Best Time To Send An Email

Best Time To Send An Email

One question plaguing salespeople’s minds is – When is the best time to send an email? Your subscribers can be busy, and you wouldn’t want to bother them in the middle of important work. So, you must be looking for the right time to get in touch with them when they are more likely to give a positive response. After all, you are emailing them to build a relationship and to close a deal eventually. 

You would want to reach out to prospects when they have the time and the frame of mind to read your newsletter. The email sending time should be such that it fetches you the highest number of opens and clicks. 

Why are all times of the day not ideal for sending an email?

Even if you manage to write a stellar email, there is a likelihood of getting poor results if you send it at an unfavorable time. Not all times are the best for sending an email, which also holds good for a cold email. This is chiefly because everyone has a personal life. They may reside in a different country with a different time zone. At a more personal level, everyone may not be in a good mood when they engage with your email. 

For instance, you might be working extra hours, but that doesn’t mean everyone follows the exact timing. If the prospects are busy with their family, they are less likely to respond positively to your email

There can be times when you send emails that are not the best, and prospects open your email but do not respond or choose to decline because of their mood. It is a fact that the mood of humans keeps changing the whole day, and it is tough to predict that. A popular opinion is that a person may not make favorable decisions before eating lunch. 

Time zone is another big reason that you must consider. The time difference between you and the prospect can be the deciding factor. And you are probably emailing them when it is convenient to you without thinking about the time at their place.


Best time to send email from the marketers’ point of view

As email marketers know their target audience inside-out, they have an idea of the best days of the week to contact prospects. 

Here is what they have observed,

Monday – This is certainly not the best day of the week to send in your email. On Mondays, people are pretty busy planning their workweek. They would certainly pay more attention to business emails than other emails hitting their inbox. So, it is better to avoid sending newsletters or cold emails on Mondays.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – All three days of the week are suitable for sending emails. Their office work for the week is all set, and they can open other emails in their inbox. 

Friday – The last working day of the week makes people dream of the parties and get-togethers they have on weekends. They would probably be in a rush to finish off their work and head home. The chances of engaging with your emails on Friday are remote, and it is better to avoid sending emails on these days.

Weekends- Usually, people don’t check their inboxes on weekends. However, in the US, Sunday evenings are a reasonably good time to send emails as people start preparing for the week ahead in advance. Moreover, as most marketers don’t send too many emails on Sundays, yours will be easy to spot in the cluttered inbox.

The right email sending time based on statistics

After understanding the popular opinion of email marketers, you should decide the right time for sending emails based on statistics. As per popular stats, sending emails on Tuesdays is the best as the chances of emails being opened are high. Apart from Tuesday, you can consider sending emails on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. 

Weekends see fewer emails coming to inboxes and can be beneficial to you. However, Sundays are the worst days for your email campaigns, as per most stats. The open rates hit an all-time low on Sundays.

Best hours to send emails to prospects

Now that you know the suitable days of the week to email prospects, you should know what the best time of the day is. 

On Tuesdays, you can send emails around 11 am, as the open rates and click-through rates are the highest. 

On Fridays, you can send emails around 11 am as well. In fact, between 10 and 11 am is the perfect time for email marketing. 

On Sundays, you can email prospects in the afternoon for the best results. Ideally, it’s best to send emails between 9-10 am if you want high open and click-through rates. 

On the whole, it is most favorable to send an email at 11 am on weekdays ( Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays). 

At the same time, it is not appropriate to hit the send button between 9 pm, and 9 am as your recipients would be asleep or getting ready for work. 

Maintain a regular emailing schedule 

Consistency is the key when it comes to sending newsletters. It helps in building trust. At times, subscribers would wait to receive your email at a designated time each day. Therefore, when you maintain a regular emailing schedule keeping the best day and time to send email in mind, you build a rapport with your subscribers.

Factors that affect email timing

Though we saw the optimal times to send emails, there is also an opinion that the best times to send an email are not universal. You can never narrow down to a standard’ right time’ to reach out to someone as every person is different and has their preferences and schedules. Also, what your email contains also decides the timing of the email campaign. For example, if your niche is news, you have to send an email as soon as there is an occurrence worth reporting. If you have a restaurant, you can choose to send coupons to your subscribers closer to mealtime. 

Therefore, several factors affect your email sending time. They include the following,

1. Your industry

2. Your target audience and their behavior

3. Their geographical location

4. The season in the place they live in 

5. Uncommon occurrences around them

It is, therefore, better to customize your email communication as per the convenience of every subscriber. It won’t be taxing on you if you choose to use email marketing software for this purpose. 

The best day and time to send email based on country

Based on another study, the best time to send marketing email prospects varies from one country to another.

US and Canada – While sending emails to individuals residing in the US and Canada, you have to pay attention to when you send them. The study observed that sending emails at 6 am or between 9 and 10 am is ideal. 

As far as the day is concerned, Friday and Monday are the best days of the week in terms of open rates. On the other hand, in terms of clicks, Tuesday and Thursday are the best days. 

Latin America – The study shows that when you Latin America, you can try sending emails between 6 am and 4 pm, i.e., in the morning and early in the afternoon, for best results. As far as the day is concerned, Monday seems ideal as per the study because it recorded the highest number of opens and clicks. However, even other days of the week are okay for sending emails except for Sunday as it has the lowest open rates and click-through rates.

Central and Eastern Europe – The study shows two peaks in engagement per day for Central and Eastern Europe. There is one between 10 am and 12 pm and the other one between 5 and 7 pm. This suggests that individuals engage in emails later than other regions, but they respond even after working hours. It indicates that there is no need to send emails first thing in the morning while targeting this particular geographical region. 

For this region, the best day to send emails is Monday. However, the emails would get the maximum response when sent early in the week. 

Asia-Pacific – In the Asia-Pacific region, the engagement rates are good enough during working hours, i.e., between 9 am and 6 pm. Notably, the ideal emailing time is quite different from the rest of the regions. Despite this, marketers send emails even later in the night as they get average click-through rates. 

The first half of the week are the best days to send emails to the Asia-Pacific region, the highest being Tuesday and Wednesday. Keep in mind that weekends are not the ideal days to send emails to consumers of this region.

Europe, the Middle East, and Africa – For this region, the best time to launch an email campaign is between 8 am and 7 pm. While Friday and Monday are the ones that had the maximum engagement in the study, the other days of the week fared well too. And that includes weekends. 

Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (DACH) – For this region, the ideal emailing time is 8 am or between 2-5 pm as these hours witnessed the highest engagement rates in the study. Also, marketers prefer launching campaigns in these hours. 

The best time of the week to launch email campaigns seems to be the weekend. Sunday has the highest open rates, and the click-through rate is the highest on Friday. However, as a salesperson or email marketer, you needn’t always plan your campaigns for the weekend. You can do so once in a while.


Timing has a huge role to play in determining the fate of your email campaign. You should send the email when the prospect is in the right mental space. Then, things are more likely to work in your favor. 

Many factors decide the best time to send emails, including your industry, target audience, geographical location, and many more. What works for one target audience belonging to one geographical region may not work for another. 

For most countries, morning and early afternoon hours on weekdays seem to be ideal for sending emails.

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