When you think of getting more career opportunities or want to grow your business, what is the first name that would pop in your mind? Is it ‘LinkedIn’? Yes, it is an immensely well-known platform among professionals from different verticals with 900 million members as on 2023. That means you can use it for outreach.

However, if you don’t use it the right way, you will not yield desired results. However, there’s no need to worry. We’ve got your back with our list of best practices to follow to write LinkedIn connection request messages along with templates that work. But before we get there, let’s know a bit more about LinkedIn. 

What Exactly Is LinkedIn?

You may already know what LinkedIn is but this is for those who don’t!

LinkedIn is a professional networking site that helps you connect with individuals from your industry and beyond.

You can call it a business-oriented social network that enables users to find contacts and connect with people. The network is free and helps you find new opportunities, whether you’re trying to attract investors, expand your customer base, or increase brand awareness.

What Can You Do With LinkedIn?

There’s a lot you can do with LinkedIn. Take a look at the list,

1. Grow your network

2. Join groups

3. Attend events 

4. Share content with other users in the form of “professional updates”, 

5. Download another user’s knowledge or resources through “insights”, 

6. Post questions directed to other professionals on the site’s “Q&A” section promoting discussions on LinkedIn Groups’ topics, 

7. Contribute your knowledge to others through LinkedIn Answers’,

8. Set up a profile for your company, including information about your product or service.

LinkedIn is an incredibly valuable tool for lead generation. It is not just for salespeople but also business development professionals, marketers, recruiters, and anyone seeking to engage prospective customers about their company or product.Yet most people don’t know how LinkedIn can help them generate hot leads and move the needle on their marketing campaign.

Why Is LinkedIn Important For Lead Generation?

The potential reach of LinkedIn is immense. If a business has a B2B component, LinkedIn lead generation could be a big part of its marketing strategy. A LinkedIn profile allows for sharing information about a business and creates visibility for that business.

The average company with a LinkedIn profile has over 2,000 connections, making new connections every second. Around 80% of Fortune 1000 companies use LinkedIn,  more than any other social network. It is one of the most used networking platforms that generate leads. 

LinkedIn is generating more opportunities than ever before to connect with potential prospects; you can reach people who are personally looking to participate in your mission statement. 

Why LinkedIn Connection Requests Are Necessary?

LinkedIn Connect Request Messages

LinkedIn connection requests are essential for a business because it’s a way to contact people inside of a company that you may not know personally. It is the first step in building relationships and leads for your business. 

What’s The Purpose Of LinkedIn Connection Request Messages?

The purpose of LinkedIn connection request messages is to enable users to network with professionals they don’t know. They also enable individuals to see how others perceive them by viewing their profiles before sending out the requests. Below are some things you can do with a connection request:

1. Contact the person to receive their email address and send them an invitation.

2. Request update of company information by sending an invitation to the connection. You can also use this method for follow up and providing feedback about your experience.

3. Get their professional information- Before requesting a connection, you can view their profile, professional social media accounts, and other publicly available information.

4. Check on connections – If a person has connections with your network of contacts, you can check their links to widen your circle.

5 Best Templates For LinkedIn Connection Request Messages

LinkedIn’s powerful search engine helps you find people in your industry. Here are 5 connection request templates for you to build connections with professionals,

1. Connection request asking to build network

You can ask the prospect to join your network by telling them how it will help them get mutual benefit. Network building on LinkedIn can go a long way in expanding your professional horizon. 

Hi {{name}}.

I stumbled upon your profile and would like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. I have been following your career with interest, and I am impressed with your dedication, expertise and educational background.

Having a strong network of professionals like you is an integral part of my business strategy, and I hope that this potential connection will benefit both of us. In addition to following your work, I have found you to be a valuable member of the community due to your great feedback ratings, answered questions and insightful comments on other people’s posts.

Thank you

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2. Connection request complimenting the prospect

Flattery can take you a long way especially in connection requests. But at the same time, avoid sounding too fake. 

Hi {{name}},

I want to build my professional network on LinkedIn as well. Recently, I came across your profile and was interested in introducing myself to you. I was intrigued by your experience, credentials and curriculum vitae.

If you are free right now and wish to connect with me, then we can catch up.

Thank you

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3. Connection request mentioning similarities with prospect

Find what is common between you and the prospect as it can be a great way to start effective conversations. The truth is that people like to connect with those sharing a common ground.  

Hello {{name}},

I have been watching your profile for quite some time and wish to connect with you. Well, we both have quite a few similarities. We both love tennis and are fans of Federer!

On that note, it would be really amazing if you connected back with me, so that we can share willful opportunities in the future. Let me know what you think as I will be waiting for you! 

Thank you

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4. Connection request praising prospect’s work

If you pay a person a genuine compliment, they will end up liking it and pay more attention to you. Appreciating the prospect’s body of work is a step in the right direction. 

Hello {{name}},

I was delighted to read the article which mentioned {{Specific Point from Article}} and found it very interesting. This points to a larger issue – people don’t have the same mindsets across all departments at {{Company name}} and, therefore, we have to make sure that each team is thinking in the same way. 

I will feel obliged if you can forward my request for a meeting to the relevant person within your department, so that we can discuss this further over lunch sometime soon.

Waiting to hear back from you!

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5. Connection request with your sales pitch

It is okay to be straightforward and present your pitch from day 1 as long as you personalize your message. However, don’t sound too salesy, or you may lose the prospect forever. 

Hi {{Name}},

Are you not sure why you can’t appear on the first page of Google? I am an SEO specialist and can surely help you out. If you are interested in finding the actual problem with your ranking, please connect with me and share your email address.


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How To Search For Connections On LinkedIn?

Search LinkedIn connection request messages

Searching for connections on LinkedIn are not tough. Here are some ways to help you with that,

1. Search by name: Use this to send a request to someone in your network. You can search by name, email address, or company.

2. Search by professional group: This will display a comprehensive list of all the professionals in your preferred professional group and includes the option to view them at work and check their connections. You can use this method to connect with people in your industry who have similar job titles or interests.

How Do You Send A LinkedIn Connection Request?

Here is how you can send a request to someone’s profile on LinkedIn,

1. Go to their profile page and either click “Request to connect” (if they have requested you already) or click “request connection” at the top.

2. After posting your request, check your message inbox for new emails from the sender you are requesting, and respond as appropriate. 

If they accept your request, they will email you with their personal information. You can now contact them using this method as well.

Best Practices To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile To Get Maximum Connections

Optimize your LinkedIn profile for better results - LinkedIn Connection Request Messages

If you want to get the maximum number of connections, it’s a good idea to optimize your LinkedIn profile in the right way.

However, remember that there is no single-size-fits-all method for figuring out when or what to do. For example, if you have started using LinkedIn but are still at zero connections and have a small picture on your page, it would be best to focus on adding content to attract new followers and contacts.

Here are a few tips to help you optimize your LinkedIn profile the right way,

1. Post shareable content

LinkedIn is a place where users share content. So, make sure that it has sharing buttons before you publish your post. It will increase the likelihood of a good number of people viewing your post.

It’s also good to use more than one image and make sure your content is short and sweet. There’s always a chance of people sharing the whole thing. But in general, you will be better off with smaller chunks of information that are easy to read and pass on instead of longer pieces of writing (although this may work for some).

2. Make sure you have an updated profile

LinkedIn’s algorithm gives more visibility to people who have recently added a lot of information to their profiles. That is why it’s a good idea to revisit your profile and see if any sections need updating. 

In most cases, you will find something new to add, like a piece of content or even a project you recently worked on that you could promote on LinkedIn. 

You should also see if your profile picture needs changing, especially if it looks old and drab.  It is usually the first thing new visitors will notice about your page when they land on it. 

3. Add relevant taglines

It is crucial to add taglines to your LinkedIn profile. They are usually the first things people will see when they land on your page, and it’s a good idea to make yours stand out. 

For example, if one of your professional expertise is in investment banking, then that would be an excellent place to start. You could also go with something humorous and catchy. If you manage social media for a popular brand or have many followers on Twitter, you can add this too because it will make your link more appealing.

4. Correct spelling and grammar

There are no two ways about it: if you want prospects to take you seriously, you need to proofread your LinkedIn page before sharing it with the world. It may appear trivial, but it can have significant consequences in terms of how people view your business and whether they would like to connect with you or not. 

5. Post your LinkedIn profile on other social media platforms

Your LinkedIn profile should be the first page people see when they Google you, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t share it elsewhere. There’s a good chance that some of your friends don’t use LinkedIn or even know what it is. So, make sure you share your profile with them on other social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to get maximum exposure.

6. Add a professional photo

Most people will look at your profile before they even think of contacting you, so add a professional photo. This may also be one of the first things new visitors to your page will notice as well, so make sure you pick one that is eye-catching and interesting.

The key point with this tip is to make sure that it’s clear that your LinkedIn page is not a place where you share funny quotes or show off your favorite food. Instead, it is a professional site where you share important information about yourself. 

Tips To Send LinkedIn Connection Request Messages

Your connection request sets the tone of your relationship with the prospect. Therefore, here’s what to bear in mind while sending connection requests,

1. Dress up your request

Your message should be classy and not too formal or informal. You should also ensure that you send it as an email to your connection’s primary account, not as a direct message on their LinkedIn profile.

2. Tell about yourself

Include a brief statement about yourself (but not unflattering information). It would help the person know who they are about to connect with. 

3. Be clear about your expectations

If you want to get in touch once, then say so! If you’re looking for a professional relationship, say that! Make sure both of you know where each other stands before becoming LinkedIn “friends.”

If you don’t know what to say when you’re “reaching out” to someone via LinkedIn, you can include some of the following helpful phrases in your connection request message:

“I’d like to add you on LinkedIn.”

“It would be great if we can connect on LinkedIn.”

“We might want to get in touch through LinkedIn.”

“What’s your LinkedIn account, so I can add you?”

“I’m happy to have a mutual connection with you!”

“Feel free to add me on LinkedIn.”

“Please let’s connect on LinkedIn!”

“I’m adding you on LinkedIn to get in touch.”

“Join me on LinkedIn!”

“I’d like to connect with you on LinkedIn.”

Start Sending LinkedIn Connection Request Messages That Get Replies!

LinkedIn has truly become one of the most powerful ways to advance your network and grow your business. But that power isn’t something that falls into your lap. You have to be proactive in using it to reach out to prospects. So what are you waiting for? Get on it! Our amazing templates and practices can save your time and make you a pro at LinkedIn outreach.


1. What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a business-oriented networking site that lets you connect with professionals. It enables users to find contacts and connect with people across different industries easily.

2. What are LinkedIn connection requests?

When you request someone for a connection on LinkedIn, you request them to connect their LinkedIn profile with yours. It most often includes a private message asking for a connection.

3. How to send LinkedIn connection request posts?

To get more connections, make sure that you dress up your request well, introduce yourself in the most unflattering way and be clear about your expectations. Try to know each other well before you connect.