According to Harvard Business Review, AI sales tools led to a 50% increase in leads and saved 40-60% in costs.

AI is definitely changing client relationships and boosting efficiency in sales. However, choosing the right tool for your team can be quite a task as you have too many options around you. 

But don’t worry. In this blog, we have the top 15 productivity-boosting sales tools for you. Let’s brush up on the basics & know how sales teams use AI before we look at the tools. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin. 

What is AI sales software?

AI sales tools help create engaging content, automate tasks, and analyze data to transform sales processes with the power of artificial intelligence.

AI-driven automation boosts productivity and efficiency to levels never before seen for sales teams. With AI, businesses may predict consumer behavior, make wise judgments, and modify their approaches.

Salespeople may concentrate on establishing sincere and long-lasting client relationships since AI tools save time. Additionally, they promote businesses toward significant growth and success in the competitive industry by acting as a helpful partner.

How Sales Teams Use AI?

Here’s how you can use AI to increase sales efficiency:

1. Automating Manual Tasks

AI solutions automate repetitive tasks, such as data entry and email follow-ups, to speed up sales processes. This automation guarantees accuracy and consistency in addition to saving valuable time.

As a sales professional, you can focus on developing connections, making plans, and closing deals. AI frees the sales team to concentrate on high-impact activities by reducing the stress of repetitive tasks and increasing overall productivity and efficiency.

2. Offering Data-Driven Insights

The analytical skills of AI are on display as it sorts through considerable databases to find invaluable data. 

Thanks to these data-driven inputs, sales teams have a thorough awareness of consumer behavior, market trends, and product performance. You may make wise, strategic decisions armed with this information. 

The effectiveness of sales is increased by using AI, such as predictive analytics engines, which enable proactive strategies and individualized customer engagements.

3. Generating Content

AI content-creating tools create customized and convincing pitches by examining client preferences and behavior patterns. 

Whether the content is for emails or messages, as a sales rep, you can save time by generating content using AI. Most automated cold outreach tools like SalesBlink offer this feature. SalesBlink’s AI – BlinkGPT is carefully trained to write emails with a single-line prompt.   

Best AI Sales Tools 

AI has brought a new era of efficiency and strategy to sales.

These tools perform tasks like follow-ups and finding new leads. This lets salespeople concentrate on making real connections and sealing deals.

These platforms blend AI technology, providing essential insights. This helps in making better decisions and building strong customer relationships.

Let’s take a look at them,

1. SalesBlink


SalesBlink is an automated cold outreach tool for sales. 

It finds potential customers, sends emails, and follows up, letting sales teams focus on essential tasks.

As you already saw above, SalesBlink’s in-house AI – BlinkGPT, helps create outreach sequences & write emails based on a single-line prompt. 

It makes reaching out to prospects easier and helps salespeople work faster with its simple design and customizable templates.

Pricing: The monthly paid plans are: 

Scale- $29/month

Growth- $99/month

Business- $199/month

2. Seamless AI

Seamless AI

Lead generation and contact data enhancement are two areas of expertise for Seamless AI. 

It enhances current contact lists using AI algorithms to ensure accurate and current data. 

It helps businesses find new customers by choosing specific criteria, making it easier to find the right audience.

This streamlined process improves efficiency and effectiveness in customer acquisition strategies.

Seamless AI’s smooth data transfer with CRM platforms enhances workflow efficiency.

Seamless AI provides accurate information to sales teams by focusing on data quality and lead enrichment.

This empowers them to make informed decisions and build prosperous relationships.

Pricing: Request for a Quote

3. CoPilot AI

CoPilot AI

CoPilot AI is an AI-powered assistant that aims to enhance sales productivity. It automates tasks such as data entry, appointment scheduling, and follow-ups.

CoPilot AI analyzes customer interactions, providing valuable insights to sales representatives. 

This helps sales reps refine and improve their strategies.

Its natural language processing capabilities enable communication, leading to better client relationships. The tool simplifies workflow automation. It achieves this by interfacing with various communication channels and CRM platforms.

CoPilot AI progresses alongside sales teams, streamlining their processes. It enhances their effectiveness by adapting to and learning from user interactions.

Pricing: The paid plan starts at $234 monthly  

4. 13 Regie AI

13 Regie AI

An advanced AI sales tool called 13 Regie AI focuses on sales interaction intelligence. It examines sales calls and meetings to gather valuable data from discussions. 

It offers feedback to improve sales strategies by analyzing tone, keywords, and user feelings. 

Regie AI’s speech recognition technology ensures accurate transcriptions. Sales teams can then examine and learn from these interactions, enhancing their strategies.

Its statistical analysis function helps in locating potential leads and simplifying sales strategies. 

13 Regie AI provides sales professionals with thorough conversation analysis.

It provides helpful suggestions, making communication better and engagements more effective and productive.

Pricing: Paid plan starts at $29 monthly  

5. Tavus


Tavus is a projection of AI-based sales solutions that improve predictive analytics. 

It looks at previous sales, market trends, and how customers behave to give accurate sales predictions.

Tavus uses innovative technology to adapt to market changes and provide timely info for decisions. These methods help businesses adapt to evolving market conditions.

Tavus helps companies change their marketing plans by spotting risks and opportunities.

Thanks to its design and customizable dashboards, sales teams can use it, which enables them to visualize data. Tavus helps businesses predict their sales using data, improving their inventory management. This gives them a competitive edge in the market.

Pricing: Request for a Quote  

6. Apollo AI

Apollo AI

Apollo AI is a lead generation & email tracking software for sales engagement that is AI-driven. 

It provides a vast contacts database, enabling sales teams to target particular industries and jobs. Using Apollo AI’s email tracking feature, sales representatives can determine a prospect’s interest. It offers data on email openings, click-through rates, and answers. 

Its easy interface with CRM systems guarantees reliable data coordination, encouraging teamwork. Personalization and intelligent automation are the main focuses of Apollo AI.

It simplifies outreach efforts, boosts response rates, and shortens the sales cycle. 

Apollo AI equips sales teams to engage prospects and close agreements with its complete sales tools.

Pricing: Paid plan starts at $49 monthly   

7. Drift


Drift is an AI-powered interactive marketing and sales tool. Real-time discussions occur with website visitors, turning them into leads and clients. 

The chatbots from Drift use AI to interact with users, respond to questions, and set up meetings.

It also guarantees round-the-clock accessibility. 

Due to its lead qualification skills, sales teams may focus on high-value prospects.

Drift’s seamless integration, CRM systems can transfer data and track consumer interactions.

Drift boosts client satisfaction and improves sales by offering immediate responses.

It leads to conversions and revenue development.

Pricing: Paid plan starts at $2600 monthly  

8. Clari


Clari is a revenue operations platform powered by AI that aims to improve sales results. 

It combines data from many sources. Also, it provides extensive knowledge of the pipeline’s health, the status of deals, and the accuracy of predictions. 

Clari’s AI algorithms examine previous data and sales activity to predict deal outcomes and spot potential risks. Intelligent suggestions and prioritized tasks help sales teams focus on high-impact opportunities. Clari’s interface with CRM platforms provides data consistency and correctness, promoting teamwork. 

Clari enables businesses to make wise decisions and enhance revenue. Also, helps achieve sustainable growth by improving sales visibility and forecasting accuracy.

Pricing: Request for a Quote  

9. Champify


Champify is a sales training platform with AI that specializes in enhancing content. 

It examines sales content, including presentations and proposals. Moreover, it offers suggestions to improve efficiency. 

Champify’s AI examines how people engage with content to determine what works best for different sales situations. This analysis helps in understanding which content is impactful for each situation. 

Based on this, sales teams may adapt their strategies and create presentations to connect to prospects. The ability to personalize content on Champify boosts consumer engagement and conversion rates. 

Champify enables sales professionals to produce impactful sales pitches, increasing sales success.

Pricing: Paid plan starts at $1250 monthly  

10. Reachout AI

Reachout AI

An AI-driven sales interaction platform called Reachout AI focuses on individualized outreach. It uses AI algorithms to examine the behavior and preferences of prospects. 

It allows sales teams to create personalized messaging. 

Reachout AI’s natural language processing abilities ensure that you reach the targeted audience. It understands messages and fosters deep connections. It offers real-time data into prospect interactions, enabling sales representatives to alter plans. 

Reach out AI interfaces with many modes of communication, such as social media and email, to guarantee engagement. 

Reach out AI improves personalization and responsiveness, facilitating authentic discussions.

It is more likely to result in favorable replies and successful conversions.

Pricing: Paid plan starts at $39 monthly 

11. Gyaan


Gyaan is a sales intelligence tool driven by AI that helps sales teams with client targeting and market analysis. 

It gathers and analyzes vast amounts of data from many sources and generates ideas to enhance sales efforts.

Gyaan’s AI algorithms assist businesses in making intelligent decisions by analyzing market trends. They also understand customer preferences to enhance business strategies. Detailed prospect profiles allow sales teams to grasp customers’ wants and problems better. 

Gyaan’s predictive analytics make finding potential leads easier for businesses. 

The tool helps sales professionals with the expertise to approach sales opportunities. 

It also increases conversion rates and revenue. It offers comprehensive market intelligence and analyzes clients to provide valuable insights.

Pricing: Request for a Quote  

12. Exceedai


Exceedai is a sales assistant powered by AI specializing in appointment setting.

It leads to qualification and engages prospects in customized discussions while evaluating their level of interest.

Exceedai’s natural language processing skills allow for human-like interactions.

Prospects will have a seamless and exciting experience. 

It uses speech analysis to categorize leads according to pre-determined standards.  

It prioritizes high-value opportunities. Exceedai’s interface with CRM platforms guarantees efficient data transfer. It gives sales teams access to lead analytics in real time. The tool automates lead qualification and appointment scheduling. It also allows salespeople to focus on closing deals and building relationships. This streamlined workflow leads to increased revenue.

Pricing: Request for a Quote 

13. Operative Intelligence

Operative Intelligence

The complete AI-powered marketing analytics platform Operative Intelligence offers insights into sales success. It examines sales information, client interactions, and market trends to provide intelligence decision-making. 

The predictive analytics capabilities of Operative Intelligence estimate sales patterns. It allows companies to alter their strategies as needed. It locates sales obstacles, enabling teams to simplify procedures and increase productivity. 

Operative Intelligence’s dashboards and reports simplify data visualization.

It ensures complex information is easy to understand. These tools enhance decision-making by presenting data in a clear and accessible manner.

Operative Intelligence helps businesses improve their sales strategies, increase profits, and stay competitive. It provides detailed sales data and predictions, enabling informed decisions for success in the market. 

Operative Intelligence’s analysis helps companies adapt to the changing business landscape. It guides them toward thriving and staying competitive.

Pricing: Request for a Quote

14. Hubspot Sales Hub

Hubspot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub provides various solutions that simplify sales operations. It has tools for deal administration, email automation, and lead tracking.

HubSpot’s AI systems can rank leads and customize outreach by analyzing customer interactions. Its email tracking features notify sales representatives when prospects open emails or click on links, allowing for prompt follow-ups. 

There is also seamless integration of HubSpot Sales Hub with HubSpot CRM. 

HubSpot Sales Hub streamlines sales workflows by simplifying sales operations. 

Also, it fosters communication, increasing productivity, efficiency, and revenue.

Pricing: Paid plan starts at $800 monthly  


Gong AI’s AI-driven conversational analytics tool focuses on performance improvement and sales coaching. To improve sales strategies, it records and analyzes sales calls and meetings. 

The AI algorithms used by analyze conversational patterns to find successful strategies. Personalized coaching recommendations based on actual interactions help sales teams improve their skills. 

It offers insight into client opinions, assisting sales representatives in determining prospect interest and customizing their approaches. 

Integrating with CRM platforms guarantees thorough data analysis and smooth teamwork. allows salespeople to improve their communication skills, boosting sales effectiveness and fueling revenue development.

Pricing: Paid plan starts at $39 monthly  

Artificial intelligence in sales is the latest innovation. These tools give sales teams extraordinary abilities, helping businesses work.

AI insights help salespeople build solid and lasting relationships with clients and boost revenue.

With the increased use of AI, sales approaches are evolving. This means customers stay happy and businesses grow by combining human skills with AI accuracy.

Accepting AI in sales isn’t just an option; it’s the key to achieving unmatched productivity, efficiency, and success in the competitive commercial world.

What to Look For in an AI Sales Assistant Tool?

Here’s what you need to consider before choosing an AI sales tool,

1. Choose the Right AI Technology

Focus on an organized sales platform for streamlined operations.

Choose AI tools based on your needs, like generating leads, analyzing conversations, or forecasting sales. As quality matters more than quantity; choose tools with distinct strengths.

2. Centralized System for Data Management

Opt for a centralized system to collect, access, and maintain consistent data and insights.

It promotes communication, prevents data silos, and provides a holistic view of the client journey.

3. Balance Human Interaction and AI Efficiency

Acknowledge the importance of human touch, including empathy and creativity, in client interactions. Balance personal interaction and use AI for efficient processes.

4. Thorough Training for the Sales Team

Invest in comprehensive training for the sales team to use AI tools. Ensure understanding of features, interpretation of insights, and practical implementation skills.

Overall, combining human skills with AI knowledge boosts productivity and improves customer experience.

5. Keys to Effective AI Integration

Approach AI integration with a human-centric focus.

Be selective in choosing AI tools based on their specific strengths and suitability.

Focus on education and training to empower the sales team for successful AI implementation.

Best Practices for Using AI in Sales

Staying competitive in today’s fast-paced commercial world requires incorporating AI into sales operations. The following are crucial tactics to optimize the effects of implementing AI:

1. Choose a Centralized Sales Platform

Choose a Centralized Sales Platform

The selection of a centralized sales platform is crucial, first and foremost. Choosing technologies that easily integrate with your current systems guarantees a consistent strategy for all sales operations. 

To make better decisions and give more individualized client experiences, this connection prevents data silos and offers a thorough perspective of consumer interactions.

2. Add Human Touch

Add Human Touch

Although technology has advanced, maintaining the human touch is still essential. While AI speeds up procedures, trust and loyalty are built on human ties. 

When consumers are treated with empathy, understanding, and customized attention during sales outreach, their whole experience is improved, and the likelihood of repeat business and recommendations rises.

3. Be Selective About the AI Tools You Use

Be Selective About the AI Tools You Use

It’s equally important to choose your AI sales tools carefully. Matching your particular sales goals and techniques with your selected AI technologies is critical. 

Whether lead generation, customer engagement, or predictive analytics, tailored technologies may solve specific difficulties, assuring a more focused and efficient approach to sales operations.

4. Train the Sales Team

Train the Sales Team

Additionally, investing in your sales team’s ongoing training is essential. Sales reps who receive the proper training can use AI tools, negotiate tricky algorithms, and interpret data-driven insights in everyday encounters. 

The sales process may be more effective, customer-focused, and ultimately more successful by well-trained sales personnel who can combine their knowledge with AI-driven insights effortlessly. 

Businesses may utilize AI’s full potential for sales, boosting revenue, improving customer satisfaction, and remaining competitive by using these best practices.

Embrace AI In Sales Tools For Enhanced Efficiency

Embracing these innovations enables unparalleled efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability, positioning your business at the forefront of the industry in sales prospecting, video prospecting, outbound sales, and sales engagement platform strategies. 

Seize this opportunity, integrate AI into your strategies, and embark on this journey today to reshape the trajectory of your sales efforts.

Take this chance, use AI in your plans, and start now to change how you sell. Don’t forget to thank us later!


1. How to Use AI in Sales?

Utilize AI to automate tasks, analyze client data, and boost engagement for streamlined, effective sales processes suited to the customer’s needs.

2. What Are the Best AI Sales Tools?

Some of the best AI sales tools include SalesBlink, Seamless AI, CoPilot AI, and others. With their innovative features and easy collaboration, these technologies transform international sales strategies.

3. Can AI Take Over Sales?

AI significantly enhances sales efficiency, but it cannot replace human interaction. While it empowers teams and increases productivity, more is needed to replace the human touch when building authentic connections and trust.