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Prospecting Credits 80,000
Find Emails by Name and Domain
Bulk Find Emails by Name and Domain
Social Media Email Finder
Email Verification
Local Business Database
B2B Company Database
Comany Name to Domain Converter
Daily Domain WhoIs Database
Website Social Media Finder
Email Outreach Recipients 50,000 30,000
Social Media Message Automation
Automated FollowUps
Outreach Calendar
Auto Email Warm-Up
Gmail, G Suite, Outlook, and Exchange sender accounts
Email Attachments
Personalization with Fallbacks
Automatic pause for replied contacts
Image Personalization
Reply, click and open tracking
Unsubscribe feature
CRM to Track Leads
Behaviour Based Lead Scoring
Track Lead Activity
Add Notes for Leads
Shortcut Messages
Zapier Integration
Live Chat Support

About SalesBlink

SalesBlink helps you go From Prospecting to Outreach to Closing at a lightning fast speed.

For Prospecting

  • Email Finder - Find anyone's email by with their name and domain
  • Enrichment - Enrich company domains with useful information like employee emails, phone numbers and more
  • 100Mn+ Company Database - Find business data for 100Mn+ professional companies by country, industry and size
  • 500Mn+ Local Business Database - Find Phone Numbers and Emails of 500Mn+ local businesses
  • 1Bn+ Domain Whois Database - Get ‘Who Is’ data of domains that are registered every day. This data includes emails, phone numbers, etc. of the owners of the domain.
  • Email Verification - Reduce bounces with our SMTP email verifier
  • Website Social Media Finder - Extract social media accounts from a list of websites
  • Company Name to Domain Converter - Find the domains from a list of company names

    For Outreach

  • Social Media Outreach - Automate Social Media Connection requests with custom messages at scale
  • Cold Email Sequences - Automate Cold Email Sequences with multiple follow-ups, land in your customer’s inbox every time. Track opens, clicks, replies, bounces.
  • Mass Email Outreach - Send Mass email to your email lists, track clicks, and opens.

  • For Closing

  • CRM - Manage leads, replies and opportunities the right way
  • Behaviour Tracking - Track prospect behaviour on your website and email to prioritize the right ones

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    Felipe Grace

    I have spent 1000s of $$$ on sales tools but SalesBlink beats them all.

    Felipe Grace
    Loren Hamson

    A must have for sales teams to hit the quota every time.

    Loren Hamson
    Jayden Massey

    Getting someone's email just by their name is a superpower, reaching out to 1000+ prospects everyday.

    Jayden Massey

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