industry which is now worth over $145 billion. New products and companies appear on the market every day, and the demand for SaaS Software to simplify their workload is constantly rising.

This is all amazing, but the question now is: how do we choose?

How do we pick the best software without spending a fortune on testing different ones or spending forever trying to check our options?

The answer lies in this article. With our help, you will learn about the top SaaS tools for startups that everyone should consider using these days. 

What Are The Key Features SaaS Tools Should Have?

When you choose a SaaS tool for your business, you must ensure that it is

  • Scalable – As SaaS tools are cloud-based, they offer scalability. This is the chief reason why enterprises opt for them, and so should you. 
  • Easy to use – Needless to say, the tool must not be too complicated and easy to use for teams. Having tutorials and resources are an additional advantage.
  • Cost-effective – It should have an affordable monthly or annual subscription.
  • Easy to customize – The SaaS tool must be easy to customize as per the organization’s requirements. 
  • Easily Available – Make sure the tool is easy to access using an active internet connection.

Let’s move on to to know about the best SaaS tools for startups.

Top SaaS Tools Every Business Needs

Here’s a list of the best SaaS tools for businesses of all sizes:

Cold emails are a frequently used method to attract prospects with which you haven’t had any contact. This strategy doesn’t come with very high open rates (open rates range between 15.22% and 28.46%). 

These numbers might not seem high at first, but they can make a huge change for your brand. If you create a great email list of prospects thanks to the data you collected, a 20% open rate can be amazing!

1. SalesBlink

SalesBlink - SaaS tools for startups

With the right email lines, the right message, and targeting the right audience, you can achieve tons with cold emails. This is where SalesBlink comes into the picture.

SalesBlink is one of the top SaaS tools for startups that help with sales outreach automation. Along with facilitating cold emailing for you, it will take care of many aspects of the sales cycle from reaching out to them to closing the deals.

This is the best SaaS tool for increasing sales. You can use SalesBlink to create a list and add prospects into your sales outreach sequence easily.

2. Mailshake

Mailshake- SaaS tools for startups

Mailshake is a sales engagement tool that reduces the time sales reps spend on administrative tasks to focus on selling. It enables prospecting at scale and speeds up cold outreach. You can use it to personalize cold emails at scale and schedule them. 

The most striking feature of this tool is the AI-powered email writer. It helps write Email copies that perform well. The tool offers a lead catcher that helps focus on promising leads. It also enables you to perform split testing. Using Mailshake, you can reach out to prospects on LinkedIn, and cold call them using the power phone dialer.

Mailshake’s paid plan starts at $58 per user per month.

Integrate Mailshake with SalesBlink

Best for UX research

3. Maze

Best SaaS Software Maze

Maze is one of those SaaS tools for startups that every business should try out these days, regardless of their site. It facilitates research for brands, which has become vital for business plans and marketing. When it comes to UX research, this platform is a brilliant solution.

Maze is a testing platform that allows you to create, customize, and test various things. It offers everything from copy to prototypes to round up user feedback. By using it, brands collect actionable insights with minimal effort and can gather more data than ever. 

Right now, collecting information from your customers and generate saas leads is the best way to improve your brand and its image. Thanks to this tool, you can learn what people think about your products, services, and more. 

Maze is a leader in remote testing and usability testing. In addition to this, it offers capabilities such as automated reports, heatmaps, quantitative data, and more. The best part about it is that you can integrate and combine it with other popular SaaS tools you are using such as Adobe XD, Figma, and Sketch.

4. Loop11

Loop11- SaaS tools for startups

Loop11 is another tool that you can consider using. With Loop11, you can perform usability testing on live websites, prototypes, and websites of top contenders. It helps you get the data you need to design websites and apps. Along with online usability testing, the tool enables you to conduct competitive benchmarking, split testing, IA testing, prototype testing, multi-device testing, and much more. 

The biggest pro of this tool is that you don’t need UX or coding knowledge to use it. Plus, it lets you create a usability test in less than half an hour. 

The tool offers a free 14-day trial so that you can use it before going ahead and investing in the paid plan. 

Best for time tracking

5. TimeCamp

Best SaaS Software TimeCamp

Why guess how much time you should charge the clients for a project when you can bill them according to hours worked? Use TimeCamp, a time tracking software that works in the background and automatically fills your employees’ timesheets. All the entries are assigned to specific projects, so you can ensure your company’s time is perfectly organized. 

Besides the automatic time tracking, TimeCamp one of the top SaaS tools that also offers features that make it a worth-considering time clock calculator. Its attendance module supports businesses in daily employee absence and leave management and helps create accurate payroll lists. 

With TimeCamp, you’ll also stay up to date with team performance. Choose from the wide range of built-in reports it offers, or create your own using the drag&drop pivot table. 

The SaaS tracking software integrates directly with 30+ tools (or even more, if you use a browser plugin) like Trello, Monday, Asana ClickUp, Zendesk, or Salesforce. You can import your project structure from them and track time without losing the familiar task organization. 

Integrate TimeCamp with SalesBlink

6. Jibble


Jibble is a widely popular time tracking software companies choose for employee attendance. It is one of the best SaaS tools for startups. The best part is that you can open the timesheet on practically any device and from any location. Plus, you needn’t have an active internet connection to view it. It helps track time even when your connection is unsteady. 

The free SaaS software has changed the way of marking attendance thanks to its face recognition technology that only requires the employee to take a selfie. You can easily manage entries and hours with the tool as it is easy to edit timesheets. 

Team members can Jibble in and out directly from Slack or Microsoft teams without even having to open Jibble. The tool helps the manager get alerts and control the team completely. The analytics and reporting help manage payroll and increase team productivity. 

Integrate TimeCamp with SalesBlink

Best for time management and productivity

7. WebWork

WebWork - Best SaaS Software

WebWork makes time management easy for everyone. Instead of trying to keep track of your time and wondering where it goes, you can let WebWork track your time for you. WebWork not only tracks time but also distributes the tracked data into reports where you can see your overall time in more detail. 

When you learn to manage your time better, you also become more productive at what you’re doing, be it work, studies or a hobby. 

WebWork Time Tracker also functions as a task management tool. Team members can assign tasks to each other, track how much time each one takes, chat, have video calls and do much more on WebWork.

WebWork is available on most platforms, such as Web, Desktop, Mobile and Chrome Extensions and can be integrated with other tools. It is SaaS tools for startups. The most prominent features include time tracking, reports, task management, productivity and activity tracking, attendance tracking, Team Chat and Video Calls.

Integrate WebWork with SalesBlink

8. ClickUp

Clickup-Best SaaS Software

ClickUp is another productivity tool that works well for both individuals and teams of different sizes in managing their time better, working collaboratively, and getting work done. It brings all your work to one place to speed up your pace.  

With its global time tracker and other features that provide time estimates, you can use it to increase your productivity. It has 15 customizable views and is easy to use with its drag-and-drop interface. The best part is that you can integrate it with other time management tools (up to 1000). 

The tool has a free plan with several paid options starting at $5 per member per user. As the tool helps increase the team’s productivity, you should consider investing in it for the growth of your business.   

Integrate ClickUp with SalesBlink

Best for knowledge management


Best SaaS Software

Things cannot run smoothly in your company unless you communicate your ideas and strategies clearly with the right people. This is very important, especially when you are just starting out and cannot afford to make any mistakes. 

To facilitate the information-sharing process, there’s a robust tool called This is a knowledge management tool with a wide range of functionalities. Companies use it to search for knowledge, share it with others, create it, as well as collaborate. 

At, everything begins with a workspace. You can create different workspaces for your teams, your departments, the partners, as well as based on projects. Inside of every workspace, people can collaborate on shared content libraries and documents. 

10. Tettra

Tettra-Best SaaS Software

Tettra is the knowledge management tool that suits those who use Slack for communication within their organization. The main problem that Tettra solves is that of disorganization within a company. It helps organizations store their knowledge in a single location. 

With Tettra, you can Store operating procedures, updates, and everything essential in one place. 

This helps teams decide better and faster. The onboarding of new employees can also be done quickly. In addition, the tool helps provide context for every piece of information about the organization. It lets team members get an answer from Tetra from within Slack. Additionally, it is possible to make changes to the existing data. 

The tool has a free plan, with the paid plan starting at $50 per month.

Integrate Tettra with SalesBlink

Best for Social Media Posting & Scheduling

11. SocialBee

Best Saas Software - SocialBee

With affordable plans, an intuitive interface, and a set of impressive features, SocialBee can work wonders for both your content strategy and your social media workflow. It is one of the most effective SaaS tools for startups.

By bringing all your social media content creation to one place, SocialBee saves you time and helps you focus on the most important aspects of your business.

Once you connect your social media accounts to SocialBee, you will be able to deal with all your content creation tasks from one dashboard. 

SocialBee’s content editor helps you create your posts from scratch, even your visuals, thanks to its Canva integration. 

To improve your content marketing efforts, this social media tool has features that allow you to customize your content for each social media platform and create different variations of your posts that fit the requirements of each network. You can also create content categories based on topics and organize your social media posts so you can have a diverse mix of content for your audience.

The calendar-like design of the schedule will make it easier for you to visualize what’s scheduled next on each profile, and will also help you get a better understanding of your overall social media content strategy.

Do yourself a favor and add SocialBee to your social media toolbox. It will make it easier for you and your team to maintain a consistent posting schedule while saving you hours every week.

Integrate SocialBee with SalesBlink

12. Airtable

Airtable-Best SaaS Software

Creating content is one big task that requires your attention before you schedule posts on social media. This can be time-consuming and draining at the same time. That’s why you have tools that help schedule social media posts and create content. 

The idea is to write pieces that people share, and for that, you can turn to Airtable. It is a platform that helps you create pieces of content and guide how to promote them on social media. Another notable feature of the tool is the Asset manager that it brings consistency across social media campaigns. 

The free plan has limited features. The paid plan starts at $10 per seat per month when billed annually.

Integrate Airtable with SalesBlink

Best for social media marketing

13. HootSuite

Best SaaS Software Hootsuite

Social media is a grand part of marketing for businesses these days. It is where you can find and reach your target audience, share content to attract them, and communicate with them. 

Having a strong social media presence is the key to your online success. SaaS Software like Hootsuite can help you with social media marketing and management. 

With Hootsuite, you can view different streams across platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. You can use it to automate post sharing and engage with your followers without having to leave the interface. 

Some of the best features of Hootsuite include performance reporting, ad campaign management, post scheduling across platforms, and social media analytics. 

Integrate HootSuite with SalesBlink

14. MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar - SaaS tools for startups

MeetEdgar is a tool for social media management that helps reshare content along with optimizing your traffic. It is the best tool for busy content marketers. 

There is a plugin that handles Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles from a single location. You can check your posts on the go using any device. 

Apart from scheduling content, resharing it, and monitoring traffic, it helps in optimizing the ROI of your content pieces. There is an auto-refill queue which ensures that you never run out of posts. Using the tool, you can also mix different content types to keep your audience engaged. 

You can use the URL shortener the tool provides that tracks clicks. 

The paid plan of the tool starts at $24.91 per month.

Integrate MeetEdgar with SalesBlink

Best for social media management

15. Social Champ

Social Champ - SaaS tools for startups

Social media is a proven way to build your brand’s identity and introduce it to the world, but building your brand’s identity is not enough; maintaining it is most important. It could be a tedious task, from planning your content to posting it on the multiple social media platforms you manage. However, you have tools to help you.

SaaS software like Social Champ can make your workflow easier. Social Champ is a powerful solution to break your daily social media struggles. An all-in-one tool that allows you to create, edit, publish and analyze your posts on all major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google Business Profile. With multiple visual integrations, auto RSS, bulk upload, social media calendar, Social Inbox, and more, the tool is a complete automation solution for management. 

The tracking features also enable users to find the best time to post and create platform-specific reports with charts & graphs. You can further use the social media calendar to plan your activities and view all published/ scheduled posts in a grid view! 

Integrate Social Champ with SalesBlink

16. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

When you are looking for an all-in-one social media management tool, Sprout Social is the one you can go for. At present, it supports all the popular social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter. The main highlight is that it lets you manage up to 10 accounts in one location. It has a social content calendar and analytics to help measure ROI.

It has a free 30-day trial with the paid plans starting at $89 per month it also comes with the mobile app to help you access your account from anywhere. 

Integrate Sprout Social with SalesBlink

Best for Customer Feedback

17. Zonka Feedback

Zonka - SaaS tools for startups

Gathering feedback using Zonka Feedback allows you to measure and provide top-notch customer satisfaction.

With 4000+ integrations, It is a powerful Customer Feedback Automation and Survey Management Platform to transform Employee and Customer Experiences. You can measure customer satisfaction levels by leveraging CX Metrics like NPS, CES, and CSAT from all available touchpoints. Its feedback capabilities, real-time alerts, and instant auto-response features help you to streamline CX operations, in turn improving customer retention.

Integrate Zonka Feedback with SalesBlink

18. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey - SaaS tools for startups

SurveyMonkey is an excellent tool for customer feedback collection. It is loaded with features and is highly secured with its encryption, also has a lot of templates to offer that make feedback collection a piece of cake. And also has a user-friendly interface that helps you know what your prospects want. It also has data analysis tools with online polling and offline response collection. Additionally, it provides URL customization and question branching. 

It has a free trial period, and the paid plan starts from $25 per month. 

Integrate SurveyMonkey with SalesBlink

Best for live chat

19. EngageBay

EngageBay - SaaS tools for startups

If you want to take your business online and market it to a wider audience, which you probably do, you need a good live chat. Even 71% of customers are more likely to engage with a brand via messaging instead of calling them or sending an email.

Well, there are SaaS Software to help you with this, too.

Have you heard of EngageBay? This is a service and sales platform with a great, free live chat feature. It’s designed to meet the needs of new and small to medium-sized businesses.

The live chat feature of this tool will allow you to communicate more effectively and boost the turnaround time for your customer support. You can install it on any website and use the many customization features to make it fit into it. 

EngageBay will allow you to create and use answers to common questions and enables easy transfer across different agents in case your customers need to talk to someone else.

Integrate EngageBay with SalesBlink

20. LiveChat


With LiveChat, you get customer support service across multiple channels. They include Facebook, text, SMS, email, and WhatsApp. 

The tool offers a notification ticketing system, management tools for teams, a goal tracker, and a lot more. This makes it a great tool for larger teams looking for live chat software. 

It lets you add clickable buttons, cards, and carousels in the chat window that helps engage visitors better during chats. That also offers reporting that is quite helpful for any business. You can also save answers to FAQ and use them when required, thereby saving Time. 

The tool has a free 14-day trial with the paid plans starting at it $19 per month per user.

Integrate LiveChat with SalesBlink

21. Crisp

Crisp - SaaS tools for startups

If you’re looking for a free live chat software solution, there’s Crisp. The free live chat software by Crisp offers a basic plan (including a no-frills live chat widget, team inbox, and in-built notifications) at no cost at all. 

If you opt for a paid plan, you can build advanced chatbot scenarios to automate your customer onboarding, integrate a knowledge base to help customers self-serve, and translate your messages in real-time with a feature called LiveTranslate. You can even schedule video calls with your customers with no need for third-party software. 

What’s more, Crisp allows you to fully customize your chat widget so that it aligns seamlessly with the look and feel of your website or ecommerce store, while its social integration tool enables you to connect your live chat to platforms such as Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

Integrate Crisp with SalesBlink

Best for business intelligence

22. Google Analytics

Best SaaS Software Google Analytics

Of course, Google Analytics is on this list! This is a must-use tool for all businesses, including the ones that are just starting out. A product of Google, the most used search engine in the world, the Analytics tool is the perfect way to gain audience insight and important research data. 

Google Analytics is a web analytics solution with tools that will help you analyze information for your brand. You can use it to categorize your visitors by different traffic types, measure metrics for your website, and use demographics to group your audience. 

Some of the best features of Google Analytics are detailed and instant reports, analytics intelligence, as well as data visualization. 

Integrate Google Analytics with SalesBlink

23. SEMrush

SEMrush - SaaS tools for startups

SEMrush is one of the most essential SaaS tools for startups that helps run SEO, social media, and content marketing campaigns. As the tool audits the on-page SEO of your business, it provides insights into your performance so that you can optimize its results.

You can use the tool to find valuable keywords for your SEO campaign and stay ahead of the competition. This tool is a good investment if you are focusing on digital marketing. It is also ideal for beginners who have basic SEO knowledge. 

The tool has a 14-day free trial plan, and the monthly membership starts at $99.95 per month.

Integrate SEMrush with SalesBlink

Best for human resource management

24. Bamboo HR

BambooHR - SaaS tools for startups

You can’t do things alone. You’ll need people to help you achieve your goals and make your business run smoothly. Those people need some guidance and help. This is where BambooHR can help you. 

BambooHR is an HR software solution with features like tracking, personnel data modules, and reporting. You can use it to add new job posts and share them across job boards, manage applications, and schedule HR meetings. 

25. Zoho People

Zoho People - SaaS tools for startups

Zoho People is a fantastic HR management tool with a chock-full of features to simplify the tasks of an HR manager. It also helps in facilitating employee growth and increases productivity by connecting managers and employees. The most useful features include timesheet tracking and chat groups that help resolve conflicts faster. There is also an option to receive feedback from managers and peers regularly. You can use the tool to set real-time goals and track them. Additionally, you can use the tool to store employee data without worrying about security. Along with that, the tool offers data-driven reporting and Analytics.

There is a free 30-day trial and the paid plans start at $0.83 per user per month.

26. Remote

Remote - SaaS tools for startups

With remote and asynchronous working now commonplace, many businesses are looking overseas to hire new talent remotely. The legal and compliance processes involved in this can be complex, but that’s where the employer of record service by Remote comes in.

Using Remote, you can seamlessly (and more importantly, legally) hire and onboard employees from virtually any location. With an employer of record (EOR), a business looking to expand operations into another international market can do so without having to set up an overseas legal entity — which can be expensive and time-consuming.

Taking care of local payroll, benefits, taxes, and all legal requirements on your behalf, with Remote you can employ the finest talent from across the globe without any undue hassle.

Best for monitoring employees

27. Time Doctor

TimeDoctor  - SaaS tools for startups

Time Doctor is one of the most popular time management and employee monitoring SaaS tools for startups. This is a time tracking software designed for teams of different sizes. You can use it on a team of 20 people up to one with 500. 

This is a time tracking solution for brands, one with features like session monitoring, accurate invoicing, time tracking, screenshot recording, project reporting, online timesheets creation, payroll tracking, and more. 

28. HubStaff

HubStaff - SaaS tools for startups

HubStaff works as a time tracking and employee monitoring tool. It is one of the most useful SaaS tools for startups. This is because it helps with project management and tracking to make managers’ lives easier. It is a helpful tool for tracking the productivity e of remote employees. With Hubstaff, you can schedule employee shifts easily. It is a tool that combines HR, attendance, and payroll functions; therefore, it is an excellent tool for startups looking for software that handles everything. 

The paid plans are at $7 per user per month.

Best for content management

29. HubSpot

Best SaaS Software HubSpot

HubSpot is a feature-rich content management tool that will help you create and optimize a website, bring more traffic to it, convert more leads, and essentially, grow your business. 

The Hubspot CMS is ideal for creating and editing posts, site pages, landing pages, and even emails. You can use its pre-built templates to easily customize everything from scratch, as well as to share your content across different networks. 

30. WordPress


WordPress is a popular open-source CMS platform. It is easy to customize and has several users globally. It started as a tool for personal blogs, but today it is used for websites, professional publications, and e-commerce sites. The best part about WordPress is that it can help you manage a website of any size, and being easy to use, you don’t need any technical knowledge to master it. Its graphical user interface works beautifully in helping you to create websites. 

The tool is free of cost. You need to pay for the domain and web hosting.

Best for accounting

31. Xero

Xero - SaaS tools for startups

Need some help with your accounting? Even though you’re just at the beginning, you need to accurately track and manage your company’s finances. Instead of spending a fortune on this, at least until it is absolutely necessary to hire a professional, you can use tools like Xero to handle your finances. It is one of the best SaaS tools for startups.

Xero is a web-based accounting solution with robust features that will help you track the cash flow and manage transactions from any location. You can use it to keep track of bills and expenses, therefore minimizing unnecessary costs. 

32. QuickBooks

QuickBooks - SaaS tools for startups

QuickBooks Online is accounting software and is one of the most important SaaS tools for startups. Along with being affordably priced, it has several amazing features. It helps businesses save time on repetitive accounting tasks that take a lot of time. These include sending recording invoices and payment reminders along with syncing data with the bank and much more, which are tedious tasks. You also need not create reports manually, as the tool can do it for you. There are automatic backups to ensure that everything is up to date. You can integrate QuickBooks with several third-party apps you already use so that you can import, export, and sync data easily in real-time.

It has a free 30 days trial, and the paid plan starts at $15 per month.

Best for time management

33. Calendly

SaaS tools for startups - Calendly

Calendly is a very simple and yet, very powerful meeting scheduling tool. It’s designed to save you time and maximize your sales. Instead of old-school scheduling methods like noting things down in a book, you can handle everything from any location thanks to Calendly.

Not only is Calendly easily accessible, but it also minimizes the room for error. You can set appointments, set your availability preferences, and share this with the people you need to connect with.

34. Doodle 

Doodle - SaaS tools for startups

Doodle is one of the most popular SaaS tools for startups to schedule meetings. It is ideal for group meetings and has polls and surveys to offer. You can easily share your availability with others and allow them to choose a convenient time. You can create an invite and send it to prospects. It sells video conferencing links and calendar invites to all the participants automatically. 

It has a 14-day free trial with paid plans starting at $6.95 per user per month. 

35. Schedule Once

Schedule Once - SaaS tools for startups

If you are looking for an alternative to Calendly and Doodle, ScheduleOnce is the one for you. Automatic scheduling can make team meetings, sales meetings, and customers’ meetings easier. It enables it to analyze the performance and generates reports as well and lets you set up one-on-one, panel, and group meetings. It is even possible to customize your meetings with Schedule Once.  

The paid plan for the tool starts at $10 for 1 user.

Time To Get To Work! Which Of These Best SaaS Tools Will You Be Using?

There you have them – the best-rated, most useful SaaS tools for startups. Hopefully, you found what you need in this list. Now it’s time to test out the tools and use them to maximize your business’ potential.


1. Which is the best software for cold emails?

SalesBlink is a sales outreach automation tool that works fast and facilitates cold emailing for you. It can take care of many aspects of the sales cycle like sending cold emails to closing the deals.

2. Which is the Best for social media marketing?

With Hootsuite, you can view different streams across platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. You can use it to automate post sharing and engage with your followers without having to leave the interface

3. Which is the best software for live chat?

EngageBay will allow you to create and use answers to common questions and enable easy transfer across different agents if your customers need to talk to someone else.