Generate Leads From Cold Emails With User-Generated Content

Generate Leads From Cold Emails With User-Generated Content

If you are a brand owner, you know how often your cold emails get ignored. When you try to reach out to ignorant clients back, it almost becomes like a one-sided email story. And, we are sure that you must have tried out every possible strategy to make your cold emails more effective, but you end up failing. Not anymore, as we bring you some ideas on how you can generate leads from cold emails by integrating user-generated content with them. 

But before we move any further, allow us to introduce you to the concept of content generated by users.

The Importance Of User-generated Content In Today’s Day & Age

User-generated content, just like its name, is something your customers or any common consumer produces, sharing their experience with a product or a brand. Brands can repurpose this content and leverage it onto various marketing strategies to boost their efforts.

The content that users generate is authentic and transparent, something that today’s consumer seeks. When brands utilize such content, they are giving the customers exactly what they want, something that’s rawer and less flashy. 

Now, we have decided to share an amazing strategy that would help you generate hot leads from your cold emails.

Wondering how that happens? Let’s find out!

Ideas To Generate Leads From Cold Emails With User-Generated Content

1. Fulfill The Visual Appetite Of Users

Send something more relatable to your email recipients other than the regular flashy ad campaigns. Content that users generate will help your emails stand out. That’s because it’s unique and more relatable to the receivers as they get to see their peers representing your brand rather than any zero-sized, photoshopped model pictures.

The best part about user-generated content is that it comes from different people coming from diverse backgrounds, so their way of expressing themselves is unique too. So, each content that you add to your cold email outreach campaign will be speaking its own unique story. That’s the factor that would intrigue the email receivers, and they would always look forward to your emails.

2. Activate The Abandoned Carts

If you are an eCommerce store that always faces issues like bounce rates and higher cart abandonment rates, then this cold email idea is just the right solution for you. Now, whenever a potential customer leaves out that product cart lying around, you send them out a cold email.

All you need is to send out user-generated content around the products that the prospect has enlisted in the cart. You can use a user-generated content platform to embed UGC in your cold emails. The user-generated content will inspire them. As UGC is relatable, it will instill an interest in the user to buy the product. Also, it will activate that abandoned cart and make sure that you don’t miss out on any sales opportunity.

3. Add Relatability To The Email

While there was a time when branding and advertising were done around supernatural elements that did not have any connection with reality. And that did work for the audience of that time. But now, with the evolution of social media and people’s perspectives is changing, we now see consumers seeking content that’s more relatable. 

Gone are the days when brands would spend huge amounts of money on flashy advertising and over-the-top visuals. If you want your cold emails to stand out, add visual user-generated content to them. It helps to captivate the audience, and your cold emails don’t remain to lie in the trash cans of your email receivers.

4. Following Up Is Important

Brands generally send out follow-up emails to their subscribers to stimulate a marketing agenda. It could be asking them to switch to a paid plan of the service the brand provides, introducing the other products that the customer might have not explored, or asking for the customers’ feedback/ reviews.

There are times when customers tend to ignore the follow-up email. Also, they often unsubscribe to the email list if they find that you are constantly emailing them and unnecessarily filling their inbox. Give more meaning to your follow-up emails by adding user-generated content to them. It is a great strategy to instill social proof in your customers. When they would see other customers engaging with your brand, like using your paid plans or giving reviews for you, they would feel intrigued to do the same.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

Reaching the end of this blog, we hope that you have a better understanding of the power user-generated content holds and how it can help you generate warm leads from cold emails. 

Cold emails are often left unread by the email receivers or go to the spam or the trash can. But with user-generated content, you make your cold emails more actionable and impactful.

So, what are you waiting for? Get that email out of your drafts, revamp it, and hit the send button already!


What is user-generated content?

User-generated content refers to something customers produce through sharing their experience with a product or a brand. As a business, you can repurpose this content and use it for your benefit.

How to generate leads using user-generated content?

Include user-generated content in outreach emails to impress prospects. Add it to follow-up emails to make your email stand out from the rest of them in the prospect’s inbox.

What makes user-generated content stand out?

Customers want genuine and transparent information in today’s world, which they can easily get with user-generated content. When businesses use the content, they provide customers with just what they want.

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