23 Sales Automation Tools to Close Deals Faster

23 Sales Automation Tools to Close Deals Faster

What is a sales automation tool?

Sales automation tools are softwares that sales teams use for automating sales processes with better efficiency, right from prospecting and nurturing leads to closing. Tasks like order processing, contact and customer management, sales forecasting, and much more get automated using these tools.

Some tools help you automate all the steps in the sales cycle, whereas a few specialize in one particular sales process aspect. 

Benefits of a sales automation tool

Research says that sales reps spend one-third of the day making sales while the rest of the day they carry out manual tasks. 

It is precisely why you need a sales automation tool! Your time-consuming and tedious tasks will get automated. Thereby, you can invest your time in actually building connections with potential customers and closing deals. 

Here is a closer look at the benefits of using sales automation tools:

1. They make reporting better

To keep things moving smoothly, the sales and marketing teams have to sync with each other. Having in-depth reports handy regarding every tiny detail can help you get better results. That is precisely what sales automation tools help you with. They give you an insight into the analytics. 

For example, knowing how many calls reps need to make to close a sale can enhance sales forecasts. If you know whether the prospect opened the email you sent or not, you will get a better idea of how interested that prospect is in your product/service. The behavior tracking feature of sales automation tools fetches you such reports that gauge how things are going and what you should do to improve your sales strategy. 

2. They help save time and boost efficiency

Automating time-consuming tasks can free up sales reps, and that is precisely what you would want as a salesperson. By using sales automation tools, you can automate redundant tasks. The time saved can be set aside for constructive work related to sales. 

For example, if a sales rep contacts prospects on the phone, it is better to minimize other duties like writing emails by going in for automation. With the help of a sales automation tool, the sales rep can get email templates that work well for various sales processes. There are cold email sequences and mass sales outreach features in most sales automation tools to help you with minimizing work. A sales tool can also help with tracking phone activity and automate several actions.  The reduction in manual work results in an upsurge in productivity. 

3. They increase focus on high-quality leads

With automated lead scoring, there is a tremendous decrease in the workload of marketing and sales teams.  Sorting out prospects manually is a daunting task that is prone to errors. Also, the idea of a qualified lead is different in the minds of other people. When you automate the sales process, sales reps will pursue the right leads and close deals faster. There can also be a categorization of leads based on the different scores, and one can send them messages accordingly. 

Automation intends to make salespeople’s jobs easy to invest their time, efforts, and skills on things that matter the most.

Sales Automation Tools to close deals faster

Here is a list of some of the sales automation software that will help to close deals faster:

1. SalesBlink

SalesBlink is a full-stack cold sales outreach platform that is a one-stop destination for sales process automation. It takes you from prospecting to outreach to closing in a snap. It is one of the best sales automation tools around. SalesBlink is a SaaS product that smoothens the functioning of the sales team.

SalesBlink has plenty of solutions to offer, and they include:

1. CRM

2. Cold email automation

3. Finding emails by name and domain

4. Real-time B2B data enrichment

5. 100Mn+ B2B company database

6. Local business database

7. Domain Search

8. Email verification

9. Finding social media profiles

10. Finding company domain from name and behavior tracking.

The features include:

a. Automated follow-ups – The tool creates cold email sequences with several follow-ups automatically.

b. An outreach calendar – This helps with scheduling meetings effectively.

c. Personalization – You can personalize the email and images.

d. Unsubscribe option – Recipients are free to unsubscribe from your mailing list. 

e. Lead activity tracking – Tracking clicks and opens by recipients is easy. 

f. Live chat support – This helps in resolving issues with the tool. 

The tool is quite user-friendly and works seamlessly. 


The monthly plan costs $49 per month, where you get unlimited prospecting credits,  unlimited outreach credits. There is no cap on users as well. 

With the yearly plan priced at $490, you get the same benefits along with a two-month subscription free of cost. 

There is a 14 day free trial for those who want to give SalesBlink a try. 

2. HubSpot Sales

HubSpot Sales is another cloud-based sales automation software tool. It offers real-time engagement updates and is quite helpful for the sales team. 

The tool works for every stage of the sales funnel, right from lead generation to nurturing and deal closing. The user-friendly tool has email templates, automated follow-ups and scheduling, automated data entry, and behavior tracking. It comes with a click-to-call dialer to make tasks easier for sales reps. It is pretty helpful in closing more deals in less time. 

Additionally, it has a CRM tool that helps with managing the engagement history of prospects. This provides a better idea of the interests of the prospects.


HubSpot Sales with basic functionality is free to use. 

The  “Starter” package costs $40/month, and you can use it for up to 1,000 contacts. 

The “Professional” package costs $800/month with more features when compared to the Starter package.

Then there is the “Enterprise” package that costs $3,200/month, which is the best of all three packages. 

3. Growbots

This one is an outbound sales automation platform. It is a tool that generates leads and integrates with CRMs with a 100 million database to help you out. You can easily reach out to the right decision-makers. The platform lets you search for people with specific job titles, departments, seniority levels, and areas of interest. You can get their details in under a minute.

The main idea behind Growbots is to get leads that the sales team can convert into customers quickly. 

The main features include email personalization, automated follow-ups, and multi-channel sequences. Here are detailed reports and monitoring of opens, clicks, and replies. Also, Growbots has A/B testing, instant contact lists, access to a substantial self-updating database, and much more.


They have an ‘All in one’ plan that costs $199 per user/month

4. Prospect.io

If you need help with creating prospect email lists, Prospect.io is the best for you. It enables you to verify names, titles, contact numbers, and other important information. With it, you, as a sales professional, can come up with effective outreach campaigns with personalized emails, follow-up calls, and social touches. The multichannel sales automation platform increases the productivity of the sales team. There are powerful tools to accelerate sales prospecting. You can also analyze the performance of campaigns and keep track of the goals of the sales team. 

You can integrate it with other platforms like Salesforce, Zapier, PieSync, or PipeDrive. It has two-way sync with CRM and easy-to-do personalization of emails and messages. 


The “Essential” package is available at $79 for the 1st user/month and $29 for each additional user per month. It comes with 250 email finder credits for a month and lets you send 400 emails per address in a day.

The “Business” package is available at $129 for the 1st user/month and $39 for each additional user per month. This comes with 1,000 email finder credits for a month and lets you send 1,500 emails per address in a day. 

5. Sales Creatio

Sales Creatio has a cloud-based sales automation tool along with CRM software. It uses AI to speed up all the operations and is an excellent platform for accelerating the sales process. It provides a smooth path for the whole sales cycle, right from finding leads to repeating sales.

Using Sales Creatio, you can automate the generation of revenue and sales reports, automate sales forecasting, scheduling meetings, and lead management. 


The “Team” package at $30 per user per month is ideal for small-sized and mid-sized organizations.

The “Commerce” package priced at $35 per user per month is perfect for e-commerce firms.

The “Enterprise” package priced at $40 per user per month is ideal for medium to large organizations.

6. CircleBack’s ContactCloud 

CircleBack’s ContactCloud contact management tool has a crowdsourcing data collection model, helps import contacts from different sources, and helps track down contact-related information. 

You can get names, job titles, email addresses, and other information from any company’s website using it. It is also easier to reach out to the decision-makers or organizations to avoid wasting your precious time with other people. CircleBack’s ContactCloud is a browser extension hosted by the cloud and lets you export 50 contacts a month. You can integrate it seamlessly with GoogleApps, Office 365, and Exchange. 


This is free of cost and you get unlimited access just by being a contributor to the database.

7. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is another lead generation that the cloud hosts. Using it, there is access to an expansive contact database. You can get names, titles, email addresses, and contact numbers using ZoomInfo. Using its B2B contact and company data, you can maximize sales productivity. 

It has robust search functions, provides insightful details, 50,000+ searchable data points, and lets you create actionable target lists.

Additionally, you can integrate ZoomInfo’s platform with most other common sales apps. 


There is a free trial for you to get an experience of its features. 

They don’t reveal the cost of their paid plan online. You have to ask for a quote. 

8. LeadFuze

LeadFuze is a lead generation tool that works on AI. You can retrieve contact information that includes email addresses, phone numbers, and social media accounts with its help. It integrates well with CRM tools and gets you double verified email addresses, phone numbers, and social media links. 

With LeadFuze, you can carry out lead searches based on accounts and markets. 

Also, you can integrate LeadFuze seamlessly with various CRM solutions. 


‘Starter’ plan  begins at $132.30 per month

‘Scaling’ plan  begins at $447.30 per month

‘Custom’ plan requires a quote. 

9. Datanyze

Datanyze is a sales automation platform meant for B2B companies, and it helps with finding prospects and connecting with them. It is an extension available on Chrome that provides phone numbers and email addresses. The ease of use is the most significant benefit of this customer intelligence tool. It has 84 million email addresses and 48 million direct-dial phone numbers that make finding prospects easier. The other features that make Datanyze quite sought-after are its accuracy, privacy compliance, and cost-effectiveness. 


It has a free trial as well as a premium package. The package costs $55 per month with yearly billing. 

10. InsightSquared

InsightSquared is a sales forecasting software that runs on artificial intelligence (AI). It uses your company’s data to improve revenue operations and make precise sales forecasts to help you grow your business.

InsightSquared does analytics reporting, sales forecasting, and data quality monitoring while specializing in data intelligence. 

It gives an unfiltered and unbiased forecast that gets backing from machine learning.  The process of submission is also simple as there is no need for user manual Excel sheets anymore. With the software, there are AI-driven real-time updates. You can segment the forecasts based on region, products, and line of business. The platform is quite flexible and comprehensive that makes business decisions that you can depend on. 


You have to request for a quote.

11. MailChimp

MailChimp is a fully integrated sales automation platform that most small businesses seem to prefer. It helps with automated marketing, analytical tools, email marketing, integrating apps, and creating targeted ad campaigns. It is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps in creating multi-channel campaigns. MailChimp runs on a proprietary intelligence engine that is a combination of AI and data science. There is 24/7 customer support and the option to iterate MailChimp with other tools. This helps in unblocking many more features. 


MailChimp has three plans to choose from.

Their essential plan begins at $9.99 per month; the standard plan starts from $14.99 per month; the premium plan starts from $299 per month. 

12. Lead IQ

With LeadIQ, you can get to the right prospects quickly. LeadIQ is an easy-to-use tool that helps sales reps close deals faster. 

All your leads will be in one place so that you can get in touch with them with just a click of the mouse. This sales automation software helps in making prospecting easier as you can integrate it with other tools. 


The Starter plan costs $75 per User/Month for a team of 3 users. It is suitable for a small sales team. 

The Pro Plan starts at $10,080/Year and is best for growing sales teams.

There is the Enterprise plan too for established sales teams, and you have to request a quote for the price.

13. MixMax

MixMax is an email management tool that lets users track emails and schedule email sequences. You can monitor real-time email clicks, opens, and engagement with the help of real-time notifications. It allows you to schedule meetings with just a click and helps you personalize every message you send. In addition to that, you can synchronize Mixmax with most other sales automation tools. 

Mixmax is secure with data privacy and encryption. Also, it is GDPR compliant and TristArc certified. 


There is a free basic plan for users. Next, they have a Starter plan that costs $9 per user per month billed yearly.

There is an SMB plan that costs $24 per user per month billed yearly.

They have a Growth plan, too, that costs $49 per user per month billed yearly. 

14. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is a sales prospecting platform that helps in identifying visitors to your website. With a web intelligence tool like Leadfeeder, you can contact all those who showed interest in your product or service by visiting your website. There is a data enrichment feature as well for faster outreach and easy integration with CRM. 

Using Leadfeeder will help you close deals faster. You will also be able to build a better sales pitch after knowing what prospects are interested in. Additionally, Leadfeeder integrates with other automation tools.  


There is a free version of Leadfeeder called ‘Lite’ with basic functionality.

The Premium version has all the features, and its price starts from $63 per month. 

There is a free trial as well. 

15. Pipedrive

A small enterprise would find Pipedrive to be just perfect. It is an excellent sales automation CRM. With the help of this tool, you can monitor and plan operations. The features include team collaboration, insights and reporting, activities reminders, email synchronization, and much more. It is a tool that helps with prioritizing deals, keeping track of performance, and predicting revenue. You can manage leads better and have complete control over your schedule. By automating administrative tasks, you can reduce the workload considerably. 


a. Essential plan is $12.50 per user per month billed annually.

b. Advanced plan is $24.90 per user per month billed annually.

c. Professional plan is $49.90 per user per month billed annually.

d. Enterprise plan is $99.90 per user per month billed annually.

16. Leadiro

Leadiro is a perfect tool for lead generation. It has a vast database with contact details of companies in more than 98 counties. Most importantly, it is updated from time to time. With Leadiro, you get intelligent and accurate contact data for B2B sales.

You get to filter out target accounts at an economical price. In addition to that, there is a 95% contact validity score. 


There is a free trial plan to get started.

The premium plan is $259 per month, in which you get 5000+ contact downloads per month and customer support. 

17. Pega Sales automation

If you are looking to boost productivity, speed up the sales cycle, and increase revenue, you should turn to Pega sales automation software. It uses artificial intelligence to identify hot leads with lead scoring. Sales reps get the much-needed help in getting the prospect moving in the sales funnel and getting converted into a paying customer.

The software has the following features:

a. Identification of opportunities to upsell, cross-sell and make repeat sales.

b. Personalization of deals

c. Determining the performance of sales reps with a lead ranking score

d. Email integration

e. Outlook calendar

f. Partnership with LinkedIn Sales Navigator


“Standard Edition” package costs $140 per user/month

“Intelligence Edition” package costs $170 per user/month

“Engagement Edition” package costs $240 per user/month

18. Yesware

Yesware is an all-in-one software solution for salespeople. You can improve your performance at sales tasks with attachment tracking, presentation tracking, and much more.

You can install and integrate the software in an instant. There are unique features like seamless integration with Salesforce, instant meeting scheduling, personalized templates for emails, and a click-to-call dialer. 


The “Premium” version costs $25 per user/month 

The “Enterprise” version costs $55 per user/month

19. Autoklose

Autoklose is a complete sales platform that generates leads for B2B organizations, takes care of email outreach, and automates redundant sales tasks. The main aim is to help sales reps avoid wasting their time making cold calls and repetitive tasks. It also offers real-time reporting, tracks emails, does contact and email campaign management. 

You can integrate Autoklose with other platforms like Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Novell Groupwise, and Salesforce. 


The “Starter” package costs $49.99 per user/month

The “Small Business” package costs $149.99 per five users/month

For the “Enterprise” package, you have to negotiate the price with Autoklose. 

20. Rollworks

Rollworks is a complete B2B sales platform that takes care of everything right from lead generation to engagement automation. It provides accurate prospect data and schedules follow-ups so that they reach recipients at the right time. The software has powerful tools that nurture leads, two-way CRM integration, do A/B testing, and provide in-depth reports. 


The “Starter” package costs $975 per month.

For the “Standard,” “Professional,” and “Ultimate” package, you have to request a quote.

21. PredictLeads

PredictLeads is a data management tool that finds contact information from relevant news sources, websites, career sites, and blogs. Using this tool, you can get information regarding the latest product launches, job openings, and other stuff that can impact closing deals.


Currently, PredictLeads has only one package to offer, and that is the “Professional” package at $490 a month. 

22. Clearbit

Clearbit creates personalized messages for sales. It helps you search for real-time lead data and assist you in using it for outreach. Once you search for a corporate domain of email address, Clearbit enriches the data. The tool helps automate the research process. 


To know the price of Clearbit, you have to reach out to them on their website. 

23. Clari

Clari is a sales automation tool that helps with forecasting. You won’t have to go through endless sheets of excel and second hours in rectifying the errors. Clari, lets you streamline the process of forecasting. There are advanced predictive forecasting tools that give you accurate outcomes faster. You can customize the tool based on your preferences and the demands of the business.


To know the price of Clari, you have to reach out to them on their website.

That brings us to the end of the best sales automation tools list. It is not an exhaustive list but includes some of the well-known sales automation platforms. 


So, the above are some of the most efficient sales automation tools around. Using these tools, the sales team is free of mundane tasks, which helps sales reps focus on critical tasks requiring their attention. The whole sales process gets streamlined. 

While you can look at sales automation tools as a boon, there must be a human intervention to keep an eye on how the sales process moves. Also, without a human touch, the customers most often tend to lose interest. To succeed, the bottom line is that you need good sales automation tools and a competent sales team that knows how to use technology well.  

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